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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 和泉一織(IDOLiSH7)/『RabbiTube クリエイター』にチャレンジ!

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All right, let's get started.

NEXT Re:vale's New Project: RabbiTube!

In this program, 12 of us idols will try

our hand at being Rabbitube creators.

We hope to give you an enjoyable time.

The first episode will star me, Iori Izumi of IDOLiSH7.

I'm really looking forward to entertaining you,

even if it's only for a short while.

I'm a little nervous,

but I will do my best.

With that said, I'd like you draw your attention to the set: the studio.

A wonderful interior, I'd say.

There's items that have our member colors here, too,

so see if you can find them.

Anyway, let's get right to our first challenge.

Three Guesses: What's in the Box?

So, our first challenge is a common variety show game

where you have to guess what's inside a box.

Let me explain the rules first.

We can give three answers. Miss three and punishment awaits.

We get one hint.

We'll be competing against each other, so we'll be keeping track of how long

it takes to correctly guess the answer, or get all our guesses wrong.

What kind of punishment do they have in mind?

Wh-What? Senburi tea?

Ah, that bitter tea you see in a lot of variety shows.

I'd really rather not...

All right, let's give this a go.

Ah, can I guess by the sounds and smells?

Without having to put in my hands?

(You have to put your hands in)

I see. All right, first question.

Is it going to bite me?

(It won't bite you)

It won't bite, which means at the very least,

it doesn't have a mouth.

So it's likely not an animal or insect or something.

I'm first at bat here, and they want to set the tone of the show,

so I figure it would be something wild or something very common.

Anyway, time to reach in.

Wait, did it just prick me?

It pricked my fingers! Are you sure about this not biting?

(It won't bite)

All right.


This is prickly. Really prickly.

Wait. Is it a hedgehog?

Hm, I guess it isn't.

There's just no way it's an animal or insect.

But it's prickly.

Possible choices would be a cactus, or...

Hey! Wait, I was just talking to myself! That wasn't a guess!

You're just playing around over there, aren't you?

Honestly... We're starting over!

So it's not a hedgehog, and it's not a cactus.

Hmm... ah, I know. It's got to be that.

All right, I've got it. It's a scrub brush!

The most cliché item was in there, but they had me going.

Well, I'm glad I managed to get the right answer.

Now, let's see my time. Two minutes, five seconds.

I don't know the standards we're working with,

but this might be on the fast side.

I do hope it applies some good pressure to those who come on later episodes.

Now, Nikaido will be up next,

and he gets scared surprisingly easily.

I'm really looking forward to his reaction.

And that's going to be it for the first challenge,

Three Guesses: What's in the Box?

For our second segment: Mystery Challenge!

What's this? Well, we pick out random challenges from this box

and have to complete them.

Now, the challenges are written on these balls,

so I'm going to go ahead and pick one.

Er, let's see. Got one.

Here we go.

"Make an unboxing video!"

Unboxing, is it? What am I to unbox?

Rokuya will often go on about the "ritual of unboxing"

while he opens whatever merch he's found, but...

Anyway, the product, please.

And here they are!

Ah, it looks like some rabbit-based merchandise.


"Usamimi Friends:"

"Always Friends With You! New Year Version."

It looks like a keychain.

This is what the box looks like.

This is pretty educational, since I don't know much about this.

Now, onto the rules.

There's seven different rabbit keychains,

but a secret one is hidden among them.

Basically, an entirely luck-based challenge, it sounds like.

(You can keep the keychains if you'd like)

Wait, what? I can... keep the keychains?

Oh, um, not that I mean to say that I want them, or anything.

Well, since you went and bought them, I wouldn't mind holding onto them.

Now, time to open the first box.

And here's our keychain.

So, this is "Mimi."

She has a snowman in her hands.

And take a look here, see this snowman?

It has the same red ribbon as the rabbits do.

Well, it looks like this wasn't the secret one,

but it's a fine starter.

Let's keep opening them, then.

All right, so we are on the last box

of the unboxing challenge.

As you can see, I've opened quite a few so far.

It's been a rough road.

This last one here has me nervous, but it's time to open it.

This is... this is it!

The secret keychain!

It was in the last box!

Mimi, Pero, and Roppu

are all wearing scarves and having a good time.

They put a lot of work into this one.

(Congratulations, Iori!)

Got into it a little there. Sorry, every man has a soft spot for secrets.

And with that, I've managed to open up the secret keychain.

That's it for the Mystery Challenge.

Well, I wasn't here for too long,

but did you all enjoy our time together?

Because if you did, that's the most important thing.

This whole project was Re:vale's idea,

but I had a lot of fun with it myself.

If you'd like, please subscribe to the channel.

(Re:vale is requesting you do some fanservice)

A request from Re:vale?


Oh. All right, then.

Well, bye bye for today.

(Thank you for watching)

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