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Welcome to a new video of the Blonde Tigers.

We've done some cool things.

Like a model casting and fashionshoot, an audition on Broadway.

and something really freaky on a sex site.

So keep watching.

Last week I did something really fun, because Bibi

a friend of Vita and me. You've seen her a quite often in our video's.

She also lives in New York.

Please tell us what you are doing here in New York?

Three years ago I've started a clothing line here, Texture by Sunaj.

That's what I do here. This is my office.

Last week she was shooting her new lookbook. And she asked me if I could help with the model casting.

That's super fun.

MALE MODELS :) and female models.

Let them in!

The models walked in one by one.

We did a lot of conversations with the models because,

The photos in their portfolio is not enough..

You want to get to know them and see how their personality is.

And if they're spontaneous and open.

Yes, because you can...

Their personality tells you a lot how they will act in front of the camera..

You don't want to work with a shy model..

This is a cool picture.

I can't hear what he is saying. Me neither. Not a single word.

The casting day is over.

And now comes the hard part because we saw a lot of pretty faces.

We have to make our selection.

Who's going to be in the new look book?

It's very hard.

We've seen many gorgeous female models. The male models were quite a disappointment to be honest.

We've only liked two or three male models.

We thought this one was pretty good. I don't know if you can see her?

She did the cover for L'Officiel. Russian girl.

Very pretty.

We're looking for a girl with a lot of sexappeal.

Big lips, pretty hair.

The Dutch girl was also nice.

Some of them had a great personality but did not had the right pictures.

And she was great, right?

She was from Belgium, right?

Or was she American?

This one was our favorite.

Especially this picture. Look how sexy.

She was good too.

And Elise has to make a decision regarding the boys.

My pleasure.

I know who it's going to be.

We thought this one was very hot.

This one.

But this one was really gay.

Yes I agree.

And this one had a great personality. He was really fun.

He was very nice.

I think you have to choose this one.

I advice you to choose this one.

So that was really fun to do. We saw a lot of people during the day.

And the shoot was a few days later.

I'm in Brooklyn now and I'm on my way to the photoshoot.

We eventually decided to pick Matt for the shoot.

We showed you him before.

The selection of the girl was a though one.

But eventually we chose the Russian girl Arina.

Very pretty and she had a lot of different faces.

The shoot is going to be edgy.

There's a hair and make up artist who also does the Victoria's Secret shows.

So that's really cool.

This is where the shoot is!

It's a little bit in the middle of nowhere.

It's was a really fun team.

The models, the photographer, the make-up artist.

I am helping Bibi.

Dressing the models.

The guy is from New York. He's super fun.

And the girl is such a sweetheart from Russia. A bit shy but really sweet.

It's a really fun day!

Please don't focus on this pimple. It's terrible.

It's been there since...

5 days and it won't go away.

I'm scratching all the time, do you know what I'm saying?

I can't stop touching it. When I have a wound, mosquito bite or a pimple.

I need to touch it.

Anyhowwwww, it's a great day!

The photographer is a really nice guy.

He gives a lot of instructions to the models.

And we're now in the studio and later on we are going to the roof.

To shoot more editorial. The cookbook is more clean.

And on the roof we will shoot the campaign images.

So we will see. I haven't seen the roof yet, but i've heard it's very cool.

So we're shooting at the rooftop. That's going to be the campaign images like I said already.

It's looking really good. The view is so beautiful.

There's a steel thing where they're sit in.

How's Bibi doing?

A bit tired.

Almost finished.

This is really cool.

The picture turned out great!

It was really nice that Iwas able to help them...

Are you ok?

Because the whole thing is moving.

Ok, I won't do that any more.

Vita alway moves with her feet like this. And the camera is against the bed so that is really annoying.

Really nervous.

That's what I do.

When this video is kinda shaky, you know who to blame.

There it goes again.

But I'm doing nothing.

What did you want to say?

Well I am on my way to an audition.

And that is the story about...Peter Pan.

I'm going for Peter Pan.

Just kidding.

That would be funny.

The audition season has started again. Because in the summer it's really quite, July / August.

The auditions finds place at a school.

A very well known school.

I had an audition there before.

It's 10am.

You need to be here very early, because there are going to be 600 other girls here.

And I need to be one of the first girls on the list.

Otherwise I need to wait a lot longer and now I have a good chance to actually do the audition.

Because sometimes there are so many people,

and they can't see everyone.

It's going to be a hell because I have to wait for hours.

And I get really bored.

I have to put up with it. I've got another audition tomorrow and Thursday as well.

So first I need to...

I was to early, but luckily I run into Nicholas.

You saw Nicholas also on my birthday.

And the guys were already finished so he could tell me how it was.

He gave a demonstration.

Very exciting!

The choreograph is Mia Michaels.

And that is a well known choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance in America.

And she choreographs this show and is in the casting as well.

She is going to decide if you make it or not.

Well that's amazing because she's too good!

Her choreographs... You have to watch it

So beautiful!!

There it is.

Look how big the building is.


This is what I'm wearing.

Not these shoes obviously.

Just simpel black. Not really smart that I'm wearing black.

They say you should never wear entirely black because you won't stand out.

So I always make sure that I wear a colored top, but everything was in the laundry so this was all I had.

I don't know what to do with my hair?

I think I'll wear it up, but then they won't see that I have long hair and maybe they want someone who does.

I always want them to see my long hair.

It's really hard. With my left hand I'm kind of retarded.

It works like this as well.

I'm not wearing lipstick.

Nothing at all.

I've got everything.

Rouge, powder, eyebrow pencil

SHIT, I think I forgot my hairbrush.


Eventually I found my hairbrush.

Now I am going to the waiting room.

And then it's my turn!

I was in the second group and had to go in.

It took an hour.

I got a choreo.

It was the same choreo that Nick got.

So that was really fun and really quirky.

and really...

And with jumps, super technical...

but we had to act as well.

We had to act like we were a child who was planning to be naughty.

That's how we had to act.

Walking on our toes, and be like: "shhhht"

So of course I went crazy!

I think I've made the most weird faces ever!


Like that...

And then you can leave. They don't say anything.

They just say: Ok we've seen everything what we wanted so...

you can go home now.

Two options: I never hear from them again or I get a call back...

Yeah but I don't know.

Maybe Imade it, I don't know. It's still early.

Yeah but... The thing is, I can't set my hopes to much for it. You know?

I'm thinking like: I did it. If I hear from them, nice. If don't, then I've already forgotten them.

Otherwise, I would get crazy!

That's how it goes.

I'm sitting in the taxi with Vita and Mother

You'll never guess where we're going.

We're going to the emergency room.

Because I think I've broken my foot.

It was a dissaster. Mother was arriving.

We were enjoying a wine and some lovely food with mother.

Very glas that she was here.

Then at night I wanter to get some water because mother does not drink tap water.

She's afraid for that.

And then I did not saw a railing around a tree.

I was walking really fast.

And I was snapping, how embarrassing.

and with a lot of power,

my feet went under the railing and I stepped forward.

It's totally blue and it hurts like hell.

Where are we now?

Poor E.

Mom's getting shy.

I've to fill in 5 pages.

How do you say that? What do you mean?




You're a Caucasian.

Do have to write you race?

Very weird.

Why is that?

So we are waiting for the doctor who's going to help Elise.

I hope that it's not broken, because then Elise needs to have gypsum for 6 weeks.

That's impossible in New York, because you have to walk a lot.

That's really vagina.

Elise is now making a picture. The doctor just saw how she was walking.

She's walking like a lame lapwing.

Well mom, why are you hiding?

There is she sitting.

How nice.

Very nice.

I want to touch everything when I'm here.

Took a picture...

Thank GOD! it was nog broken.

Heavily bruised...

Yeah, they call it a bone bruise.

Blue ankle.

Sorry if I'm walking a bit slow because I am still hurt with my feet.

But you're walking a lot better then yesterday.

The excitant is now about 3 4 days ago.

We are heading for a Starbucks.

We are not really fan of a Starbucks but sometimes you just want it.

a Delicious desert.

We've got a strange story to tell you.

Let this be a lesson. Maybe it happen to you.

I've never experienced it before. But I'm going to tell you.

We received an email a few days ago at the Blonde tiger email-adress.

From someone called Chris. And he wrote...

I'm talking with Vita.

With an account that's called: It's me Vita...

On a Pornowebsite.

On a porno site.

Adulthub or something like that.

And he was all like: Yeah I'm going to meet with Vita soon.

I just wanted to check if this is really you?

Of course this is not me!

So I was like...

What do I have to do?

I send him back: Oh my God No!

So I ask him if he could make a print screen from the account and what is on it

and which pictures of me are on it.

So I received the print screens.

We can show it to you.

It is too nasty what's on it.

I don't even want to repeat it.

That girl with photos of Vita.

Said: I'm searching for a sexual partner.

and I know how to pleasure you

But then more dirtier.

and the most freaky is coming.


There was an email adres with it.

Which should be mine.

and that is mine entire name.

because Cleo is my second name.

And that's something nobody knows.

That's on almost nothing.

I've never thought of that. That nobody knows that.

If you're watching now and it's you.

For real.

So I've send to that email adres, my own name, a heavy threat mail.

If you don't get it of, I will send a lawyer and you have to pay a penalty of 100.000 euro...

And jail time.

Just bluffing.


It never respond.

I'm curious if that account is still on.

But actually I should...

Did could happen to anyone.

If you're someone from some kind of village in Friesland or

living in New York. It could happen to anyone.

Suddenly we got a reality check like...

You know...

Be aware of what you put online.

I'm the most afraid for...

Imagine that I'm doing an audition and I'm really far in the proces...

to get a contract for a new show. And they Google me. And that shows up...

They will think I'm some kind of porno girl.

And then they won't hire me.

It could be a big risk for your reputation.

It could damage you.

I want it gone as soon as possible.

With a lot of caramel.

They wrote Elise right.

Not normal.

A finger of caramel.

Hello! You don't put your finger in it!?!

There is 2000 calorie in it.

You get easily filled with it. You get a punch of cream on it.

Did you find this a fun video?

Everything with it.

The whole thing!

Then you will see us again next week with a new video!!

See you next week!