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-Good morning.

-Hi. Thank you.

-Diana Prince, cultural anthropology and archaeology.

-Barbara Minerva, geology, gemology, lithology,

and part-time cryptozoologist.

-Wow. -I kept busy in college.

[ Telephone rings ]

Sorry. It's these heels. You know? I just -- Stupid.

I don't know why I was going to wear heels.

Scientists don't wear heels.

-Sometimes we do. -Right.

Right. -Have a nice day.

-Those are cool! I like those. Animal print. Rowr. [ Laughs ]

-Welcome back to "Late Night."

We're here with the wonderful Kristen Wiig.

That was a clip from "Wonder Woman 1984."

I mean, I am so excited for this movie.

It just looks amazing.

-I am so excited for it to come out.

-Did you know -- You play Cheetah.

Did you know much about the character?

-Um, I knew -- There's lots of different versions of Cheetah

throughout the comic-book world.

So, when I knew I was going to be playing the part,

I did kind of, like, research a little bit.

Um, and I was like,

"Well, I wonder which one it's going to be."

And then, you know, I mean, just through the script

and talking with Patty, we just sort of landed on this.

-Is it fun to be a villain?

-It's so fun. -Yeah.

-It's so -- I never get to do stuff like this.

It's so fun, yeah.

-Another thing that's really exciting is you have a movie

you co-wrote with your writing partner, Annie Mumolo,

"Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar."

-Yes. -Which is just an A-plus --

A-plus title.

-Just the title? Okay, great. Okay, good.

-And this must be fun to work with Annie again,

who you've written with over the years.

-Yeah, it's -- She's, like, my sister, my creative wife.

I mean, she's just like -- She's the greatest, yeah.

-You are Barb or you are Star?

-I'm Star. -Okay, gotcha.

What does Star sound like?

-[Nasally] Star sort of, like, talks like this.

[Normal voice] We sound exactly alike.

We're basically the same person.

Um, but, yeah, I'm really excited.

I'm not sure, because of everything,

when it's coming out yet, but --

-You got to live in London to make "Wonder Woman."


-Was that an enjoyable experience?

-I love London. I would live there in a second.

I -- I -- We were there, yeah,

for, like, I think almost nine months total?


-Um, so, yeah, I felt like, you know, a citizen.

-Do you feel like you learned stuff while you were there?

-I did. That's a great segue.

-Oh, wow. Okay.

-Um, 'cause they have different terms there and phrases.

Like, you would ask for something and --

-Right. Like slang terms. -They would have, like,

"Oh, put it in the trunk," and they're like, "What?"

And it's called a boot. -Okay, got you.

-Okay. I have some ones that I'm going to quiz you on.

-Oh, I'm excited.

-My dress doesn't move, so this is really hard.

Okay. There we go. All right, Seth.

What do you think this is called?

-That is -- That is an elevator.

-It looks like a refrigerator.

Well, in England, they call this a lift.

-Oh, okay. That's very helpful. -People know this one.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -It makes sense.

-Okay. -Okay.

-A stroller.

-They actually call this a pram.

-Okay. That's very helpful, too. I think I knew that.

-Don't know where that comes from.

'Cause you pram. You pram down the street.

Um, okay.

-Uh. Oh, is that -- Is it eyeliner?

-Mm-hmm. But they call it coal. -Coal?

-So if you were to ask your makeup artist for some eyeliner,

they wouldn't know what you were talking about.

-Okay, got you. All right.

-And this one's a little controversial.

-It's an eraser?

-It's a rubber.

-Oh, that is controversial. -It's called a rubber.

-You get some real innuendo.

-You can get in trouble. Yes.

-Okay, I know it's an apple, but what do they call it?

-This is actually called a bambablam.

[ Laughter ]

-I don't. No. -Yep. Seth, I lived there.

-Okay. -Okay?

-It's a bicycle?

-No, this is a whiffle waffle.

-A whiffle waffle? -Yes.

I'm going to take a ride on my whiffle waffle.

-I didn't -- I don't think that's true.

-It's true. Um, and I also have a --

There's a couple phrases. -Okay.

-I'm not sure -- 'Cause you didn't live there,

so you might not know what they are.

-Sure, sure, sure.

-There's a phrase called, "Have you been to Pipper Willy's?"

-Okay. Where is Pipper Willy's?

-It's not a where.

"Have you been to Pipper Willy's?"

really translates to "Thank you, but no thank you," in London.

-It seems like weird -- -That's how they say it.

-So if I used it in a sentence,

if I said to you, like, "Can I get you another drink?"

-"Have you been to Pipper Willy's?"

-That seems bad. -It's true.

Um, and also your name, Seth... -Oh.

-...would not be "Seth" over there.

-Oh. What's "Seth" in London?

-It's Ray. Everyone would call you Ray.

-So names have, like, a Br-- -Yours does.

Not -- Some names do. -So what's "Kristen" in London?

-Just Kristen. It's just Kristen.

-What's Ray? -There's no --

If you went over there and said your name was Ray,

they wouldn't know what you were --

they wouldn't know what you were talking about.

-This is so helpful. -I mean, now you can go.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

Oh, and there's one final one

that you have to be really careful you don't say.

-Oh, great.

-It's the word "fanny."

-Fanny. Gotcha. Because it means --

-No. -Okay. What does it mean?

-It's -- [Muttering]

[ Laughter ]

-So when I hear British people say "fanny,"

that's what they've been talking about?

Oh, my God! That was so -- -You can go now.

-I can go now. -Now you'll feel --

Because I lived there, Seth, so I know all this now.

-And you learned all of that in nine months?

-Just that. [ Laughter ]

-Oh, my God, Kristen, thank you so much for being here.

I cannot wait for Saturday night.

-Thanks for having me. I miss you.

-Check out "SNL" this weekend with Kristen Wiig.

"Wonder Woman 1984"

is in select theaters and IMAX December 25th

and is available the same day on HBO Max.

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