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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 20 Amazing Movie Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind #3

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Hi everyone! It seems you guys were big fans of our 2 other Movie Secrets videos where

we explored amazing facts about your favorite films! We decided to make this a series to

help quench your thirst for movie knowledge! So sit back, relax and enjoy Screen Rants

Know Your Movies: 20 Amazing Movie Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind #3.

Mad Max: Fury Road Actor Hugh Keays-Byrne had his face hidden

behind a mask as the villain of the Mad Max reboot, but audiences were originally going

to see him play a superhero of a million faces, as the Martian Manhunter in director George

Miller's cancelled DC Comics team-up, Justice League Mortal.

For editing Fury Road, George Miller turned to his wife, editor Margaret Sixel, claiming

that if a man did it, it would look like every other action movie. What she didn't know was

that he had filmed over 480 hours of film in the desert, which took a full three months

just to watch it all.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Batman Vs Superman director Zack Snyder took

plenty of shots at director JJ Abrams' Star Wars reboot, while both movies filmed at the

same time. But Abrams got the last laugh, including a scale model of Batman's Tumbler

Batmobile on the outer hull of the Millennium Falcon.

To keep his mind off of Star Wars when he wasnt filming, JJ Abrams took in the Broadway

musicalHamilton”. When meeting the musicals creator Lin-Manuel Miranda backstage, Miranda

told Abrams to call if he needed new cantina music. When it came time to record, Abrams

made good on the offer, sharing vocals with Miranda in the finished song.

Jurassic World There's no Jurassic Park without John Hammond,

so director Colin Trevorrow made sure to add a bronze statue of the park creator in his

big-budget sequel. It was assumed Hammond would have died prior to the movie, but when

actor Richard Attenborough passed away before release, the statue became a memorial to the

man, not the character.

The stars of the original movie are mostly left out of Jurassic World, but the return

of 'Mr. DNA' was total fan service. The director, a huge fan of the original, even recorded

his impression of the late voice actor Greg Burson for a temporary track. The impression

was so good, the audio team just left it in as is.

Frozen Jennifer Lee was the first woman to direct

a Disney movie, and given Frozen's success, she picked the right one. But fans probably

don't know that she also lent her voice to the movie, playing Elsas mother, the Queen

of Arendelle.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Fans of Marvel's heroes were probably too

distracted to notice the subtle war being fought between the team's two leaders. The

official posters were split between putting Iron Man front and center, or Captain America

- a major hint at the conflict and Civil War coming years later.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier No fan will forget the scene in which Cap

takes down an elevator filled with SHIELD personnel. What makes it even more impressive

is that it was the first scene shot for the sequel, setting the stage for the gritty,

hard-hitting follow-up story fans couldn't get enough of.

The Lego Movie The directors of this toy adventure relied

on CG to bring the LEGO to life, but also used a ton of the real thing. Benny the Space

Guy is only in the movie since director Chris Miller played with him when he was little

- in fact, his actual space set is used in the film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel's shared universe means plenty of cameos

from the same actors, but there's at least one problem. How is it that the young girl

looking for Captain America's autograph is played by the same woman as Star-Lord's dying

mother more than forty years later? Actress Laura Haddock plays both, but is almost unrecognizable

on her deathbed.

It's hard to keep the tears back when Peter Quill reads the final note from his mother,

and was even harder for Pratt. The actress had to quickly record the voiceover in the

back of a car, just so Pratt could listen to it during the actual scene, and truly sell

the connection and flood of memories.

Fans had some nitpicking to do when Star-Lord and Gamora float through space without any

injuries. But the filmmakers actually worked with NASA on the science of the scene, learning

that humans could survive just as long as the characters, without serious health problems.

It turns out the movie is science fact, not fiction.

X-Men Days of Future Past Surprisingly, Wolverine wasn't planned to

show his bare backside when he arrives in the past of 1973. But on the day of the shoot,

Jackman told the director that if he were waking up to a beautiful woman, he wouldn't

be wearing underwear. Everyone was convinced, blurring the line on whether he's playing

himself, or Wolverine in that particular moment.

It's never explicitly stated, but it's implied that Quicksilver is the son of Magneto, just

as he was in the X-Men comics. Most fans accepted the idea immediately... Probably not realizing

that the on screen father and son, Michael Fassbender and Evan Peters, are less than

ten years apart in age. Who knew?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The rebooted Turtles may be mutant cg creations,

but the designers turned to real life actors who summed up their personalities. Leonardo's

face was based on Russell Crowe, Raphael on Clint Eastwood, Donatello on Leonard Nimoy,

and Michelangelo on Bill Murray. Fans can decide how close they came.

Man of Steel Knowing that moviegoers always assume a superhero's

costume exaggerates the actor's muscles, Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill wanted to prove their

Superman was something different. Cavill refused steroids to help him build muscle before his

shirtless scenes, dropping his body fat to the levels of professional bodybuilders - just

7%. The results... speak for themselves.

Gravity Nearly every part of this space survival story

was created in a computer, but that only gave the crew a chance at an incredible joke. At

some points in the movie, reflections of a camera man or boom mic appear in the astronauts

helmets, as if they were mistakes that slipped through editing. Instead, they were put there

by the animators as an inside joke most viewers will never notice.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice The workout demands for the Justice League

lead-in swung for the fences, with Henry Civil packing on TWICE the muscle of Man of Steel.

Not to be outdone, the physically larger Affleck made sure to gain thirty pounds of muscle

- and drop to just 8% body fat to make sure Batman was every hit as intimidating, even

without heat vision.

Captain America: Civil War The movie's not even here, but one of its

most iconic shots has already been revealed. And it's not fiction, either: The directors

had star Chris Evans actually suspended between a crane and helicopter, using his very real

muscles to hold them together. Cg isn't always the answer, apparently.

Those are some of our favorite mind blowing movie facts, but let us know which ones we

missed and stay tuned for more! And remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos

like this one.

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