Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GOT7 OFFLINE #1

Difficulty: 0


[OFFLINE GOT a signal]

(>> Beauty Film Photoshoot)

Yes, we're ready

Nice to meet you

- Nice to meet you - Nice to meet you

I'm here for the Tom Ford perfume photoshoot

(Looking handsome under the dark lights...)


To the side Ok, good

Ok, good! Follow the camera You're doing great

(The director seems to be a bigger fan of Jinyoung than I GOT7...)

Cut! Ok!

(Cut!) That's an Ok

(Perfect for Jinyoung) (A rose-colored set this time)

Camera table

- Oh, wow - Whoa

(Subconscious exclamations)

People are dying over here, lol

(Thanks to Jinyoung) (People are having fun on set =^^=)

(Looking handsome as ever) (Breaktime after the photoshoot)

Isn't this color pretty?

You know how our fans always call me peach

So I think the fans...

are going to think this theme goes really well with me

(Jinyoung, the I GOT7 expert ♥) I love it

(In this photoshoot) (Jinyoung transformed into a human rose)

(Eye contact) (???)

(Bullet of love!) (♡)

(Moving?) Moving?

(Jinyoung is constantly being playful in between shoots)

(Cute Jinyoung...JPG) (※Not a freeze frame※)

(Actually, he's doing some very intense acting with his hands right now)


(Hand Acting)

(Shooting a short interview for W KOREA)

Oh, I wonder where he's from (What a handsome boy)

Um... You know this, right?

The ice cream with cream on top and the apple flavored ice cream beneath


I bet those of you who are nodding are all older than me


If I get hooked on something

I tend to get really obsessive

But really... =^^=

But me being obsessive looks kind of cute in this photo

It was my eyes, the look I gave

(ㅍㅅㅍ+) Eyes

This was confusion

(◐▽◐...◑▽◑) I remember going like this

To be honest, it makes me happy

when the members sometimes laugh at my jokes

It makes me very happy

but I try not to show it

The Golden Disc Awards

We were told to wear costumes for the opening stage

So the members went all out

and worked hard on their costumes

But it turned out that our group's costumes were a bit too much

The others all looked cool and pretty

So for a moment, we thought our manager misinformed us or something...

(FACT) (GOT7 looked awesome on stage ㅍㅅㅍ)

(Dangerously seductive) (A masculine scent in the area...?)


Oh, there was a camera

(Suddenly starting to dance)

(Jinyoung... Even your silhouette is perfect...)

(At the sound of another 'cut' Jinyoung is being playful again)

Jinyoung should open the blinds just a little bit

and stare eagerly

(Hesitant) (Eager...) (Flustered Jinyoung (Feat. Eager))



(Looking around)

(I found you!)

(ㅍㅅㅍ+) (A very eager glare)

(People on set are exclaiming here and there from his glare)

(This is Jinyoung's eager stare) (Oh Oh Oh Oh)

(Giving off a totally different vibe using the same prop)

I'd also like to act as a hair designer

(Jinyoung was getting his hair styled)

Like you

I like people who look cool while styling other people's hair

So this is how you do it

First, you bring your feet together

I'm going to do it just like you

I can do it

(Transforming into Actor Park) (Pretending to be his hair designer)

(@Directors @Writers Please remember Jinyoung!)

(During breaks, he's being playful under the cloth)

(But once they start shooting he's like a photoshoot genius)

(The photoshoot is drawing to an end)

(Looking sexy and refreshing at the same time)

Will it splash a bit on your hands?

It'll be fine


(People are exclaiming in awe once again as they start shooting)

(Let me get some water)

(and wash my face)

(This could be a shocking transition)

(but these moments need to be savored)


(and zoomed in)

(Enjoy this moment zoomed in)


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