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to follow


on hold

you want to say something about all this food this mountain of good things that

come up here is part nothing more than that we are charging because after

are the conservative feces there where everything is cool let's say

meat cheese cold cuts

one two three four five six conservative freezers and here what

we have are the things that can be wear loose no more so it seems that

let's not go unless it's an expedition to Himalayas saw everything there in

bag bag issue and I despair I go crazy when

I see all that although me and my sister ariel let's pack and you sit on

the sofa and rest I like to grab the toothbrush the paste

detrict a comb and some shampoo the deodorant with that I already have everything

what I need and here it seems that mother mine a little more and we started to take

the bricks and the windows because this from me

do not

and we arrived at the cabin has been snowing a little bit this morning so I'm

cleaning the stairs so nobody for has got some snow off and

the ice toni is very happy to be here in

the congo true

we just arrived at the cabin after of two and a half hours of travel and now

we are going to take an urgent headband

as a fact

I can't read much because it's in Greek I understand a little bit combines

organic and live in 2007 and all for tap flush while having a paragraph in

Danish yes but let's try the first than nothing


one of the oldest greek grapes still in production similar to

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc de Samuel

good health people as we had already counted we arrived at the cabin

we are facing a beautiful lake not to the shores because there is a small route

and an alley but the water is there tomorrow we will show is frozen

We just arrived an hour and a half ago so tonight we are going to make a

fast food let's make some burgers some sausages but I can't

set fire because I have nothing to hand neither prepared so it's going to have to

be in my arch nemesis they saw from gas so as you see this is all full of

snow is skating here on the balcony and let's see how a barbecue is prepared

a day like the first must be cleaned the whole subject this

because if we do boot all right

10 they are giving people who think they don't

learn why is this is frozen but if we have calories I will go down


and the Canadians

Well, this is a little hot I cleaned it more or less so now

let's put the sausages and let's put some hamburgers there is another dog

going to run

and how

are you a special spices of a house is called the cake are great

to put on condiments but they know that it's all half quiet is a whole

half quiet so today we are going to do a different roast to put a little bit of

music let's wake up the neighborhood

ah j

one time or wake up the neighborhood with him is the

they saw

and a cold

we need something spiritual that we hot inside what better than

a withered military of this one to cheer you up



that tells me in northern ontario a withered of those who think who

I would have imagined her so far away could be listening to a wilted

nice how are you we have there are several if they want to hear more when we do

I put them on asado but they have to say in the comments if you liked it if

no good this is already going but you it's hard to raise temperature

they saw less bad that there is not much wind because if today was a windy day here

we couldn't stand outside feel but that one must be

starting the temperature is not due do at least 15 17 degrees low

easy zero there is a beautiful moon and that it is enlightening us and the sky like that

back is in a middle zone like no mountainous but with hills is two

Toronto hours north and it is an area called 'la se la la

known as muskoka but we are more at north we are still in an area that

call ians agency ok hans saw this place is called here

going on and there is a lot of snow here the difference they saw this is already field

this is already forest are open wild silence is absolute on the one hand it is

nice and on the other hand half as it gives a feeling that happens no no no no no

you feel a branch that breaks anything a silence but total and absolute but

well finally a beauty I tell you about the area this is but it is beautiful as they

I can explain is a broken mirror of the number of lakes there are seen is

where you look there is lake lake lake the little paths that meander

between the lakes the houses the people come to spend seasons when not

they are rented so if we go to make some nice burgers with

some choricitos are missing something stop to drink but hey we're going to

take in 6 every time I open there with the heat I get

the lenses blur I don't see anything right

we are putting the provolone at hamburgers now

and the burgers end up coming out good people just entered to believe it

there I showed them -25 it feels like -25 Celsius below zero I don't tell you that

while I was there on the grill I don't know held my hand it was like the cold

what else they saw is not cold I feel like one who is giving it

with a blowtorch so now we're going to the table we are going to eat

hamburgers with those sausages and that we drink is also very good


very cold i went outside - twenty g20 below zero

I didn't go out but Samuel was with me dad but hamburgers and gas

it's getting too late at night

7 6 6

now these are made with sweet of delicious milk my sister's friend

made them we have a dozen of these and what more cookies for breakfast

ah but that's for tomorrow

change in this provide

all all everything with your companies your last name

Dad look how pretty you left me

good morning is 4 to 8 in the tomorrow and is doing right now

29 degrees below zero as you will have seen in the we show you on the phone but

the sensations like -35 so what let's do now is let's see if

start the cars that have slept outside and are standing since yesterday at

late so good let's see if a canadian battery is water with a

day as the first is going to be the Chevrolet

ripped off most well in this country a winter battery lasts more or less

67 years to start in the winter in summer can start by

many more years but because of winter begin to weaken let's

see those two hours to give an idea of ​​how you live in a country

where socially speaking is so Quiet and nothing happens in this forest

is about the trailer is ready to hook it with a car and take it and

here there is no one saw this is the most of the time is so alone the

homes nobody touches saw this I know they could steal it but that

fast and yet there is no respect for private property and nobody tries to

do those veron scams and other thing last night we felt some explosions

here ahead of us on the lake they saw the ice so cold it looked like they were

gunfire as it sounds when when the weather is so cold and ice like that

it breaks or contracts I don't know what but it really woke us up they saw

let's try the volkswagen the event as they call it in south america and

a kia

this has to start by pressing the Brake

the third the kia

in this league with extreme temperatures well nothing

nor do I always want to give them a little information so that when

people ask what life is like in canada well here they have a day of

raw winter as it is and if today it were a business day and although it is not a Saturday

there are also a lot of people work the car has to start in the morning here

It's no excuse not to go to work for saying I didn't start the car that problem of yours

and you have to make sure you're in conditions so you can take it to

I work every day that is sacrificed because of course right now

going out to face this is brave husband be warm inside saw

having a coffee look at the smoke when cars start when it's

that's how cold a white cloud becomes but

fire goes on fire goes fire doing a roast there they have a taste

how it is to start the vehicles at tomorrow when they do these temperatures

extreme so let's go inside let's have breakfast and now we show you

what we eat in my family breakfast we have a canadian

this morning we have hash browns daddy Can you stop from the bacon?

petites and fried eggs caspe for start the day for a 35 degree day

below zero you have to start a breakfast like that they don't

missing calories to give you an idea of ​​how

let's deny another year with the inmate two things happened this morning one

when I was outside a long range the cold made the metal of my others

lenses contracted and I dropped a glass and the other one when I went to close the

my daughter's car door that was locked the lock was freezing

and we can't close the door now with the things of the daily live that happens in

breakfast is delicious all that Now we are going to show you how cold

here we have a pot of water water hot there is no trick ok and come on

let's see what happens when we throw it in the air

it freezes but instantly not there there's nothing is super hot is because

it was just boiling they have to cute place all this is lake in front there and

the houses are scattered like this in the middle of the forest you don't feel anything

silent but total and absolute now we are going to show you some small videos

from a canal k saw dressed well as as they walk through the places of

the lumberjacks there have it canada Hi

it will be remembered that the magazine's drawing elmer remember elmer than ever

I was wearing a shotgun and a hat like that of this type of Canadian hunters


ok now we start with the empanadas this is going to be our last lunch

today they are going to be meat patties like this that we have fried ground beef with

onions we have olives greens some egg

I have my helpers who say nothing Hello friends

yes among us four maybe we five if you die is encouraged

let's start closing the empanadas and we will have lunch in the afternoon and I imagine

here they will have a little noise in the background because they are doing

pies gave but we while so much let's talk a little bit about what

it really matters that it's the topic that we're going to take today

we have two very interesting wines This is a wine that comes from the

republic of georgia know georgia the little country next to the sea of

blackest is history a republic tiny north of turkey too

I think it has a border with Turkey came jeans marabolí and a very story

important because here it says that it is the came that josef stalin the dictator

who ruled Russia for so long the stalin served this wine to the president

Franklin Roosevelt and the Prime Minister british winston churchill when

they had the conference in and high during world war II

there the these three powers let's say to see

how they faced him with Nazi Germany and how they prepared and helped each other

the famous were gathered together yalta conference that is a city

which is also next to the black sea near sevastopol a little bit for him

This is one of the wines that were served in that meeting said in passing there was

three conferences one was that of tehran who were also gathered and the

last one was potsdam but there already roosevelt had passed away so that is

the one that was was his truman successors or that this wine is very interesting

because the type of grape has no history true, so I loved them

comment that is the other one that we are going to take today is called 19 crimes

this is australian and also the story about here is fine

interesting so they don't know the history australia was a penal colony

when the history of that country began it's not true the prisoners who were

found guilty in england and in the part of the empire instead of

execute it they were sent australia to colonize the country and here then it says

that once found guilty people will be

transported to australia instead of sentenced to deaths in

transport began in 1788 and many of those who were sent to

that place they died they died in the crossing on the ships those who came to

australia lived in servitude under the whip power let's say

they lived under punishment and etcetera and pioneers in that place in that colony

criminal forged the new country australia brick by brick with

these new lives that came formed the new new country

This is a 2017 tour held by all the rules that broke the

culture they built is interesting in certain

look there has the face of a condemned come there we have two beautiful stories

hopefully what comes inside the bottle be so interesting and nice

like the stories that are behind in the labels saw that I always say

don't tell me stories that you have strawberry chocolate raspberry taste these

are the things that are interesting to read in the story behind a tag on

a bottle of wine that passed from where comes how it originated now we're going to

open to breathe a little

this is the one from georgia now let's open it to breathe and the

Australians we are going to let them breathe a little and then we will

try when the empanadas are already the empanadas coming out of the oven

they started coming out of the oven we have taken out a dozen or so so pretty good

warm and let's try the minutes I'm going to start with the one from Georgia that

you are

these empanadas are that burn that boil how are we going to eat this


let's see if it's as famous as the tag says

very different it was sweet it is already a wine pretty sweet stalin choose a good

came to invite roosevelt and churchill

very tasty this is completely different is not true does not say it is a

Semi-sweet wine and feels it grapes sapera vi is famous in italy too

yes wine and bosnia i also know here also says that this

place keynes maroulis is a microclimate and by

there that grows them in these grapes very delicate the taste the truth is that if I

sweet but nothing aggressive that one cannot take it with a meal no

true it is not a wine that one says to this I can only consume it with a dessert

because it's so sweet that they don't have like a sweetheart but it's special

for any food that how hot I want to nail them

the same tooth but in a medium like I don't get well

well played located in red came out very cute pies are made to

oven is that medium type dough like puff pastry go to another liana 019 crimes

of the convicts

let's see what it says

and completely different as ruby as they say this grape originates in the

gene will go like this because in iran there is a city ​​that has the same name turns and

they think this grape originated from those places thousands of years ago by

course not a little sour there is no nobody behind like you feel a

A little stronger if I keep the from georgia i don't think i'm not going to do

where error very rich

good another day

nine o'clock last night again quite began to snow at dusk and

fell a little all night it's beautiful look at this beautiful today

outside but the first agenda is clean the entrance to the house and let's

clean the cars a bit so the house steps leave us shovels


it's been so cold it's snow is not good for making balls

snow look one can grab a lot So

and it is about

I don't know it doesn't bind it doesn't have water when it's so cold

street snow dry snow do not

the amount of snow that fell not last night

now to dig up the cars

as you can see this is already more or less able to go on the road

now when the car starts it clean with the windshield wipers

the one on the back who defrosts the glass and it is more presentable today does not

cold it's only three degrees low zero and in this car before yesterday when

the door was thirty-odd below zero on that side we open it afterwards not the

we could close I had to put a shovel start the car the

blue heating put the shovel for that the door is closed and with the

inside heat the insurance took off the lock no no

we had wd-40 saw that it is a liquid that is put to loosen the when

it is very common here in winter when it is low temperatures than everything

they are mechanisms stop working are freeze then you always have to carry

one is a spray sold to be able to lubricate locks and what do I know one opens

the bonnet afterwards cannot close it open the trunk and then you can't close it

because the lock freezes and not can't activate gave


what is lunch time we have the chopped list you hear the chopped how are we doing

to eat a little late then let's eat an applied one so

we were preparing we have salami type We have a project or ham

raw as they call it or serrano ham olives we have spanish chorizo

we have a smoked cheddar cheese and some chips with all kinds of seeds and bread

of course good demand two types of bread that today to take we will listen

a white wine east of south africa from cake code steve brown from the valley of the

pearls that says here gave snow 36% white grenache 32% rose ann 26% and

marsans 6% of 414 cadet guasa so this must be good let's

have another look for a red wine red having seen again we will choose the

red then here we have today look at the beard you want

subject to countries this the ring came from Spain'

90 moment for the red will be a elderly elders and a large reserve in the

2009 Tempranillo Valdepeñas matured in oak is matured in oak barrels

for 18 months we will see what it is let's try the white target first

health health health how dry very refreshing and our really our

bird in the end are not those wines that leave your mouth

some as if a paper had passed secant inside is going to be good for

the chopped and now the paint we go opening the red we go to earth

of honor to capture cataracts

Let's see

have tried it before remember this wine not very soft and it's something that feels the

they have arrived but it is a wine is amazing because really soft for

me two fine and we have samuel comfortable dress everyone wants to be a

true canadian

until half time we are going to go out to walk now with the family we have to

everyone is waiting for us exactly go Go

so much



hello friends good morning it snowed again last night that about five centimeters no and

today the landscape only your angos all white covered in a pretty snow capita

so let's go for a walk all the days we went for a walk in the forest

a while with the family today I have the yus shows are like rackets that one

they use their feet so as not to sink into the deep snow especially when one

he goes into the forest along the paths we also have the slide so let's go

to go for a walk with the whole family everything is also waiting for us come on

at the foot of the hill so let's go

well compared to yesterday today is a beautiful day and I think as well as ten

below zero which is good for winter in Canada that is nothing is a day of

summer yesterday it was cold and windy and

we suffer we go for a walk in the afternoon and I did not enjoy it at all but today

we are well sheltered the weather is better so the whole family has

out everything is also running and yes we are here in the field are more than

nothing like weekend cabins summer cottages but you end up in the

winter and if it's a quiet place almost no traffic so let's go for a walk

a while come on

another beautiful day here in the countryside in the ontario north and we are taking them

to do a little tour with We are not cold today

not at all or three degrees below zero one day of spring and the truth is

special but special to go out to walk and enjoy this beauty a

car see it like this this looks like a Christmas card postcard

all freshly snowy or clean fresh because the snow in the field is a

beauty in the city a grime - but here you can really appreciate it

so stuck in all the trees one it comes as that a force within a

right when you are in these places that They don't feel like going to the

city ​​again you already feel the tranquility the peace of the countryside i don't know no

no noise of any kind is not heard that's a silence but the only ones that

we were listening to hammer here they are building a small house

and apart from that nothing if one if one stay calm without walking because

it feels a lot like the snow creaked when do not

nothing is heard is a silence a peace of mind a peace but

really amazing and there we see that it is the lake and this area has water water

open is not all frozen should be a kind of river that runs and I think

which is where deer come to drink water and that's why we see those

large herds that appeared the other day because the rest is all frozen

the poor bugs have nowhere to take so when they find a place like that

open water is seen to come to take here is not true now let's

turn around and we go back to the cabin that today we plan to cook something kind

Mexican let's see if it materializes and always taking them for a walk with

we family so come on follow look now that now that the

temperature and there is humidity in the air notice as a change and I can do

a snowball this morning is agree when we go out to clean the

cars that try to make one and I don't know could look

how the temperature changes and how it changes snow condition too

let's go find it all everything

they searched

all like three ducks

all of us a canadian logo what want is this

this is what you want


or not i


for tonight we are going to do a little grilled chicken and some

bits of meat but since we haven't could find a place to learn

the coal is going to have to be in the gas grill so good for that

know here we have chicken legs and here

we have the sides let's say it's not true to this we have spiced it up with

something called montreal chicken or are roast chicken species support the

embers that have the name montreal it's a mix of a little bit of everything can

see we have also put a little this pepper or bread here that is a bit

spicy this is peruvian product and here in the meat if it's also we have

put these spices that are called of that this is a restaurant chain

here grills and they make their own product to season now we

let's go outside and let's learn the barbecue the gas grill and we're going to

clean a little and then the whole grill so let's go for the



so to have an idea this what am I putting now these are the

parts of here the chicken but without the bone



pitt cadiz here


then people to see see

I put nothing for the people to foresee with this we can't shut up poplars malbec

of 2017 we have a nice salad of apple with waldorf salad

for dessert we have for dessert is a black forest cake that my wife made

with my daughter Perez are all hungry because

nobody talks and so much putting the tooth how not

This is not a wine that is up to the top of the mountain but for what

we are consuming today here you can take very very well

perfect tea the meat already came out too had an appointment as they like everything not the

I can do like dry leather because no they like it then you have to please

something are sitting at the table this come out but notice perfect

arriving much more

for children no one


and in Spanish or with clear



and then look how nice dessert so much age

in a black forest with meringue by outside we made it with strawberries with

strawberries and inside it has dulce de leche to make a cake but one and now

just when I was on the balcony doing the roast at once we look like this

to the side where the lake is and there were one I don't know how to say in Spanish when

it's a deer group i don't know if it's a herd or a drool had twelve se

peeked there they met right there in half the lake were going to see the pictures

there when the video came out we managed to film a little last night I saw one

there and I say how weird and you see that in the water corner there is a part where no

is frozen from a stream of water and it seems to me that they come to drink water

and every day but amazing one dozen deer in front of us

calm down to give you an idea of how is the wildlife in this country that

when one leaves the urban centers of the big cities let's say and it

internal a little outside it they present you with all kinds of opportunities

here so so servant coyotes now we are going to

eat the cake let's cut this and of that dessert is going to be made there will be no more

because they are all looking with the face of desperate to cake and imported



well we are for dessert a dessert this apparently it's called chocotorta never

we have made such a cake in our lives don't even have to bake

we are grabbing some cookies chocolate are called borbén these come

stuffed with cream but it's supposed to you have to use chocolate chip cookies without

cream that we didn't find anything press what we have already what is here in the

Canadian markets and we are getting wet the cookies in milk or milk

chocolate but there are two types with extra extra chocolate

Chocolate Kris Peeters and Master and then I think you have to do as

three layers of cookies soaked in chocolate and we have that

philadelphia when I made milk parts to equal parts and then this is going to go to

frigidity to the refrigerator

and I'm going to let that at the hands of cookies because I still have a cold

I am in charge of this as if this happy

this filling

and well people we are having lunch today It will be a Mexican day for all

that they see us from Mexico we should little Mexican food so we've

made some quesadillas here we have them we have already cut them on the plate

we have with beef we have with chicken and well of course you guys already

they know everything inside and for accompany him we are going to take some

cute little beer crowns this is going to be today's lunch we have a little bit of

Guacamole also likes salsa spicy tapatio salsa verde and we have a

chipotle there isn't much in a matter of spicy saw but more or less with that

we are going to get ready we don't know that Mexicans like to make it spicy hard

and if we are going to enter just because everything is ready people

as he is so racist I already nailed him tooth and it's so delicious with a lot

of vegetables inside I'm eating a of meat now the chicken ones have just

come out I like a little bit of Lemon gave so she also

I put a little lemon on top I have my guacamole and of course

He also gave him a gulp of the beer as always excuse the

Mexican brothers because we we do what we can and how more or

least we can think of this is delightful and this is tex mex style so food

Mexican but with the American style exact in mexican food but what

the gringos eat on the other side the cool too so cheers

the quesadillas since now we are going to give the chocotorta first time in my life

that like this I walked boy I don't know actually listened with cake in

Argentina must be something that came out after we left but

well today it was already seen

cheese cheese feels great Philadelphia mixed with the sweet of

milk and cookies are fine fluffy because they were submerged in

chocolate milk so very rich is and it's not in for the gent they saw that

there are many times there is a kind of desserts that one cannot eat much because

the candy is too much this one not with this a mixture came out between cake

chocolate cheesecake like cake cheese as they say too but the

It's really good and I like it daughter nests made him ok today is the

last day in the cabin so we thought because we are not together to see

where we stayed these last four days here in the field in hands day and the

They have really flown by for that we have just arrived and we

we have to go back to the civilization in quotes that is

well here we are then in the area the family room would be already the

fourth family that call them here but this this cabin has a concept

open what they call open here that is, there are no dividing walls

between the main environments only the bedrooms and bathrooms in this

locality is that one puts on the jacket and goes crazy for going out then

well let's see a little walk under here and here we are in the room as

I tell you

it's not a chimney that stove stove firewood

These are typical here of Canada although do not believe these heat the environment

but we completely we learned only once because no

we brought a lot of firewood and this place didn't provides firewood there are other places that

they provide this really helps quite with the theme of heating because the

gas central heating propane have the gas tanks and with

this practically cuts the expense of gas quite has a beautiful roof or

well rustic wood planks are planks all look like those halls of

crazy good of the sewage treatment plant those rooms where the

whiskey suck ends saw that He walked as soon as he felt the boards

rumble because here they put them on roof then well let's go for the

masters we have the kitchen

the kitchen the dining room kitchen this what it's called the island of ailanto here where it

prepare everything itchy prepare the refrigerator food

the pools the cows that is not is not super super but

this serves for what one needs let's say it's not a tremendous kitchen in

size and here to the ladito we have the part dining room with its table for eight

people there is the coffee section and tea here they leave everything and you

rent one of these cabins and let him to make little chocolate is the same

the spices is all equipped with everything what you need dishes covered clothes

the only thing we brought were towels already in our food and our

food of course but there is a lot here what's left and how the owners

they also come to spend time have a lots of things about this the only one that

they say exists of the end replenish these would be the bedroom

main we already disassemble the beds because another of the conditions in these places

is that when one ends the stay you have to take out all the sheets

and take them to the laundry and leave them in one in a basket girl that comes to be

Cleaning goal in the machine and this has a

nice door leading to the balcony

at the bank where we were you they saw already in the video they will see it remains

facing the lake here we see the deer todas las mañanas tempranito y todos los

atardeceres viene una manada de ciervo a tomar agua y que está descongelada en

una esquina del lago hay agua fresca y se llena esto de 12 a 14 hemos visto

todos juntos familia se ha visto en verano bien bonito no ahora es todo

blanco y pelado pero cuando tienen los árboles sus sus hojas y está todo

frondoso hermoso así que bueno por aquí tenemos él

este es el walking closet o el closet donde se entra caminando oa quien quiere

decir te puede caminar pero nada uno trae las cosas las dejas siempre en las

maletas de la valija y acá poco y nada hemos puesto a nosotros más que nada los

que vienen estadías largas este es el baño en su lucha el agua es

reposo y deliciosa para tomarla no tiene gusto como en la ciudad por vito de esas

cosas no funcionan con un sistema de tanques sépticos o sea que ahí dejan los

cartelitos de arriba de los toriles están los cartelitos que piden que no

tirar papeles toallas no tirar productos sanitarios pañales los que útil para

limpiar las orejas los flojos el dental flors el hilo dental y tampoco

blige que vendría a ser la bandina como se llama ese ese producto porque eso

arruina el sistema de los tanques donde se produce toda la descomposición de lo

que sale de los baños en la cocina tampoco no hay que echar grasas porque

entonces hay que tener mucho cuidado con that kind of things

aquí arriba hay dos auditorios más y también un baño al final del pasillo

aquí es todo un dormitorio

cámara camarote y creo que le dicen así que aquí es una habitación para chicos

puedan dormir tres personas

aquí al lado es una cama doble así que dos personas más entran aquí es un

ambiente un poquito más chico pero igual cómodo con su ropero un closet aunque

nosotros no destacamos para cuatro noches el altar y el baño trata de

máquinas de lavar y secar es cierto de que quiere hacer un lavado para la ducha

y nuevamente lo mismo doble doble valla doble 5 éste vendría a ser el otro año

esta es la entrada por aquí se entra a la cabaña y ahora vamos a ir vamos a ir

al sótano aquí entonces estamos en la parte del

sótano aquí en canadá muchas casas sino la mayoría tienen su sótano vieron

porque aprovechan este espacio como los inviernos son largos y la gente necesita

lugares donde entretenerse los chicos los jóvenes vienen bien lo único que

éste no está 100% terminado lo están terminando y para que vean aquí tiene

otro dormitorio más ok en su dormitorio of emergency

aquí están preparando el baño esto va a ser baño pero está todavía como quien

dice en construcción y después hay otro dormitorio sótano que

también vamos a mostrar ustedes siempre preguntan acá tenemos la oportunidad de

mostrarle cómo funciona el sistema de heating

esta es la sala de máquinas esta es la caldera esto es lo que calienta toda la

casa funciona esta funciona con gas propano generalmente funcionan con gas

natural de red pero aquí como estamos en el campo funcionan con gas propano que

vienen y llenan los zeppelines o los tremendos tubos por aquí entra el aire

que está en la casa acá en tremendo ventilador lo chupa lo calienta y

quemador y lo descarga por otros sistemas de conductos que son lo que

sale el calor por el piso la máquina no chupa el aire de afuera está demasiado

frío no había forma de calentarlo cuando hace 40 grados bajo cero no se calienta

de un gasto de gas brutal lo que hace el sistema es absorber y largar aire dentro

de la misma casa el aire que está en la casa el hueco por donde se chupa viene

por acá se calienta y lo expulsa por otro sistema que está en el piso

un circuito cerrado de calentadores este es el calentador de agua caliente para

la ducha la cocina todo eso está en la bomba el pozo aquí está el pozo la bomba

y este es el sistema como muchos preguntan también en los vídeos cómo

hacen para que no se les congele el agua en el tanque arriba de la casa aquí en

canadá no existe es otros inviernos son tan crudos que se congelaría todo nunca

nunca habría agua en la casa este es el sistema que le da presión al agua el

agua sale del pozo una bomba sumergible la pasa aquí ahí adentro hay una

membrana de goma y esto está a presión acá hay un trocito ven cuando no lo voy

a acercar se le mente expresión aire comprimido entonces la membrana estaba

haciendo fuerza y es lo que le da la presión a la agua a todo el sistema de

la casa eso es todo imagen no hay otro sistema este es el panel de control es

de todo lo que es la electricidad los fusibles tienen una linda puerta esto le

llaman puerta granero vieron esta es la sala de juegos salida hacia

y aquí hay otro área con televisión un sofá para que los chicos se diviertan

otro dormitorio tampoco no está terminado el 100% tiene dos camas aquí

está para jugar a los dardos even if

a está en el juego de dardos muy popular ahora en canadá también porque el que

leerá al blanco le puede pegar a la cosa es ahí no pasa nada y aquí hay otra

salida hacia el costado de la casa y bueno aquí es donde hemos estado

hospedado cuánto costó esto fue 1200 dólares canadienses por cuatro noches

chelsea que 300 la noche es dividido entre 88 personas ocho ficciones

provechos personas o sea que vieron no es no es prohibitivo pues esta es una de

las más económicas hay mucho más hay algunas que pueden llegar a costar 45

mil dólares por semana pero son mucho más grandes vieron las donde nosotros

nos hospedamos el año pasado eran cabañas más más caras y demás categorías

digamos pero esto es el bien funcional y la pasamos súper bien no hace falta más

que esto bien así que si los pisos son pisos flotantes de madera y ese fue el

tour de la cabañita entonces que aunque los dejamos con eso para


The Description of VACACIONES DE INVIERNO en Canadá en Familia ❄️ | Las maravillas de Invierno + Cumpleaños de Daniel!