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hello everyone it's me Jayskibean and welcome back to kindergarten yay all right so

last episode we got Nuggets quest finished actually and this episode I am

going to try to do Monty's so we're going to look at the head see look at

all this glorious hits that I have completed so now we're on Monty's yeah

it's a suspicious feeling that Lily's quest line is actually the final one but

anyway there's like a see three two one and then most people have six so one two

three four five six oh so there's one final hint right there

that we don't know about so um anyway Monty said you have to have as much

money as you can carry so what I'm going to do is I am gonna go get all the money

I can I'm going to do that right meow so I'm gonna start a new day kindergarten

i'ma spin the whole day just getting money so here's how I'm going to do it

first I'm going to eat these and I'm going to get I'm going to get we'll have

to get the yo-yo because I have to distract the teacher to leave the room

with the whole hall passing so I can get the money from the janitor but I want to

be able to steal the money for the room itself - uh hmm so anyway that's correct

good with you I feel like it's way less I don't need anything else I feel like

it's way less trouble just to just to get the janitors money over and over

again some you do that go find a partner what I'll do you mean this yo-yo yeah

okay sure alright so anyway um I'll see you guys next Monday okay and we're back

alright so I got all the money I can carry ten dollars right y'all bow ten

dollars now what else did I need I need all the money I can carry and a special

item from Jerome so I need the mold in the ten dollars so I am going to just

grab the mold real quick along with the ten dollars I have point because it said

that's all I need what is this this is the Wizard worm card not to be confused

with the mage maggot or the source for a serpent okay I didn't I've never read

that before okay so we're going to start the day with $10 which would bring me

down to five cuz I gotta get some of the money

hey kid carrying cash yeah excellent here alright alright now I could talk to

Monty about making the mold alright Monty I'm Monty I need a key

made sure how am I gonna get that kind of money I'm sure there's a ton of ways

I'm still up into selling stuff to you try and get some rare items it's

definitely possible okay so he said sell stuff how can I get rare items to sell

him do I was said the only thing I need is the key so what about this what about

bubblegum hey there cutie shirt has nothing like what now girl over there

has Lily yeah okay so I got to see what all sells so I got the gum I want to

sell something what do you got nothing okay alright now so there's bunch of

rare items like what what can I sell him seriously can I sell him the thing that

nugget gave me maybe let's try that so I got to start with $10 and the mold and

after that I'm going to go ahead and have nugget sent me to the office soo

let's get the dog the mold right here this is a balton key what else yeah

actually I don't have to be sit to the office I can just do this whole thing

this is the flower I'll bring the flower too so I go ahead

and give nugget the flower and he'll give me the item and the into things

that's got to be better just getting the thingy right maybe the Nugget pills - I

don't know carry any cash yes and here right okay now I'm going to

talk to them on Tiki I'm getting me a telling make me a key am I gonna get the

money okay and now I'm going to be like hey what can I do you for

I'll be like I want to sell something and I got nothing nothing

I summon talk to him okay I'm gonna eat these two apples so I get 550 and I'll

be like what happened to Billy and he'll be like oh no and it'll be like do you

know where he is and he'll be like I don't know I feel like who knows

Billy we were just talking about it I need to know okay fine all right so now

that's good question fine he's gonna talk to me alright got pills you gave me

pills okay thanks okay I feel good at excellent also once you I can do that

and go ahead and go back to class yes sir okay so I took a pill welcome back

more than okay oh I want I like to sound that voice you're right ahead good boy

okay that's nice thank you okay now can I sell stuff can I sell you think what

do you got bottled pills whoa Bob $4 deal cool all right so I can sell him a

bottle pills his works for sale a yo-yo yo-yo cool I'll buy that

by me Oh yo yo don't need anything else so now I can grab to this and grab them

on me steal the money I'll show John that later

could I have already started a restart the day ah

if they need to be able to get out oh who told you that

um I'm not sad about goodly you're not well then were you listening to my

conversation I'm not I've been doing this a long time and all I want to see

it I'm not upset if you insist I insist all

okay I said the wrong words you clearly you're clearly a little upset okay okay

okay okay who told you that I'm sure you're

listening what no okay sorry give me pills I don't think it's a drug

okay take one right now No take it or else it'd be fine there you go is that

better I feel good actually I'm good I can do that


I'm sure the sound sound totally just like went out okay and we're back sorry

my the sound just randomly stopped working on my PC and I had to completely

reboot the entire thing so that's yeah that's a good sign right okay so now

work like it like fit nine fifteen fifteen minutes ago for me like 30

seconds ago for you guys trying to make money trying to make the money turn that

down and messing with audio etc so okay that was pretty easy fix just reboot the

whole time your computer okay stop talking about that slow scary so I'm

gonna tell him to make me the mold I'm gonna buy the yo-yo on the buy the yo-yo

because I got to get the janitors money don't need anything else so I only need

the pit so he'll buy the pills wonder what else he'll buy so he will buy the

pills for sure um we were just talking about um principles for ridden know

whatever got it good question fine okay now we're in the first now we're right

back where we work kind of told us so I'm not sad we're listening okay give me

pills okay okay and I feel good I can do that yes sir okay welcome back I hope

everything turned out okay more than okay

oh really yes sure whatever I need you to be drugged up so I can steal this

money anyway sounds so bad okay well you're gonna be my morning buddy wait is

she yeah I do need help because I need the hall pass I want to know I want to

sell stuff not buy stuff sell bottle kills the whole bottle pills yeah buddy

don't anything else okay take this money hey don't go you know what good actually

can I go out so this is gonna take one Apple I mean this yo-yo like what okay

sure I can do that got it I'm ready it's going to distract

a high teacher so I need to take that money so I need to go here show you the

Hall Pass ah man see okay whatever I feel like

this is more money than what he had his thingy anyway so here we go there's a

note the money 13:25 only need six 2675 more hey man

you gotta get back to class okay no I didn't get it so what else can I

sell to him then besides the pills hmm I don't know I

really have no idea what else I can get I couldn't get it

cool thanks okay so is there anything in the trash nope let's see if there's any

hints is are there any more in who do get lunch pass blunts past the principal

pills in the chocolate bar or most expensive oh where do I get the

chocolate bar and to lunch pass the lunch pass is from

I want to sell something a Hall Pass oh snap give you $5.00 cool I don't need

anything else awesome so there's that so I got the

hall pass that's good the hall pass was good the lunch pass is

good I'm you're still the money from the janitor what what if I eat the rest of

this I need 75 cents yeah should have that should put me at 20 all right now

go see him what can I do you for want to buy something here's what's for sale

okay so I have $20 he said $20 by the end of the day uh why would you have one

hmm oh I gotta get another eye tongue that

sucks I gotta start all over again cuz I can't just restart room I have to return

home yeah okay the restart day ah stupid okay so now we know exactly what you so

I don't I don't need anything that's good where's the chocolate bar even come

from I don't know who well I haven't seen anything about chocolate bar yet or

if I have then I forgot it which isn't unlikely because I forget a lot of stuff

alright so I'm going to bring the mold to school with the ten dollars and I'm

gonna go make some moolah perfect so I got this down I got this I said to grab

something else for show-and-tell which means I'll probably just grab the

stuff from lunch hey man not so fast little dude sweet let's get the money

so I got to get slop from from lunch then hey man duper the Bell

go back to class well did you get it that's lunch time

buddies okay kids we all heard lunch fellas to the cafeteria yeah bud the hey

over here and I'm going to be like man it's pretty cool he doesn't he said she

can keep the pass it's a pretty easy sell right there sells something I got a

Hall Pass oh snap there you go cool beans

Oh see ya see ya Lily bye Lily this sub buttocks my dog's name is Lily and a

couple characters in games have been playing recently his name is Ben Lily

yes please there you go buddy buddy boy all right cool we should be

good 20:25 poison please good hope everyone had a good race science I can't

actually believe it okay Kim okay cool all right

and now we should I should be good right yes yes huh now hopefully he doesn't get

mad for something stupid okay kid at the end of the day you got the money yes Wow

you raced all that in one day I'm impressed

whatever you plan on doing with this key be careful something fishy's going on at

the school I will I'll see you around pleasure doing business with you it's

been a pleasure yeah that wasn't bad that was bad now I

had the principal's key which means more than likely next episode is gonna be the

best the best the end the hit probably the best too

we're gonna find out a lot so I'm going to look at the hints I'm gonna see what

all I have to do for Lily's story you need the special items from Monty nugget

and bugs and cigarettes you device cigarettes so we already have step one

and two down all right sweet this is the key to the principal's office I can use

it to get into the office but I should only do that when I know it's empty

perfect awesome okay so anyway that means next episode we're going to be

able to do Lily's mission and possibly in the game I don't know

we'll see well finally get to figure out the mystery behind Billy which out know

if you guys noticed but in the principal's office on the bottom right

hand corner there is there's like a rug with blood coming from underneath it

there's like claw marks leading from the front of his desk - you probably thought

I didn't notice it because I never called attention to it until now but

it's definitely there and it's fishy I'm pretty sure Billy's like underneath his

office or something but anyway I gotta finish the episode up here I hope you

guys enjoyed if you guys did enjoy make sure you slap that like button

underneath the video and until next time I'll see you guys later

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