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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation "PIED BEAUTY" G M HOPKINS, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language in the treaty Institute I'm

professor Abu Sharma and today I'm going

to take up Pied Beauty written by Jim

Hopkins in a segment poetry critical

appreciation Jim Hopkins belonged to the

Victorian era but his work was published

posthumously and that too by his friend

Robert bridges 30 years after his death

so this form by beauty was also written

somewhere around 1877 and was published

quite late in 1918 he was also known as

boy priest because he was a religious

man he even worked as a Jesuit priest so

let's take up the Sir Paul where he is

appealing all of us to praise God so

this is a kind of a sonnet which has got

just ten and a half lines so this is a

special sonnet which is called curdled

sonnet see you are tal kurtal sonnet

where we have six plus four and a half

lines so he says that glory to be caught

for dappled things and he says that

there is so much beauty in this world

variety of beauty variegated beauty Pied

Beauty means variegated Beauty means it

is not saying it is not pouring it is

not hackneyed it is different it is

colorful it is full of different designs

and all so he says all this world this

world is made up of variegated beauty

and who is the maker God is the maker he

has made these dappled things dappled

means mixed and matched things where

there are many colors where there are

many designs where there are so many

different opposite things contrastive

things contrasting colors contrastive

shapes so he says that this world is

made up of Pied Beauty variegated Beauty

and the maker is caught he should be


because when you we look up we see the

sky in couple color for skies of couple

color as a blended car now he gives an

example couple color double color when

the sky is not completely blue it is in

shades you know sometimes it has black

color mixed up with the blue one or the

white color of the clouds mixed up again

with the blue or the black or say during

sunrise or sunset again the color of the

sky is just beautiful and then he gives

assembly like a blended cow the cow

which is not of the same color it has

those you know streaks of black over the

white color and then he says for Rose

moles in or all in stipple upon trout

that swim trout is a fish which has got

those Rose molds that means those little

black spots in it which these sports

they make this fish look very beautiful

and we've seen that if we have got those

moles over lips or say anywhere on the

face the the face becomes more

attractive because it shows the contrast

there is no uniformity there is no plain

mean unless it breaks the this the plain

surface it breaks the monotony of any

color or shade it gives a different

color so she says that again this fish

looks very beautiful but because it has

got those kind of polka dots or say rose

moles fresh fire coal

chestnut falls fringes wings he gives

many other examples from nature he says

that fresh fire coals wow what an

example when you see those coals burning

freshly you have all those colors

they're crimson and black and then the

flame with some blue color and all and

then chestnut Falls

walnuts falling just see the color the

color is light and dark the combination

of both when they fall after wiping up

and fringes wings of course the wings of

the birds every one of us have seen

those peacocks and different kinds of

parrots and other birds beautiful birds

having such different colorful feathers

so again these are all God made things

present in nature so Nature has

variegated beauty it is divided into

different colors shapes contrast

landscape plotted and pieced fold fallow

and plow see he now comments on the

landscape and you see the different

setup on the landscape also it is not

same somewhere you see it is divided

somewhere it is plotted the plots are

there that means fold fallow and plow

you will find folds that is the home for

the cattles fellow the barren land and

plow the cultivated land

so again landscape is also not same man

has made it different by different

activities and then he says and whole

trades their gear and tackle and trim

have you seen those machinery is working

have you seen those mines and say those

big mills working they have so many

instruments they have different types of

shapes and noises coming out of them

totally different than each other so

he's saying our trade our industry has

got different kind of gear system that

means the speed tackle and trim the way

they're making noise they are running

around they're going they are being

worked so he has given the example of

and made things that is the trade the

industry the business the machines and

of course God made things now all things

counter now we come to the

four-and-a-half that is the second part

of the sonnet the first six lines belong

to the first part that is it has got

sustain that is six lines and four and a

half that's why it is called fertile

spawn it so all things counter all the

little of big things they are counted

why because they all together make this

world very beautiful they're all

original they're all spare they're all

strange whatever well is fickle freckled

who knows how whatever it is little

freckle he says that the mind fails to

imagine that the how God must have made

this beautiful world who knows how I

know buddy can even imagine these things

how come these things are freckled and

there are sports there yeah there are

different designs there are different

shapes god only knows how he did it and

he gave us such contrasting things this

world is full of opposites binary

opposites with Swift slow sweet saw a

dazzle thing see Swift has its own value

similarly slow you cannot have Swift all

the time until unless slow is also there

similarly sweet and SAR they complement

each other and a dazzle means brightness

name of course darkness so these are the

opposites these are the binary opposites

which complement each other to reflect

the quality of the other under unless it

is not dark we do not understand the

value of electricity so similarly Swift

slow sweet thought bedazzled him he

father's for he is the father of all

these things he has made all these

things whose

Judy is fast change and this beautiful

remains forever

it is eternal nobody can change the

beauty of this natural world praise Him

we all should praise Him so there are

lots of alliteration double word

alliteration couple color fresh fire

coal and for fellow so he has tried to

give the musical effect also by saying

tackle trim and there are binary

opposites and in such a small poem he

has given everything the team is written

in epigrammatic style because it

encompasses the complete world Beauty

the world and also man the beauty added

by man this is a variegated and a Pied

Beauty where he says this world looks

beautiful with the opposites

incorporated the more you read the poem

the more you understand it the more you

go deep into it so in this form he is

evoking a sensors through the colors

through the texture of the things

through the sound through different

alliterations and of course he is asking

us to be grateful to God to pray they

are gratitude to him for such a

wonderful world

so the glory be to God for this

beautiful wonderful world I hope you

must have liked this critical

appreciation do read this poem and do

listen to our previous critical

appreciations of other poems as well and

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here until then thank you



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