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Hello latin america i'm anthony mackey i'm sebastian stan we hope you will enjoy

watching the falcon and winter soldier series who will take over captain america

shield you'll have to watch to find out check it out on disney plus only on disney plus

hi latino america i'm elizabeth olsen hello latino america

we invite you to enjoy Wandavision and uh we promise you it's going to be a

feast for your eyes keep you on your toes only available on disney plus only on disney plus

hola latin america you know marvel superheroes face a lot of challenges but none quite as

challenging as figuring out what to watch next on disney plus welcome back everyone it's charlie we

have a new Wandavision trailer new falcon and winter soldier trailer they just posted because

they're releasing disney plus in latin america we also have some more details about what's going on

with them actually releasing episodes i've also got some more falcon and winter soldier footage

with a bunch of easter eggs so we'll break it all down if you're brand new to the channel be

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and let me know what kind of easter eggs you want to see on falcon and winter soldier in Wandavision

so starting with the big stuff if you didn't see what's going on with this they just released

these falcon and winter soldier and wanda vision clips obviously you have thor chris hemsworth in

there promoting the avengers stuff too because as i'm posting this video they're getting ready

to release disney plus in latin american countries and sometimes what they'll do is

for foreign releases of movies they'll cut special trailers where the actors will do different things

you don't necessarily see them doing in the english language versions of some of these

trailer clips so that's why you see stuff like this pop up online it's still really

cool it would be nice if they actually promoted the series a little bit more

this is the first official thing we've seen from falcon and winter soldier since they released the

trailer earlier this year although there are a bunch of clips like i said of them filming

with new villains from the series that i'll talk about in a second that i included in the video

just a little while ago there was a small controversy about them releasing Wandavision

episodes there was somebody claiming to have talked to latin american disney plus help and they

were saying that they wouldn't release Wandavision till 2021 but then right after that another user

went and asked the same latin american disney plus helpline and they said episodes were still coming

out in 2020 so it seems like Wandavision is still a go for 2020. so don't worry too much about that

they just finished filming last week kat dennings who plays darcy in the thor movies is going to be

a character on the show she was talking about them releasing episodes before the end of the year and

there were some Wandavision crew members that were talking about releasing the series during december

but all these things just seem to point like it's happening later in december and not earlier

because if they just finished filming episodes in the last week it means there's still a lot

of post-production to do a lot of special effects to add and that takes a long time

this is the crew member though that was talking about releasing stuff in december like look out

in december things are coming normally they would wait till after the mandalorian season 2

episodes are done but that's not actually going to happen until the week of christmas this year

in fact they released new episodes on fridays for all their disney plus series the friday after the

mandalorian season 2 finale is christmas day but they're also releasing that pixar soul movie the

same day so pretty safe bet that regardless of whether or not they double up on the first episode

of wandavision in the mandalorian episodes in the same week whichever new Wandavision episode winds

up falling on christmas week they'll release it a couple days earlier in the week before

friday so that they don't cannibalize the audience for that soul movie too much they did the exact

same thing with the mandalorian season 1 episodes when it overlapped with star wars

the rise of skywalker movie in theaters just so that fans wouldn't have to pick between watching

mandalorian or going to see rise of skywalker the actual new Wandavision footage from behind

the scenes here makes it look like sword has moved into scarlet witch's fake alternate reality with

their armed weapons and tanks and things have finally escalated into all-out war in the streets

notice that the name of the town is westview it's also the same name in that newspaper that vision

is reading inside that fake 1950s looking tv show reality it kind of seems like a reference to west

coast avengers because there's a lot of west coast stuff happening in the big marvel movies

during phase four like part of the shang chi movie that we're going to be seeing next year

takes place in san francisco also where the ant-man movies take place where ant-man 3 is going

to take place in addition to the quantum realm of course but westview in all this misal sent

seems like it's also a bit of a reference to that movie pleasantville with spider-man himself toby

mcguire with everything in the 1950s black and white until toby maguire and reese witherspoon

start messing with everything and the characters in the town start to awaken to their reality and

everything starts to change into color just like it happens during the Wandavision trailer the

way that paul bettany talks about Wandavision the first half of the series is all that crazy

alternate reality sitcom stuff that they do and then the second half is when it turns into a

full-blown avengers movie with a bunch of action scenes and from the looks of all this sword heavy

weaponry and gear this sounds like it turns into a scarlet witch versus zack at the heartness versus

sword situation the real question though is who the real villain of the series is going to wind up

being because if we're talking about scarlet witch comic book easter eggs elizabeth olsen did say the

series would be an examination of scarlet witch's mental health state in the wake of avengers end

game and vision's death so i know there have been a bunch of theories about this it feels kind

of like a situation where the first part of the series almost seems like scarlet witch herself is

the one that everybody is painting is the villain of the series changing all these things refusing

to come to grips with the reality that vision is dead and this alternate reality of hers is fake

refusing to move forward with her life but obviously because she's supposed to be the main

protagonist of the series i think that someone like agatha harkness or whoever agatha harkness

is working for will wind up being the real villain they're not going to completely demonize scarlet

witch in her failing mental stability they're just going for this really big deep cut x-men house of

m easter eggs the brand new falcon and winter soldier footage that we have is actually of the

villains and us agent u.s agent is the antagonist of the series but he's not the main villain

it's also one of those misleading marketing scenarios where thunderbolt ross brings the

weapons plus program the super soldier program out of mothballs again after we saw it in the

incredible hulk to replace captain america after avengers end game because he's an old man now

effectively retired as iron man said during captain america civil war that shield doesn't

belong to you technically captain america shield is the property of the u.s government

so thunderbolt ross wants a new captain america to be a symbol for a new era of the country and

one that he can control and that winds up being us agent the main villain group that you see in all

this footage seems like a version of the ultimatum group from the comics the group that flag smasher

belonged to most of the characters that will be showing up on falcon winter soldier will be super

deep cuts from the captain america comics and people coming back from the marvel phase 1 phase 2

phase 3 movies like first avenger captain america winter soldier characters and civil war characters

the bigger things they're setting up in the series in crossing over with the movies is thunderbolt

ross's creation of the thunderbolts future weapons plus weapon x wolverine easter eggs in the mcu and

avengers 5. also too talking about winter soldier they did say that they'd be showing off more

secret abilities that bucky's vibranium arm has it has a lot of advanced abilities and hidden weapons

that they never really got into in avengers infinity war in avengers end game just because

they were already so busy with the plots of those movies right now tentatively i would assume that

falcon and winter soldier episodes are going to be released sometime at least within a couple

months of Wandavision episodes sony promised us a spider-man 3 teaser trailer before the end of

the year there'll probably be a new venom 2 trailer in a new morbius trailer at least by

january so there is a bunch of big stuff coming up in addition to all the Wandavision episodes

right now of course i'm in the middle of doing new mandalorian season 2 episodes so as long as

you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all those videos when i post them but everyone

click here for my new mandalorian season 2 episode 2 video and click here for that brand new

spider-man 3 tom holland clip thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe this is the way!

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