Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trump Interrupted (A Comedy Rap)

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Hey buddy we are swamped this week

so if you could stick around for some overtime

tonight, and tomorrow, and probably

into the weekend... that would be wonderful.

Uh... let me think about it.

Hell no!

I'm gonna go play in a mother f*$kin' pool!

Yeah summers finally here Im on vacation bitch

For the next 10 days Im off uh work

Make a switch and live like Im rich!

My minds so clear Im like shark

cause nothins botherin me.

Were gonna need a bigger boat for my crew

no slowin' us down I guarantee!

Hot girls check my out and feel

my good vibes radiatin all throughout

Giveum my digits day cant

go no better dis da best no doubt


I got them notifications going off like crazy!

Look at my screen its like a dream when I see

all nineteen texts from a girl named

CNN? Jesus, these are all from CNN?


Trump did WHAT? Oh my god

Thats not right.

Thats not right!

Im being deported?

I I have to tweet about this.

Thats the right thing to do.

(Tweeting) Thats not


Yes! Thank you! You are my god! You are my god!

Ok well gonna just set that crazy sh*t aside

I do a shot now my good moods rectified

(lets ride)

Drive wit my boys in our kingdom we reign

head to the bar so we can see

whats good with the game

We go insane when see the opposition is slain

Our boys are gladiators shoutin,

Are you not entertained?!

Celebration bout to turn into a marathon

We gonna party all night

Oh shit the news is on

The media isnt just against me

theyre against all of you!

Thats really what theyre against.

I'm not gonna give you a question... You are fake news.

The press has become so dishonest.

Nope nope. Not gonna let him ruin my week.

Im gettin out of here. But, I cant take this.

But I will NOT let him ruin my week.

Got a single day left of vacay

Phone off disconnect keep it real and Im ok

Wid a girl in da club and we grindin up

Yeah I know whats on her mind when she rub my butt

Head back to my place feelin like a stud

She turnin' on the tub and starts a sexy flood

Start talkin dirty yeah we about to thump

She whispers soft in my ear that she voted for Trump.

What the f&*k!

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

Why why would you even say that right now?!

You know what? You know what? No

No. I Im gonna leave. I live here but Im gonna leave. I wanna leave you.

Its like we cant live our lives without being disrupted

No escape you about to get


On da street walkin home


Practicing my saxophone


On my Facebook Feed


The Lion King Stampede


Masterbating Alone


Eatin a tasty scone


No you cannot hide


I know you terrified


Hey buddy

You mind stayin a little late to get some overtime done?

Uh... Yes, absolutely.

Thinking about work sounds perfect right now.

Excellent, wonderful, thank you.

Oh! Uh by the way

Our funding has been cut, so you might want to job hunt

as well. Got about two, three weeks.


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