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So, in today's video we're going to be going over 10 basic signs that you should know

that are related to technology and so the signs that I'm going to be sharing with you today are

primarily taken from a video that Bill Vicar's did on the same subject and I'm going to leave a link

in the description down below and also at the end of this video if you'd like to check it out, and

be sure to stay until the end of this video for one bonus sign that will really come in handy. So,

the first sign today is going to be computer, so primarily this is done with the c handshape going

up across the forearm like this I mean another variation that you might come across is computer

up on the forehead and again you can check out both of those signs on Bill Vicar's website and I encourage you to go ahead and look up these terminologies and these signs on

your own and Lifeprint is an incredible resource to do that. So, the second sign is going to be

a laptop, and so this is done a couple different ways, typically it's done with both palms facing

down and you're opening up opening it up like a laptop just like this so the third sign that we're

going to learn today is a tablet like an iPad or another tablet like device and so for this

you just lay out your palm like your palm is the tablet and you're going to take your middle finger

and you're going to swipe across like you're just kind of swiping across apps on your tablet,

tablet. So, the next sign is going to be phone and this actually has several signs depending on

what kind of phone you're talking about, typically we're talking about our smartphones so you would

kind of have this loose c handshape kind of like you're holding your smartphone in your hand and

you would just start swiping like this so this could be smartphone another variation that you

might come across is if you're using a landline so one that you physically hold in your hand

and so for that instead of using the c hand shape you would actually use the y hand shape and you

would hold it up to your uh to your face like this so you have the earpiece and the mouthpiece

for like a phone a landline phone the next one is going to be a video phone or any kind of video

conferencing and so this one will typically be like this because this is going to be representing

a camera recording and so you might see this as a camera recording and this is being pointed in the

direction that you're recording so I'm recording myself or the video is recording you but so

video calls it goes both ways so you have cameras connecting both sides of the conversation and so

there are a couple signs depending on what kind of video conferencing or video phone that you're

using if you're using a video phone or VP. Most will just do VP for video phone, and then another

one might be facetime so you could be holding up the phone and you could do FT for FaceTime

or face time so you will see multiple variations of that but those are just a couple of the ones

that you might want to be familiar with. Moving down to number six on our list today is YouTube.

Many of us are watching YouTube more than ever and there's a couple signs for it

one of the more popular signs for this is YouTube so it's with the y and it goes around like this or

another common variation of that is just YT for YouTube so another sign that you might want to

be familiar with is a sign for movie and like many other signs there are multiple variations to this,

the most common one these days is probably this one right here where you have this palm facing

upward and then you have this palm going back and forth. Another common variation to that is

where the palm is really laying flat or you have a fist and then this is going back and

forth but you can kind of see a pattern to where most of them look very similar to each other

number eight on our list today is google so there are many that will go ahead and fingerspell out

google but another common way of signing that is actually with g's where you're making the sign for

search like you're looking something up or you're searching for something but because it's google

you use the g's and this is kind of a good example of an English initialized sign where they're using

the first letter of the word incorporated into the sign itself so google or google

so number nine on our list is actually a iPhone so we've talked about this being the sign

for a smartphone you could just hold it out like this or you could start swiping through

your phone but iPhone actually has its own sign so some people will still fingerspell it but a

common sign that people will use is this where you have the eye up near your ear iPhone there

is a sign for android it's not very common and I haven't seen it very often out in the wild

but I have seen Bill Vicar's videos signed android like this but again it's not very common at least

not too much to what I've seen so yeah, iPhone or android. So, let me know in the comments,

are you an iPhone person or you an android person? We have one last sign as part of our 10

basic signs and then that bonus sign coming up so number 10 is download. So, we're constantly having

to download new things and so there's a couple signs for and so there's one where you're pulling

information kind of down from the cloud download and another one would be this to where you have

that CL:4 classifier handshape and it's the flow of information coming from the top down to the

bottom so you either pull it from the cloud or it's flowing down to you for download. So, before

we get to that last bonus site if you found this video helpful please leave a like and consider

subscribing to the channel and click that bell so you'll be notified the next time that we come out

with new videos in the future. So, without further ado, that bonus sign is going to be

Zoom. this is something that we are probably all sick of at this point but it's something

that we probably use on a daily basis and so there's three common ways of signing it

typically most will still fingerspell it zoom either with a double o or a slide o so zoom

or zoom a second way and it's not used anymore but it was like this where your it looks like a car

kind of parking into a garage but the most common way is this and this is another sign

that you can actually find from one of Bill Vicar's videos and I believe Nyle Demarco also

uses that sign as well, so basically what this is showing is all those little squares those video

feeds and it's just you know those little boxes that go all the way across your screen in that

grid so zoom so basically you can fingerspell it you have this one which isn't used as much anymore

and then this one so those are three variations for the sign for zoom and if you uh miss any signs

or if there are any words that you would like to learn that I didn't cover today please let me know

down in the comments down below and perhaps I can cover those in a future video maybe perhaps social

media terms Instagram and Facebook and TikTok, like what are the signs for those if that's

something that you're interested in please let me know and I can go ahead and make a video on that

topic as well. So, I'm going to go ahead and leave a link to that video that i had mentioned prior

to where Bill Vicar goes through a few dozen words that are about technology and I'll leave that link

in the description down below and also at the end of this video so you can just click it and

go ahead and continue to build up your vocabulary so if you would like to continue to learn more

vocabulary I'm going to leave a link to a playlist of all of the lessons that I've done so far over

here and if you would like to learn how you can become fluent faster I'm going to leave a link to

a playlist where I discuss just that over here. So, until next time, I'll see you later, bye.

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