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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sci-Fi Short Film "Terminally Happy" presented by DUST

Difficulty: 0

(water sizzling)

(soft music)

- Why are you looking out today?


What's happening?

(chuckling) - Hey.

You wanna know what's happening outside?

Do you, do you? (laughing)

When did you get so heavy?

(both humming)

- [Evie] Oscar, breakfast is ready.

- What's the rush?

- He needs to go to school

I need to get to work.

The world doesn't just stop

because you've got a bit of time to play friendly.

- [Oscar] Pow!

- Feeling any better today?

- Coffee, Louis settings.

- Evie, Evie talk to me.

- [Oscar] Pow!

- Oscar, breakfast now!

Suit yourself then.

(sighing lightly)

How's that gonna help?

- Since when are you an authority on seeking help?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Oscar started asking questions.

Last month, a teacher hung herself at school.

Two days ago his best friend's dad disappeared.

And now the neighbors.

- [Oscar] Pew, pew!

- Oscar. - No.

- Oscar you've got five minutes

or you're walking to school.

- Stop it.

- Alone.

- Please stop, no, no, no.

- I'm all right.

- No you're not.

Just stay here, let me take care of you.

- Tell him we need to go.

- You tell him.

(footsteps treading lightly)



I don't have time for this.

(soft ominous music)

You've got five seconds to come out.





Are you there?


Please come back.

- [Oscar] Pow!

- What's wrong?

- I've got a fever.

- Hm, what else?

- My head hurts. - Mhm.

- It's actually my tummy.

- Come on let's go.

- Can you talk to mummy and tell her I want to stay?

- I tried.

- Can you try again?


- What are you doing?

I'm sorry.

Come here.


I miss you so much.

- [Evie] Time to go.

- Come on Evie, just a couple more minutes please.

- Let me see.

Say goodbye to your father.

- How's your day at the office looking daddy, busy?

- Yeah very busy.

Almost as busy as you'll be at school.

- You've got a lot of sick people coming in.

What if you get sick from them as well?

- Oh they're not sick, they're just a bit sad.

So I try to make them happy.

- [Oscar] Is it working?

- I don't know yet.

(soft music)

- Dad.

- Can you stay, just a little bit longer, please?

I'll come pick you up from school, I promise.

- [Evie] Come on.

(footsteps clanking lightly)

(people chattering)

- [Man] Vitals are within norms.

- [Man] Pulse is, 86.

- [Man] Can you squeeze my hand?

- Your dilation response is normal.

- On a scale of one to 10, where would you place

the simulation compared to the previous ones?

- Can you squeeze my hand?

- Absolutely seamless.

- [Man] Pardon?

- Nine.

Nine out of 10.

The drug has reached the optimum concentration

to sustain a believable illusion.

- Any inconsistencies in terms of character

and or interactions?

- No.

No the rejections were accurate and consistent.

I touched them, I felt their warm skin, their breath.

I had them back.

- Any signs of projections awareness of self?

Awareness of purpose?

- They were real.

- I need estimates.

- The drug opens the gateway and then coping mechanisms

and wish fulfillment should do the rest.

Everyone will have a second chance

at saying their goodbyes.

- Thank you.

(soft piano music)

The Description of Sci-Fi Short Film "Terminally Happy" presented by DUST