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I'm Doctor Enrique King Chamberlain, Faculty Head Librarian of North Lake College

of the Dallas County Community College District.

Our library received the distinct award of being on the cover of Choice

Magazine. The magazine that reviews academic materials

for colleges and universities, and it's international in scope.

This honor was given to us for the 45th anniversary of Choice,

which was September of 2008.

As you enter the library,

to the left,

you will find the Circulation Desk.

This is where many activities occur, such as the checking out of


also where you will return your materials that you borrowed.

If you need assistance

in copying of materials

the personnel at the Circulation Desk will assist you.

If your instructor has placed reserve materials, this is where you will request

the actual books that your instructor has asked you to read.

The tall stacks are books that may be checked out.

The lower shelves

are stacks for the reference materials. Those do not circulate; they must be used

in the library. Numbers and signage

are placed

at the end of each stack to give you the location of materials.

The materials are arranged by the Library of Congress, which is composed of

letters and numbers. If you have any questions, please ask the librarian at

the Reference Desk for assistance.

The Copy Room is where you make copies and it is also the area where you set your

paper print account.

The personnel at the Circulation Desk will assist you with the equipment and

also adding money to your account.

The computers with a catalog, periodical databases, and Internet.

The catalog accesses the print materials. Periodical databases easily provide

full-text articles. Use your North Lake College ID number to access library


to access database off-campus

use yoour name and student ID numbers.

Ready reference materials are located behind the Reference Desk.

These are books that are frequently used. Ask the Reference Librarian for

such materials and also for the current newspapers.

Ask the librarians about online reference resources.

Any questions that you need

regarding research,

do not hesitate

to ask the librarian.

Also as you walk through the library, you will find on the left,

some study rooms.

These are small group study rooms

that accommodate 3 to 8 persons for a period of two hours per day.

It is one a first come, and first serve basis.

You must have a student ID in order to use the study rooms.

Room L-233 is the Professional Library. This is a room where

faculty and staff come in to do research, and use the computer.

in that room. Plus they can also use books and periodicals relating to community

college education. In addition, the published works of our faculty and staff

are housed in this room.

For class groups doing hands-on research

is also available.

This is usually when faculty bring in students to use the library and

the faculty members is in the seminar room working with you while you

are also working on your library assignments.

The print periodicals

and newspapers are arranged alphabetically. We do subscribe to

approximately a 119 newspapers and periodicals. We have a

state-of-the-art instruction room, which is used for library instruction classes,

with approximately 40 brand new computers.

The Instruction Room

is reserved for faculty wishing to bring their students to the library

to acquire library instruction by a professional librarian.

The Quiet Reading Room is for those who prefer to study in a very quiet

environment. The library is equipped with the wireless connection for those with

personal laptops.

Our electronic collection of books, including e-reference

and articles, is mammoth and it's accessible from off campus. We

support distance learners and others.

Excellence in service and resources

is what makes the North Lake College

your library of choice.

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