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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 8 Weirdest Things Sent By Mail

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Can you send an entire building in the mail?

Let's talk about that.

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- Good Mythical Morning! - Before there was telepathic...

- ...texting, there was regular texting. - Yes!

Before there was regular texting, there was a thing called email.

And before there was email, there was a thing that was just called mail.

You know, snail mail. The thing that you would use to physically send something...

- Yes! And when you can physically... - ...somewhere else.

...send something somewhere else, you can send something weird.

And that's what we're gonna about today! You've got mail. And it's freaking weird!

Okay, back in March of 2016 a woman in Worthing, England, received a box of...

- ...DVDs she purchased online... - Ooh! something extra. A Siamese cat named Cupcake was in the box of DVDs.

(Rhett) Not a cupcake: a cat named cupcake

- (Link) A cat named cupcake. - (Rhett) Oh.

Right. Which is much more weird than a cupcake.

(laughing) Yeah. A cupcake makes a little more sense.

- So she did not order a cat with her DVDs. - Oh!

And it turns out the cat was chipped, so she tracked it back to her owner...

- ...Julie Bagott. - (stammering) They shipped a chipped cat.

- Yeah. The chipped cat was shipped. - How many chipped cats could you ship...

- (laughing) That's dangerous. - ...before you chip one?

So the owner, her explanation was, "I put everything in the box and I sealed it

straight away, so I don't know how she managed to get in there."

- Oh, they're sneaky, cats. - What?

- Especially Siamese ones. - You sure you weren't tired of Cupcake?

- (laughing) - Are you sure? Now, the amazing...

...thing is Cupcake survived a 260-mile journey from Falmouth to Worthing...

- ...that took 8 days. - Whoa! You can't -- I mean, cats, man.

- Cat in a box for 8 days. - Tough to kill. One life a day.

- Yeah. There you go. - It makes it on the last day.

One more day, it's krrch!

(laughing) That's the logic, Link. Okay, in December, 1954, the postmaster

of Orlando, Florida received an envelope with a lizard inside with the note,

(high voice) "Dear Sir, I am sending my chameleon because I live in

Fostoria, Ohio, and it is too cold for him here. Will you please let him loose?

Sincerely yours, David. P.S. Could you let me know if he arrives okay?

Thank you very much. I am so worried about him."

- He mailed a chameleon in, like, a letter? - Yes, in a letter. In an envelope.

- (laughing) _ The postman replied,

(raspy voice) "Dear David, I received your chameleon yesterday, and I sound like

Bill Clinton for some reason. I don't understand why."

- Not really. Kinda. - "And he was immediately released...

...on the Post Office grounds. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas. Sincerely,

L.A. Bryant, Jr. Postmaster. P.S. The lizard was dead."

- (laughing) No, you... - There was no P.S.

- But I mean, you know. You know. - That was written between the lines.

- It was all to make the boy feel good. - 'Cause you know when you send...

...a letter, they put it through those things that, like...

(spits) The chameleon crusher. (spits more)

- The letter smusher. Oh, my goodness. - Yeah.

In 1916 -- this is crazy -- William H. Coltharp -- you're a big fan of his...

- ...I believe. You're a Coltharper. - Big. The biggest.

- Yeah, that' why we call ourselves. - That's what you call yourselves.

- In the forums. - He was planning to build a brick...

...(snaps) bank in Vernal, Utah. You see what I did there?

- Yeah. I did. - That was 127 miles away in Salt Lake City.

- Okay. Don't tell me what he did. - Well, he was in Salt Lake City.

- He did the math... - Tell me what he did. (laughing)

He did the math and he found that the cheapest way was to send it by...

- ...mail: brick by brick. - That can't be the cheapest...-

-...way to send a building. - I don't... it... Listen. It happened.

It is a fact. 80,000 bricks mailed in groups of 10 through the post office.

And he had had to go to the post office and pick them up over the counter.

I think Coltharp is not good at math. I mean, I'm a big fan.

- (laughing) Right. - I'm a big fan. I'm a Coltharper.

Wr already said that. - (laughing) Right, right.

- But I don't think he understand math. - And they built the bank. You can go...

...visit it. It was known as the parcel post bank for the longest time.

It's now called Zion's bank. But when you go there, you'll kind of be let down...

- ...because it's just a brick bank. - Oh.

- But you know that it came in the mail. - Every one was shipped.

And then the postal service had to change their rules: maximum weight 200 pounts

- ...per day, per mailer. - Oh, yeah, that shows down...

- ...this building process. - So you can't pull a Coltharp any more.

2012: Singer Kesha -- also a big fan of hers.

- (Link) Mhm. - (Rhett) [Makeshera. What do they...]

[...I don't know what they call her.] She received over 1,000 teeth in the mail.

- Animals or something. - Human teeth. Human teeth.

- Ooh. Why? - Because she asked for them.

Which, incidentally, I do remember the one time that I peeked at the Tooth Fairy

when I was a child, just with one eye, it looked a lot like Kesha.

- So, I'm just -- I'm doing the math now. - Really.

Yeah. Putting it together. She's the tooth fairy.

- That's addition? - Kesha is... (laughing)

- Kesha plus teeth equals Tooth Fairy? - Tooth Fairy.

- Okay. - Yeah, she asked for them. And then...

...she was quoted as saying, "I asked for them to send me their teeth and I

got, like, over 1,000 human teeth. I made it into a bra top, a headdress,

and earrings and necklaces. I've even worn it out.

- I always thought that tooths give support. - "Tooths give support, man!"

- (laughing) - Listen, I love you, Mythical Beasts.

But if you send me your teeth, I'm not making underwear out of them.

- Mm-mm. - I don't want your teeth on my...

...body parts. (laughing) I just don't. You know? So keep sending the...

...other types of mail that we highlight, but please don't send teeth.

Hm. It looks cool, though. But I've got one to top that.

- Okay. - In 2013, the Joker in the upcoming...

...Suicide Squad move, also the co-star of Panic Room, Jared Lee-tow.

- Jared Leh-tow? How do you say it? - I'd say Leh-tow.

He received something in the mail from a fan, and he posted in on

his Instagram. This is his picture of a human ear.

- (Rhett) Oh, gosh. What? - (Link) Oh, look at this thing!

- (Link) It's... it's bloody! - (Rhett) And (stammering) he didn't... anyone? He just took a picture of it a put it on his Instagram?

Well, it came with a small note that said, "Are you listening?"

- And he thought that was cute. - That was clever.

No. The star of My So-Called Life did not call the police. The co-star of

Urban Legend did not throw it in the trash.

- Wow. What a credits list. - He poked a hole through it...

- ...and wore it as a necklace. - Oh, okay. He's just weird, man.

- You know. He's just a weird dude. - He's the Joker.

- He's just trying to be weird. - Also, Lizzie hates his hair because...

- ...quote, "It's prettier than hers." - Oh.

- That's not true, Lizzie. - Okay.

Not true. But I do recommend you wearing... and ear necklace.

I was about to say, "Where are you going with this?"

I thought you were gonna say, "tooth bra."

- And I was like, "No!" - (laughing) No.

- That would not be appropriate. - 2013. Englishman Peter Clatworthy...

...had been saving up all year to buy an Xbox.

- I'm a Clatworthist. Yeah. - Oh, yeah!

And so all the nearby stores were sold out. This thing was in high demand.

So he goes on eBay. He finds one for retail price. Be buys it for his son.

The package arrives, and it's not an Xbox. It's this. A photo of an Xbox.

And a really crappy photo of an Xbox. They were low on black ink,

but that magenta cartridge was kickin', son!

- (Link) Yeah, it was. - (Rhett laughing) And he looks so...

- ...happy, doesn't he? - Well... (stammering)

- I understand. - Yes. Well, he said he was...

(British accent) "Absolutely gutted!" He must've gotten a serous paper cut...

- ...from that thing. It disemboweled him! - (laughing) That's an English saying.

- Oh, really. For upset? - Yeah, it just means, "I got the paper...

...version of what I was hoping would be playable as a video game console."

Now, in all fairness to the seller, listing did read, "Xbox One Fifa

Day One Edition, Photo Brand New UK 2013." It's right there... the title: Photo. It's gonna be a photo. That's not misleading.

eBay issued him a refund, banned the seller, and some sympathetic company

gave the boy an Xbox. So the kid got an Xbox after all. His son.

- It was magenta though. (laughing) - (laughing) Yeah, all the games are...

- ...magenta that you play. - Yeah.

All right, here's another one. In 1913, the post office introduced a new service...

- they could handle heavier mail. - Right.

The only rule that they put in there was that it still had to be less than 50 pounds.

But they should've added a few more stipala... stipulations.

- Stipa-lations. - Stipla-lation. "Could y'all add a...

- ...stipa-lation to that?" - Because Mr. and Mrs. Beauge of...

- ...Glen Este, Ohio, decided to mail... - (laughing) Beauge.

- ...their kid. - Of course they did.

The baby needed some quality time with Grandma, and this was a baby.

They paid 15 cents in stamps and insured their child for $50.

- That's a lot of money back then. - They sent him a whopping... mile down the road. - (stammering)

- Which is 20 miles in today's mileage. - Oh, because of inflation.

- Yes. Exactly. - (laughing) Okay. Now it all makes sense.

He wasn't in a box of DVDs. The postal service dude... uh, the postman.

- The mailman. The mailman. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- The mailman just carried him and... - The mailman.

...the postal workers posted a picture -- you know how they like to post...

- Yes. - ...of him with a baby.

(Link) But that's just kinda them having fun with the concept.

(Rhett) Oh, they're just posing. That's them posing what the Beauge baby.

- (Link) Yep, yep, yep. - Okay, now, you guys remember...

...Oofty Goofty. We talked about him in the sideshow attractions. The guy...

- He's back? - ...the nineteenth-century performer...

...that would put tar and feathers on himself, and then they would throw...

- ...raw meat and we would say... - (both) "Oofty Goofty! Oofty Goofty!"

(Rhett) He was also known as the Wildman of Borneo. Well, the Wildman of Borneo

did other things. We talked about how he would let people pay to hit him.

- Yes. - He would also let people pay $20... ship him as a joke gift. So he was shipped in a box to Sacramento

as a joke gift for a lady. But he was left upside down in the box for an

entire weekend. Can you imagine the comfort level, or the discomfort level,

that Oofty Goofty was experiencing? In a warehouse, upside-down.

- Upside-down Goofty. - But he did make it, and I'm sure it...

...was all worth it when they opened up the box and he popped out and

said, "Oofty Goofty. I'm a little light-headed, but Oofty Goofty.

- "Oofty Goofty." - Yeah, what happens when you open...

...the box anyway? Even if it went as planned, I don't understand.

- The Widman of Borneo's there! - (high voice) It's just plain weird, man.

- It's just plain weird! - Yeah, it's a great joke!

I don't know. If you wanna learn more about the postal service, you should check

out an audiobook, "Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal...

- ...Service." Drew says it's awesome. - Yes!

So go to and get a free 30-day trial.

They've got over 180,000 audiobook titles including that one. The link is the...

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- (Rhett) "In a world of purple sunshine." - (deep, raspy voice) In a world...

- ...of purple sunshine. - Everyone who's suntanned looks...

- they just drank a lot of NuGrape. - And... and they're eggplant people.

- Too. - That's one way of saying it, but...

- It's a great... - ...I just thought looked like they...

- ...drank a lot of NuGrape. - It's a great movie.

But I don't think they're actually constituted of eggplant.

- Well, you'll have to watch it. - That's another world.

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