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With VIPX let's walk into the colorful world of literature

look through the ridge and study in the authentic American classes

learning to think, you were discovered the world

with weekly fixed time, main English course [are] with a dedicated personal teacher

Hello Coco

Hello teacher!

The March wind whips in Kiko's hair

I'm the wind

What happens to Kiko's hat?

Well it flies off



When does your hat fly off?

When the wind is very strong

Then what would you do?

I would hold my hat and stop the wind

Every meeting time it's not just a simple connection

Every interaction is a fully prepared and well designed meeting of professional teachers

For many hours, students read the articles in different genres

Feel the beauty of words

learn different reading strategies and explore the fun of analyzing

stimulate critical thinking

express their own creative ideas

a wakeful meeting between students and ideal star teachers

and the ideal time for a communicative literature course

Through interactive TV classes,

They create a personalized learning experience for their students once a week

Most tornadoes happen...

between March and August


Where do tornadoes happen?

Click your answers now! Ready go!

Tornadoes can happen anywhere

Now you try

Ready, go!

Tornadoes can happen anywhere


During the 40 min session....

students will learn another literature or literary passage, under the same topic...

with American English courses

Walking in the home of literature

Reading the award-winning words...

and appreciating the beauty of language

Traveling in the world of general studies..

exploring the natural wonders and learning about the mystery of the earth

high-frequency interactions and averted tasks can strengthen students language literacy...

as well as broaden their minds

In two sessions a week...

Students will be expected to fully engage in learning and communicating for 80 minutes

Enjoy a language and literature on the journey of learning

Also, it achieves the goal of more efficient

A learning boost a framework of learning, by thinking and thinking by using

VIPX - Authentic American Classes

Brings the world to my home

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