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Now my mama told me a lot of things growing up

She said stand up straight if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all. And...

Never kick'em while they're down. But uh,

I don't see my mama. Do you? And that is why today's video is going to be about Walmart's...

"Over Powered!"

15.6 inch gaming laptop. Could it possibly be as bad as their desktop?

Well, there's only one way to find out isn't there?

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All right, so my idea is we crack the box open-- see, you know, if it comes with anything epic...

[Linus] "Over powered," maybe. Can we do this pose?

[Linus] Okay, hold on (stammers) -- I gotta get serious

[Ivan] No smiling, no smiling. Like this.

[Linus] (laughs) okay, hold on...

[Ivan] What? [Linus] I can't do it...

So spec wise, we're looking at a Core i7 8750H, a six core processor, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB of RAM

256GB SSD, 1 terabyte hard drive

144 hertz 1080p display, RGB backlit mechanical keyboard and Windows 10.

I mean, on paper...

Like specifically this paper right here

This ticks pretty much all the boxes with the only issue being the price

So we ordered this actually at around the same time that we ordered our desktop, but it didn't arrive until quite recently

because they screwed up our order and when we went to pick it up the laptop just

Wasn't there with our order and it was only because we checked before we left the store

we did in-store pickup that we were able to point out that hey, the

$1,400 laptop we ordered ate here dawg. So it comes with an external power brick

That's kind of big but also not too thick. So I guess that's nice

A QuickStart guide,

A. Connect AC adapters Jack into other more different Jack

B. The display panel can be opened to a wide range of angles for optimal viewing,

C. press the power button.

All right

[Ivan] So this laptop actually arrived in sysprep mode and there was no bloatware installed whatsoever. Same as with the


Desktop [Linus] really? so they've got their control center, but..

[Ivan] that's it

[Linus] That is the most hilarious animation

[Ivan] look at it, but game

[Linus] *softly* what the hell..

Who thinks that's a good idea, I mean, it's the same kind of thing you'd have with a normal program

They just it doesn't have like an acceleration curve. It's just like

For those who don't know it's called disruptive innovation. Okay, so you just got disrupted

So in the OP control center, you can turn on and off your LED light bar, which is right here

It's RGB. You can turn on and off your keyboard backlight

You can

Well, you can turn off the internal display, oh crap

Now what you can do a bunch of different keyboard effects. You can alter your fan settings

So office mode or gaming mode it was in gaming mode by default. There's also a turbo mode

whoa, you know as far as system bloat goes

This is really not bad

however, as not bad as it might be

This is just a skin

What is this? What are they doing? There's no way that that is not

Programmed in so what was what was the intent? Yeah destructive innovation. I told you


Aw... aww

Peel-jected one can say that he appealed was not too

Appealing one can but one shouldn't okay. What does this mean tap tap twice?


There's a little light in the touchpad. So when you tap this corner twice

It enables or disables the touchpad

So to Walmart's credit here there actually are a fair number of features, you know

whether you buy into the RGB hype or not that are

specifically tailored to gamers as for the overall

sort of build quality the machine I would describe it just from sort of a fit and finish standpoint here as

average at best but certainly not the worst thing I've ever seen and

Spec-wise, the 144 Hertz display is not immediately disappointing to me not


...bright or anything, but it's not super dim either

Like nope. Okay. Stop that. Hey stop that

So moving stuff around quickly on-screen. There's pretty good clarity even during fast movement

So, yeah, it's not a CRT or anything but for an IPS panel

That's... not bad.

What do you think of the mechanical keyboard?

It ha... oh it has a mechanical keyboard?

[Ivan] According to the specs. [Linus] Alright.





Oh, that's stupid

So the old peak Control Center is not tied into the keyboard brightness adjustment over here. So if you turn it off

That is so cringe

To see if it's actually mechanical. We actually pried one of the key caps off here and

Yeah, it does appear to be so we've got our metal contact piece here. That seems to be

What makes the key itself actuate so it actually does actuate before it bottoms out

but the issue is that it's almost like they implemented this feature without a clear understanding of

Why or what?

It is about mechanical keyboards

That makes them good for gaming because we've got kind of a very heavy feel towards the top of the key

Press and then they're quite mushy after that. So there's no real clear advantage over just a short travel

Scissor switch, for example, how do you feel about the numpad? I think it's a little too cramped

So I like that they're using all the space that they have here for keyboard

Like they're going almost edge to edge keyboard, which is nice like the keys are quite big

But I I kind of questioned the wisdom actually not just to this one but of our other

Contestants as well of including a numpad

A gaming laptop. Like what do you plan it like an accounting simulator like EVE Online?

Okay, that's what I said



So for IO we've got USB to Ethernet

Audio dedicated microphone jack. That's kind of nice to see over here

We've got two USB 3 s an SD card reader and then oh, wow, that's not bad a USB type-c

Which is over with our display outputs HDMI and then two mini display ports

That I guess is because they figure people will use it as a display out more than as just a USB port. That's

sort of an interesting thought and actually a lot of ventilation heat sinks here here here and here and then

Basically just wide open

mesh across the bottom but it still actually has a

Reasonable amount of structural rigidity down here. It's not bad. You could crack it open. All right

Sue Minter we can put the thing back together should be fine

Do we have a parts tray or anything that we can kind of use as a proxy - what?

So I thought we were ready to go

but they've got a warranty void if remove sticker Oh what shall

we address the

So it uses a similar approach to the LG gram now with LG they were saving weight by using

A main board and then daughter boards with these ribbon cables connecting them

But whether it was a cost or weight savings, they've ended up with a really interesting internal layout

So without increasing the thickness of the device

It makes extra room for higher

profile like thicker cooling fans and heat sinks and stuff like that because they're not fighting with the PCB for space and then we get

A similar effect over here for MDOT to drive now. It should be noted that this is not an nvme SSD

So, this is just a regular SATA SSD just in an MDOT two form factor

You can see though if you wanted you could put a PCIe one here

Or you could put a second piece yet you one here

But not another say - MDOT - it's why you got to watch out for this compatibility

They could have just expanded the battery capacity because this is pretty

Kinky, you know and that is actually a perfect segue into how exactly it is that Walmart best

Known for good prices on you know bathroom paper got into the laptop manufacturing business

I thought and I would have I would have put money on it that what they had done was

Rebranded a laptop unit from the company clavo who was well known for supplying other

brands with their manufactured laptops, but I was wrong so

To whom do the we owe the pleasure of?

Inspecting this laptop. Well, I'm putting it back together here. This is the ODM known as tong Fang Tong sang

I've never even heard of them. Neither have I up until one two days ago and


Turkish reseller monster sells laptops based on this exact

bear bone which is known as gamma kilo 5 charlie noob 6 is

xaviar, am I supposed to have heard of that like is that supposed to add credibility or

Wants to does the fact that Origin PC use the same C

I had thought that Origen just used clever like I thought everyone just used clavo to be perfectly honest

I wasn't aware of these guys at all like Sager


Origen I thought it was just all clever rebrands, but then there's this sorry. What are they called again? Don't know pain Tong Fang

company that I've hardly ever heard of I

Say hardly because I have technically heard of them in the last three minutes here. So here's the thing this approach of


Rebranding what someone else has already built has advantages like allowing a company like Walmart who has no experience whatsoever

designing computers to just jump right into the market with a product that might have some flaws like this keyboard is very

imperfect but is otherwise

balanced ly SPECT and

very functional the

Disadvantage is that it's hard to differentiate yourself

So Ivan mentioned that Origin PC also sells this model. Can you spec out an identical config to this on Origin?

And how much does that cost us? Bear in mind?

we paid fourteen hundred US dollars for this now based on our previous experience where by

You know dealing with origin PC, you know that $1500 gaming system that they sent us not guess how much this conflict would cost

Origin PC specs out to be pretty much same as this - one terabyte how much?

$1400 so identical to what Walmart was charging

Except that with origin you get to have origins customer service which in secret shopper

We have established. It was at least sample size of - I guess but was

Excellent and you'll have the confidence that down the line if you need help with your system origin

PC will probably still be in the PC business whereas with Walmart. I'm not sure if that's so clear either way

Origin did not score well in value which leads us to the question

Is origin going aggressive on their laptop pricing or is Walmart enjoying origin like markups?


Well, yeah, it has to be one of them that you've probably been asking yourself

Why do you have these other laptops on the table? You'd be asking yourself a good question. So when we bought it this was?

$1400 but in the time that it's been sitting on our shelf

Walmart implemented a roll back to only eight hundred US dollars for this thing so over here

We've got an $800 Nitro 5 from Acer rocking a core i5 8th

Gen and a gtx 1050 TI and then over here

representing the

$1400 price point we've got an asus rog. I think this is a scar or something

It's a last gen processor, but in terms of gaming performance

It should be quite similar and the GPU is a gtx 1060

So in Cinebench or whatever it won't perform as well as the current gen version of this

But in games it should be basically identical

So let's go ahead and fire up our stress test here and make sure that you know, there's not any

Egregious thermal throttling issues or anything like that

Were you expecting this to be clocked like?

300 400 mega her slower than the Asus model

according to what I research in Prior this

Laptop does have thermal throttling issues runs hot, but we cannot hear it at all

Perhaps is because you set it into like desktop mode in I didn't be the center. Oh

I was on battery

Well wait, so that means then any way that a Seuss's on battery performance profile is much more aggressive

I'm still in better. Yeah, let's take a look how much battery is left because they were only before the same time

an hour and 14 minutes 60 percent remaining

38 percent remaining so they're both terrible. Oh

There we go


165 fps

So they've been running long enough to reach equilibrium

now bottom line is this guy clocks in anywhere from 80 to a hundred megahertz slower than this one and

the performance cap reason given by GPU Z is power for both of them but our

Over powered laptop hits this cap more frequently

They're both around the same temperature with this one coming in at around 71 degrees

We have to stop it for a second here because I had a microphone issue. Don't worry about it

Anyway, 71 degrees and this one at 74

With the over powered being about as loud maybe a touch louder

Let's see how it goes in actual games though. So performance wise

it is already falling behind the Asus machine but by like

2 to 4 FPS here and there and it is way ahead not just in terms of fps

But also just in terms of playability like with how dark this display is. It's really hard to make out details in the shadows and

There goes the power outage that we were sure was probably coming at some point today. Oh

boy winds peaking at a hundred kilometers an hour

blasting trees and knocking down power lines a

houseboat adrift after being torn from its moorings

BC Hydro warning that some homes and businesses may not get their power back for days

So I'm gonna make my best attempt at an Ivan joke, so you might say that

The laptop was so opie

That the power went out. No, I would usually kick you into like, you know, this laptop was so full of a O-penis. So

We had to throw out the results we were getting last time because they all switched to battery power in the middle of the run

We'll be back with you in a moment here. So this is interesting our similarly priced nitro 5 comes in at just

2/3 the average frame rate of our overpowered machine and with other

Significant well disadvantages as well including a weaker CPU as well as a worse screen

But then moving up into the original pricing of our overpowered

Well, it wasn't really that competitive because due to the faster clock speed of our GPU over here

We still ended up with higher frame rates, even though this one has an inferior CPU

So this one is I think the official MSRP is actually 1600

but you can find it for about

1400 on Amazon

Just to validate what I was saying before we popped out of the game and had a look at what core clocks we were running

at during the benchmark, and yes in fact

The overpowered machine is running at anywhere from 50 to about 80 megahertz slower on the GPU in

Actual games last result just came in for Deus Ex mankind divided and this is interesting. So

average frame rates

again our

$800 machine like true $800 machines way slower than our rolled back $800 machine and

And that one it falls a little bit behind ASUS's particularly in the minimum frame rates

Interesting, let's do one more game. So I'm sitting in the 130 140 FPS range. What are you sitting at right now?

160 150 160 so when we're running into a CPU bottleneck

We can see here that our core i5 8th gen is actually not that far behind. So we're running at 1080p and

All high with 16x anisotropic filtering. So ok. So only about 20 fps difference now, let's take our 2

$1400 gaming laptops man that high refresh rate display makes a big difference.

Holy Crap...

So not only am I lower than last time but the Asus machine is absolutely

Crushing it. It's well over 200 frames per second 240. Let's hear that me spend the same spot

It's like 80 FPS higher. Did you know this was gonna happen? Nope, so there's clearly

Some power management or

Some kind of

Profile issue going on here. So here I'm not gonna have a task manager running in the background

Let's make sure that you don't have extra background crap running

How will we know life? Isn't it? Kind of? Well, I just want to know what the frame rate is

Cuz honestly that's when I do you think effect think not much but it's a little bit

I think it can use a couple percent

Yeah, but not to know this is like I tell you what this both have it open here fine

What's sucking up all my memory? CSgo is using one point three only, that doesn't even make any sense. I know what it is

No, it's not. What the hell?

Okay. Well then goes family your thumb. Yeah, but they're both single channel, and this one's running faster

That's only 2400 megahertz. What is going on here?

Okay, let's just go ahead and lunch the game. So let's make sure we're running the same settings though

Okay, it's all the same. So let's go back. Let's try again


So I'm back up to like 160 like we had on our first run

I just I mean, I also want to just kind of feel the experience because to be clear

even if it runs at a lower frame rate than that one, it's only got a 144 Hertz display like it's

So I'm still at 130 140 150

90 180 down, but I'm getting shot and you're at really okay. So why don't we stand here and

Smoke this doorway. So I'm at 140 and you're at 170. Honestly, I think we're ready to draw the conclusion at this point

compared to another

$1400 laptop with some of the weirdness that we've encountered I

Wouldn't take the overpowered with the keyboard being honestly the biggest issue for me personally because I do do a lot of typing

With that said compared to an $800 laptop

this is crazy because I am about to recommend a


OP gaming device because compared to what you get for 800 bucks this

Absolutely. Mops the floor with it both in terms of the features like the

144 Hertz display and in terms of the performance at anywhere from

Nearly double to about 50% better

So that just happened that just happened right now

but only

because they rolled back the pricing so you heard it here first folks get them while they're hot and

Then otherwise, don't don't get them don't get them when they're not hot and on sale

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