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Hi I'm Dawson Church from EFT Universe as you know I am passionate about

helping people succeed in every part of their life and the big one for me is

weight loss for me when I was carrying around that extra 80 pounds I wasn't

happy I was sluggish my energy levels were low I was dragging myself around

I had inflammation in my body all kinds of things that just went away once I lost

the weight and you can to also I'm here to teach a lot of EFT professional

workshops after that and one of the things we do is in the one of the

modules module 8 of the EFT professional workshop we do an exercise around

cravings and we actually bring out chocolate give everyone in the room

a handful of chocolates have them smell the chocolate get in touch with their

cravings rate their cravings in a 0 to 10 scale and then we do a bunch of

tapping for the next half hour now after that people's levels of

craving go way way way down I ask people what their levels are I write them on

the board at the start of the exercise and many are at an 8 or a 9 or a 10 out

of 10 for craving after we tap half an hour they're down to a 0 or a 1 or a 2

at the last workshop I asked what about tens I said to this lady here 10 out of

10 what's your level of craving now if you

said - 4 I can't stand the stuff and it's so funny people just lose all

interest in the chocolate now what I do afterwards it's really interesting so

module 8 is the last module of day 2 so after that everyone gives each other a

big hug they all make plans to go to dinner together what did I do for that

evening and then they will leave the room to return the next morning and

there I am in this room with my assistants in a room full of chocolate

all the people have simply walked out of the room since we're done for the day

and they are completely forgotten about the chocolate so we now have this

my hands what have you do with hundreds and hundreds of pieces of chocolate and

what we do usually is either we give them to somebody nearby maybe one of the

hotel staff wants them or we throw them in the trash I just picked up handfuls

of chocolate and thrown it in the trash because nobody wants it after that one

lady I worked with many years ago in 2008 to be precise she I still see her

sometimes and she says Dawson I can't believe it it's been more than ten years

now he worked on me one time for my craving for Reese's peanut butter cups

and I haven't been able to stand them ever since I just gag at the thought

of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup it's amazing how even ten years later

I'm over that that craving that's what happens we just throw those chocolates

way people don't know what to do with them don't want them just forget about

them completely before before the exercise that chocolate was so

emotionally charged people were projecting all of their emotions all of

their longing and their grief and their pain and their desire into the chocolate

now it's just something like a pen or a piece of paper or a book or a glass of

water it has no big emotional energy for them they leave the room and they leave

us these piles of chocolate which we often just throw in the trash I

Dawson Church I've probably thrown away more Hersey's kisses than anyone else in

the world if there's a Guinness Book of Records record for throwing away the

most Hershey's kisses I would I would earn that award I have it's so funny

because throw away the chocolate nobody wants it so you too can learn to release

your cravings like my friend with her Reese's peanut butter cups

you know like release those trainings and with them the impact those cravings

are having on your waistline on your longevity please do join me for one of

our upcoming programs click the link below to find out more also give me a

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you about future videos you like - leave me a comment do so down below a wee

every single comment and I respond to many of them you can be successful you

can let go of those cravings whether they're for pasta or sweets or cake or

alcohol or tobacco or chocolate and claim the skinny new you thank you

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