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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Explainer Video Production Company: Doubling Your Conversion In Less Than Two Minutes

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Did you know that according to nielsen research the average time spent on a new

website is just fifty-six seconds

so theoretically we've got only fifty more seconds to explain why

you're here

realistically six seconds is enough. The most important moment in your

business are those when your product is

explained in a video.

I am sure you feel like you're doing your best to explain to your customers

why they should purchase your product

and yet it seems that your message doesn't reach the majority of people

If only you could engage your customers with a mix of animations

illustrations text videos

and music all packed together in engaging and creative video story

matching your brand identity

If only more of your customers

understand your product and get in touch with you

the good news is you can because this is what we do

you simply send us your product description

and we come back with a bunch of ideas that effectively communicate the essence

you choose which one you like the most

we produce a professional and engaging explaining video

that your customers will enjoy watching

you include it to your website

and enjoy the increase in sales. Best thing is that we don't need proof that

our engaging explaining videos work

You are the proof.

why? because you watched been reached the end of this video which means that you

have been sufficiently engaged and enjoyed it while you get our message

thanks for staying with us and good luck with your business


you know it's not all about luck

contact as now at w w w dot easy explain video dot com we'd love to

explain your product to the world

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