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Então você é um Comediante, certo? Então conta uma piada!

know what really hilarious

are very happy or I really admire stand-up comedians I mean it's going to

be a tough job on the wall right due to be more material I got like 100 dead

baby jokes on you

overflowing unlike Saturday line or were delivered a letter if you thought the

same gel

it's what you wrote them before hear a challenge who really create your profile

you're hilarious you know we should job although my buddy

day from the Paul bill be able to interact with your comedian right yet

keep reminding yourself

class they don't speak English but I'm sure they've really enjoy staring

pay like or people like yellow she is a good life

ok slamming down shit I know your shows all sold out next tuesday but do you

think you could put a couple caught the flight to me in a bread so we need to be

and you know that scores like jerry seinfeld Louis CK

Chris Rock seriously give me some complimentary ticket so you're

alchemy of like right now change other way miles

friend really hit me and i felt that a little offense

I think you have email about Kelly's labor's land show it was another TV you

get some his joke to you this in the sketch is there we

did with the them emails Kelley it was fun to be

partly resilient 20 community and I appreciate him for having me if she was

his criteria the link below

I'd appreciate that as so my friends and family at the Byron bursar network

yeah a

says gripe all have and

chases that said job I like part polled







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