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- What would it take for us to have sex?

- Two mil.

- Anyone wanna pay?

- [Man] Hi.

- Hello.

- Hey boy.

- [Man] Who are you guys?

- Best friends.

(they laugh)

- I'm LaurDIY.

Hey guys, what's up, it's Lauren,

and welcome back to my channel.

- And I'm Mia Sayoko.

Look who's back, it's me.

- We're both YouTubers.

I make DIYs and lifestyle vlogs.

- I make lifestyle vlogs and I'm dabbling into music.

- [Man] Are you guys friends because of that?

- Yes.

- We met on the internet.

- [Man] How many subscribers do you guys have?

- 9 million.

- 4.5.

(they laugh)

- You should've gone first,

you should've gone first.

- [Man] Are you guys ready?

- Yeah. - Ooh.

Are you ever jealous of me?

- No.


- [Man] You guys never get jealous about each other

at all?

- Blaine, I need you to relax.

- [Man] Lauren has more subscribers,

you have less subscribers.

- I have more numbers, but I don't think that's like,

the value of success.

- [Man] What do you mean by numbers, money?

- Of course.

- No, I don't know,

I have a giant mortgage.

So it's like, who even knows, if--

- You literally just said I have a giant mortgage.

- That's debt.

I have debt.

I have so much debt.

- Sell that house, bitch, how much money you have?

- Lil' bit.

- Anyways, is that your first fight?

This is so easy.

Have you ever disliked someone I've dated?

- Yes.

- Why didn't you like my ex?

- He used you.

- Which one?

(they laugh)

- No, no, here's the issue.

It's that Mia has a tendency because she's so generous

to give more than she receives, not even in like,

a physical or monetary type of way, but she gets used,


- Yeah.

- [Man] Are you guys protective of each other?

- Oh yeah. - Yeah.

- Good friends are hard to make in LA.

You have something that someone else might want,

so it's like,

you have to always kind of look over your shoulder

to see if someone's got bad intentions, I guess.

- Between the two of us, who's the more loyal friend?

- Like you're a loyal (bleep) friend,


no, but-- - But?

- I don't want to be like, I'm not loyal,

'cause I'm super loyal.

Oh, you know what?

I think you would go to more inappropriate lengths

to be loyal, because you're like, more (bleep) than I am.

One time, Mia caught my throw-up.

And then cleaned the rest off the ground

when I had food poisoning.

- So it's me. - So it's you.


- Anyways.

- Oh no.

I don't think I can answer this one.

Publicist will not approve, Disney will not approve.

- [Man] So ask the question and then she takes the shot.

- No, like, I can't even ask this question.

- [Man] Okay, that's fair.

So if you swear, do we have to beep it out?

- Yeah.

- Okay, prove it.

(long bleep noise)

- [Man] Do we have to bleep you out?

- Fuck no.

(they laugh)

How often do you and your partner have sex?

Do you wish it was more?

- Ah!

- Oh!

- How many times do you and your partner have sex,

and do you wish it was more?

- Almost every day.

I'm good with that.

- You guys have been dating for five months?

- Yeah.

- I would say that you're like,

almost out of the honeymoon stage.

That's still good that you're having sex every day,

that's a lot.

- Oh my god, is my dad gonna watch this?

(they laugh)

- All right, next question.

What's your biggest insecurity?

- Mine would be my skin, specifically this patch right here.

What are you most insecure about?

- Probably just like how my body has changed

in the last three years.

Gotten chalkier.

People call you out the second anything changes.

Even if you're like feeling bloated

because you're on your period for a video,

everyone will be like, oh man, she gained weight,

she's really let herself go.

Or if you get a bad haircut.

- [Man] All right, who has the next question?

- You.

- Have you ever had a crush with someone I've been with,

and what did you do?

- I don't think so.

- [Man] Are you trying to say the people she's dated

are not attractive?

- We just have different types.

Grungier, like, artsy, quiet guys is your type.

I like really extroverted, bigger personality,

confident types.

- Her boyfriend could've been on the Bachelor.

- [Man] Oh, okay.

- That's so not true.

- Do you think (bleep) would've been on the Bachelor?

- Oh yeah.

- You think?

- Cut that out.

- Okay, next question.

Have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex?

- (snorts) No.


- Ugh.

- Oh no, have you caught me?

- Uh...

- Why do you have to think about this?

- Remember in the movie theater that one time?

(they laugh)

- It wasn't me.

- What do you mean it wasn't you?

You guys were hooking up right next to me.

- We weren't--

Define hooking up?

- You weren't having sex, but you were doing more

than making out!

- Everything was clothed, that's all I gotta say.

- Do you love me?

If yes, say it or take a shot.

- I love you.

- I don't feel it, Lauren.

- I love you.

- I love you.

- That was even worse than mine.

(people applauding)

- [Man] Can we give this game to you guys,

and would you play it?

- Oh yeah. - Yeah, I'd play this,

this is great.

This is like Cards Against Humanity but just like,

more dangerous.

We might even put it on our Instagram.

Let us know what your budget is.

(man laughs) - Where can people find you?



- Dee!

(they laugh) (people applaud)

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