Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 사람으로부터 상처받은 리트리버를 말없이 안아주는 꼬마 ㅣKid Silently Hugs A Heartbroken Retriever Dog

Difficulty: 0


Lez play~!

Unlike this vigorous dude

Where are you going??

(I wanna be alone)

Looks away

This girl keeps trying to stay in her own space

Very timid and introverted

Far from Retrivers' MBTI

A few months ago

Where Retrievers were found is..

Inside a ditch..?


The dogs have gone through struggle

Finally, they were given help

One of them particularly was very wary

Even after the rescue

Was keeping a guard up

Fortunately though

(Wait for me, don't leave me alone ;( )

That's why she keeps following him 'cause she relies on him so much

Heavily dependent on the boy

Overcoming by relying on each other

North pole / South pole


The dogs on TV show were so cute and pitiful

(Our family was all) Unanimous on giving a call

Now they have a new family who can cure their broken heart

Now on my way to meet y'all


So pretty

(Being shy)

Did you name them?

The boy is Mango

The girl is Apple

Shall we get along well slowly?

What are these?

These are treats for the dogs

(Big hands for dog treats in area 21)

Our Mango

starts adapting

(Takes and eats11)

(Takes and eats22)

Done adapting lol

Meanwhile, Apple..

Awk Awk

Wanna try this~?

(Leave it and go)

At that moment!

Mango's on the way

(I'm right next to you!)

Only then

Apple lets her guard down!!

With this mood~!

Give her a warm snuggle

and deliver generous affection..☆


Apple first / Mango later

My babies are like Retrievers now

(Isn't it good to be here?)

(Needless to say bro)

Guardian : Thank you for coming to our house!

Let's live happily together

The Description of 사람으로부터 상처받은 리트리버를 말없이 안아주는 꼬마 ㅣKid Silently Hugs A Heartbroken Retriever Dog