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NARRATOR: Auckland, New Zealand, 1952--

airline pilot, Bruce Cathie, spots a UFO hovering

over the city's harbor.

The craft holds him spellbound before vanishing

straight up into the sky.

The sighting turned out to be the first of many Cathie

would have over the next two decades.

He recorded all of them, documenting

their exact flight paths, and a startling pattern

began to emerge.

He spotted multiple UFO sightings.

They all follow the same north-south gridlines

and east-west grid lines.

What he realized was is that, perhaps, they were powering

their crafts with this particular grid,

because the Earth is like a hugely powerful energy source.

NARRATOR: Cathie worked with software engineer, Rod Maupin,

to create Gridpoint Atlas, a computer program designed

to map out his theory that electromagnetic lines

criss-cross the planet.

According to ancient astronaut theorists,

many of the world's ancient cultures

were also aware of this global energy grid.

All around the world, we find megalithic sites

that are connected by geodetic gridlines and energy lines

that naturally form from the Earth

and that there is clear evidence that there was

some kind of ancient survey of the planet

that took place in antiquity.

And the evidence now is the placement

of where these megalithic sites are

that we can still see today.

NARRATOR: Is it possible the ancients built their pyramids

to tap into the same electromagnetic fields

as extraterrestrials use to power their crafts?

If we knew the truth, if we had

a sophisticated enough perspective on planets

and geomagnetic fields, we might realize

that the sphere of the Earth, with a molten core that sets up

these magnetic fields, is exactly what

other intelligences look for in order to use pyramids in a way

that we still have never been introduced to,

at least publicly and that once you have them

in the right position, in the right magnetic field structure,

you have free energy forever.

And this sounds incredible.

It is incredible.

NARRATOR: Some ancient astronaut theorists contend that pyramids

were not only built to harness the Earth's energy,

but to amplify it by using the pyramidal shape itself.

There are certain pioneering scientists

that have made the suggestion that the secret to how

the atom is powered is gravity, that there

is, in fact, a union between gravity and electromagnetism.

So if the Earth is a sphere, and the energy is flowing in

from all directions, you build the shape of a pyramid,

and as that matter is being created,

you get a swirling current.

And that swirling current generates

a great deal of rotational inertia

in the center of the pyramid.

EXPERT: The Great Pyramid does make an electromagnetic energy.

I have taken, over the years, instruments into the pyramid--

converts this energy we're talking about into a voltage.

And measuring in Los Angeles, it was

putting out about 0.08 volts.

And when I took it into the Great Pyramid,

it was producing 1,200 millivolts,

which means 1.2 volts.

And the area around the pyramid was

putting out the same voltage.

NARRATOR: Ancient astronaut theorists

contend that Earth's pyramids were not only

designed for energy disbursement or powering spacecraft,

but were also interconnected to act as communication hops

and, possibly, even teleportation docks,

capable of transporting living beings

between pyramids both here on Earth and on other worlds.

If we look at all the specific instances of pyramids being

placed around the globe, it could be that the Great Pyramid

was meant to interconnect with these other pyramids that were

built so purposely in different locations

and could have been orchestrated by an extraterrestrial species

for reasons we're still unable to fathom.

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