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Hey guys, welcome back. Today we are going to test if these big trucks here can hold a train.

Can they? Let's find out.

You guys hear how I'm always ***ing about how I hate videos about "Hey, can you stop the train?"

Today we're going to stop the train! - Yeah.

We just missed the train. - I think we should take it over to where the hole is.

And see we can't... - You know what?

Lead the way. I want to go to your hole. - Yeah. 'Cause when I think about these big trucks...

I think about plugging that hole. - Alright, here we go.

Let's do this. - Lead the way, Bacon.

Lead the way, Bacon. - Let's hope it doesn't destroy... Okay.

Look at you go. Ouch just flew to heaven there.

Yeah. Oh, there's a train coming.

There's a train coming? Really? Already? - Yeah. I hear a train.

Let's see behind me. You won't be able to make it. Let's just skip that one.

Gotta wait for the next train? - Yeah. Wait for the next one. This will take too long.

Alright, let's do this.

I ain't no train, ***. - That was great.

So, it couldn't stop one of them. Maybe they can stop two of them.

I'm gonna try backing it in now and see if Filthy can't get us out before then.

Yeah, block the complete tunnel with it. Like, that fits perfectly.

Oh my god, look at this. - That should work.

This will be great.

Okay, there's an angle in here too. Maybe if I put it at a side angle, it'll wedge it really well.

Yeah. And I'm gonna stand here in the safe space.

See it all happen.

No, no, no. *** you. - Oh, sorry.

Uh oh, I hear a truck. I hear a train. It's happening. - Already?

Oh no, I'm gonna miss it. - Here comes the train.

I'll record it for you. Oh ***, there's the truck.

What will happen? Will it survive?

How can it still be pushing?

What's going on with the trailer? Let's see.

Oh, you know what, Ouch? - I'll save your trailer.

Oh, the trailer went out.

I know what we need to do, guys.

Somebody needs to be in the trailer as it gets pushed out.

That's a great idea. And the trailer survived.

Alright, back it up. - Let me leave the APC around here.

Back it up. - Going well.

Can we wedge it between the poles? - I will go inside of that thing.

That was close.

Alright, let's see. There might be a train coming any second.

And now there's two of these parked in here.

I'm jammed up against Bacon's truck right now. - Oh ***.

You've got the whole thing stuck here.

Alright, try to climb in the back. - I'm inside of the truck now.

I'm inside one of the trucks that is right in the tunnel.

No! - What? Is it happening?

The train is coming and Bacon's truck disappeared. - Where did my truck go?

Uh oh, I'm in this thing. - I will fight you, train. You will not win.

Alright, so next time I have to sit inside. - This thing is moving.

It's moving. Is the train hitting it?

Oh man, we went a bit flying. We were riding the train for a moment.

What happened? Oh, there it is.

*** you, train. Put this thing in the hole. Let's do this.

What's behind me?

Bacon, I'm trying to leave enough space for you to get your cab.

I gotta go grab my cab again. - To the side of me and jam in like I was with you.

And now we wait for the train. This will be great. - Alright, I'm on my way back with Bessie.

Oh no, there it is. - The train is coming.

Shoot the train driver.

What 's going on?

Wait, we're on top of the tunnel now? - Oh, yeah.

How did we get on top of the tunnel? - Oh mate, the truck' s dead.

I don't know what's... - You're just in the trailer by itself.

Okay, let's get out.

How did the truck get over there?

We should try to do this sideways in front of the tunnel, Bacon, if you get what I mean.

Oh, you're right.

Let's try this sideways. No hway.

I'll warn you for a train if it's coming, alright? There's a train coming.

Right there. - Great.

You landed on top of the train.

You're on top of the... What the ***? - That's exactly what I wanted to happen.

You landed on top of the train and you were bounced four times in the air.

And then you blew up.

It's telling me my Command Center is still over here.

Can the train kill the Command Center? No. - Apparently not. That part seems invincible.

You know, this is not going to work.

There's a train coming.

Not good.

Let's just get in. - I'm stuck in here.

That's good. That'll be fine. - I will be here.

Three, two, one... - We will survive!

Your thing went transparent for me.

I'm gonna go and climb on this vehicle and get out my flare gun to warn the train.

Use that flare gun.

Warn the train to hit you hard. - I'll be like "Watch out..."

"there's a jackknifed semi on the tracks."

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Alright, let's do this.

Where's the...? I'm going to check ahead.

I'll be right back. Just checking for a train.

Alright, here's the train. It's quite far.

Well, it won't be forever.

Hey, Bacon. - What are you doing that for?

I found the train, guys.

Look at all those joggers. Let's scare them. - It's coming up.

Let's see what they are doing.

We're going to them right now. - Stupid jogger.

Yeah. Stupid, filthy hobbitses.

Hey, that's Gollum. That's a different thing. At least mention Gandalf.

He's super racist, Gollum. He's like: "Filthy, lazy hobbits."


Oh ***, there's the train. I gotta watch this.

*** I'm not getting to watch it. - Can fireworks stop the train?

I will have to watch from a distance. - I don't think fireworks can stop it, guys.

What's gonna happen there?

Where is it? Has it even landed yet?

That's so far away. - It just started landing.

Even though it was from a distance, that was great. - Mate, look where mine...

My truck is fine. - Oh dang, you got thrown good.

Ouch is flying around like a witch.

Look at my ninja landing right next to you. I'll get in.

It was the best landing ever.

Alright, is this thing moving now? Yeah.

I'm on the road again. - No!

All it took was getting the train on this. - That was a ***ing bike.

***, my bike was there.

He destroyed my bike, just like that. - I was trying to get on this track.

Alright, letยดs do this sideways thing.

See those crossroad poles? They are invincible.

If we park two trucks right in front of them, this stuff should get really nice.

I don't even know if I want to be on it or if I want to see this from a distance.

Here it comes. - Yeah?

Good noticed, yeah. Take that, train. Take that.

Uh oh, this is not good.

My frame froze there. - Bacon's trailer is just like...

Right on top of yours, yeah. I see that. - ...on the pole.

And my truck is fine. - How the *** did you...?

Mine looks like modern art.

How the *** did this...? Oh, it disappeared.

It despawned.

Who's this random guy robbing you? What the ***? No.

Leave my friend Filthy alone. There you go.

I accidentally hit that car and now he's mad.

You know what?

I'll get your car then. Bye car.

That guy pulled out a gun and was about to shoot you when I shot him.

Thank you.

Train. Let's get on it. - There it is. I'm just going to jump.

There we go. I landed in this thing.

There it is. - Hi, Ouch. I'm behind you.

Where are you? - I'm right behind you.

How did you get here?

Alright, the two of us are going here on the train...

and we will kill that son of a... We're coming, Filthy.

We're coming for you, Filthy... - Where is it? Oh, there it is. a train. - There's two of them.

That's Bacon Creepy, btw.

Be sure to leave a like on their videos. - Yes. Only my videos.

Alright, we're nearly there.

I think we are gonna win, Bacon.

I hope you can see my pink coming.

Will that scrape me off? I hope not.

Okay, no. We're cool. - I'm gonna scare you. Look at that.

I'm confident I'm gonna stop you.

Not this time. - We're gonna win.

Oh shit. This is gonna go crazy, I think. Oh, what? I teleported.

I just teleported. That was no jump.

Oh my god. Filthy!

My vehicle! - It landed on top of the train and it's coming with us.

Oh my god. That was like The Fugitive. - I didn't survive.

Your vehicle did. So...

What do you guys think? Is it possible to stop the train?

Let us know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed that video. The train obviously won and that thing obviously survived.

So, who won? It's a tie, right? - The fans won.

Let me know in the comments who you think won and we will see you next time.


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