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Gonna build a jet canoe, you need two things:

A jet

And a canoe

I got both

Throttle 100%!

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Things get a little stressful at Hacksmith Industries sometimes

so I need a way to relax, unwind, I like to come out here outside in nature

Enjoy the peace, but you know what?

It's not fast enough, so let's fix that

let's put a jet engine on this thing

Alright I'm gonna build a jet canoe you need two things:

A jet

And a canoe

I got both let's get started

Okay so last year we did a one day build

of a jetpack and it was pretty awesome you should check that video out

but now we need the jet engines for the canoe so i'm gonna take it apart

Okay great I've got the jet engine but once not enough let's do two


Now, let's see where we can mount these

Okay so there's a few things that we

want to consider here

First: they need to be high enough out of the

canoe that the exhaust doesn't hit the back of

the canoe and melt it

because the exhaust is about 800 degrees celsius

Second: they need to be far enough forwards in

the canoe that any kind of spray from the wake

doesn't get into the inlet because that could hurt the jet engine

We also want to be able to steer

I want to be able to do some thrust vectoring

and steer the canoe

Somewhere around here

Okay so fortunately I think I can reuse this pillow block bearing

which makes my job pretty easy I just need to find a way to mount it to the canoe

My plan is to tie them together so they

move in unison

And I just need a single

handle with the throttle

Okay so there's a slot just on the other side of this lip and it'll be perfect

for mounting to

The next step is to design

a plate that sits on here and a clamp that fits into that slot

Alright designs all done, let's go make it

This is a cam lock

A quick and easy way to tighten something

It's the same mechanism used in bicycles for quick releases

Building a jet powered canoe is definitely not something they teach you

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Okay the next step is to join them so they move in unison

just like James' drift trike

Alright so the next step is to get a bar

to hold on to and steer

And I need to figure

out how long that is so, Dave? If you wouldn't mind

32 inches and we're gonna have the handle

on there, okay

I want this one

While I was working on mounting the jet engines Dave was working on the fuel

system and the electronics he got a 20 liter

tank and that'll last us maybe 10 minutes

That's hooked into this

pelican case housing all of the electronics

that goes to the handle with the controls

Let's do a test fire!

I need a safety crop top


- Okay they're both ready

Throttle 100%

- Starting!


Stage one


Oh boy!

That is an adventure

There are some...

...some difficulties

Steering is not really a thing

it gets a little scary

Ian actually left for a canoe trip and he forgot the jet engines

but that's okay because that means I have a chance to upgrade this jet canoe

before we do our next test

Because the canoe was very back heavy it

was going out of the water and if he went any faster he would

actually submerge the rear end and kill the jet engines which we don't

want to do so what we're planning on doing is adding some outriggers

basically we're going to take these rc plane

pontoons and spread them out maybe with a 2x4 or something

across the boat so basically you can't tip the canoe left to right

But in addition to that I'm actually going to design and 3d print


...what's it called?

A keel, it's called a keel!

Alright so I'm going to 3d print well I'm going to design and then 3d print

a set of keels for the canoe

Just to note I have no experience in designing anything for aerodynamics

or water dynamics so

who knows if this is gonna work?

Before I print the keels let's make sure it actually works and do some flow simulation

I think I should do it like this

Alright, yeah, that looks like flow is going around it so

Let's print it!

Alright let's add these to the boat so let's start by transferring the holes

onto the wood so we can drill it and attach these on

We're just going to

take this pencil fully made of lead

19th century problems require 19th century solutions

Was lead invented then?

How old is pencil?

Look at that


It's like a little weird boat

Alright we've got our two pontoons for the boat now we just have to mount them

to canoe, re-add the jet engines and take it

back to lake but first I think we need to show our Canadian pride


These don't work

they just need to come off

- Just to note I have no experience in designing anything for aerodynamics

or water dynamics so, who knows this is gonna work?

- What engineering lesson can you take out of

these new additions?

Don't go on vacation

Alright that was freaking awesome I actually managed to hydroplane the canoe

has that been done before?

I don't know but we're going to try

again and i'm going to try to pull James

I think that was the most fun I've ever had in a canoe

- It looked like it I had a ton of fun just being towed in the kayak

I think this is the first of many water projects now that...

...we dipped our feet in the water so to speak

- Comment below what you want

to see and if you want to see me ride a

motorcycle with these you can because we already did that

check out that video

So this is my friend Alex, we just spent the last

five days canoeing together and we're gonna see what he thinks of this

-Is it jet powered? - Yup

Oh my god! Hahahaha

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