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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Republicans Bring Up Impeachment

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it by maxine not surprise that is republicans who are leading to call for

obtain about impeachment as it was a democrat

because republicans are pouring drinks

i mean there's an article in here which has about how john sununu is what his

pants up in new hampshire

some republicans say wrote there

and they already lost two congressmen in the last elections in new hampshire got

wiped clean their polls have shown that people in new hampshire leading

democrats like they

never leave before

there i got wiped out of a local %uh

state government

as soon as rifles

but says he's a republican can't help but clinton bush

than iraq war he's cool down by his leg

i remember how i banged on the was full of alonzo morning is like

assassins holding on abortion is like

please don't let me go

and so he can come and say though the right words that

amit cut off the funding or on the supported democrats call for a tide

tables are shot dead in the back

when asked about our discipline

recess the tactics

you'd repute

individual consumers a street performer

he's a lot of trouble gordon smith in organs of a lot of trouble all of these

guys are a lot of trial

as the country's it gets a small so why these guys bring it up

because i'm pushes gonna bring down the party man

how much people hate bush

and how much

damage that's done of the republican party

grossly underestimated this man has been in the low thirties for saloon


it happens every player that ever present but

half the president's at some point due to a really little reading like forty

one percent or thirty five percent

this guy's got thirty two percent

for for abhar

nobody's they say they get the makeup backup

they dip once out of eight years of four years they're in office

this guy's going down there for a year now

he's not coming back up he's full of any kagan op and what he's doing now is

tremendous damage to publicly

i think the nation is on friday show on a mission to get to such a

study number

in two thousand two when the pew research %uh survey group

out put together a personal day

and asked people

new unit itself or do you lean towards

republicans or democrats who was even

forty three percent forty three percent

let me ask again now in two thousand seven

fifty percent democrat

thirty five percent republican

fifteen point lead

that's the largest the any party is ever had

when they've been asking that question

skiing percent that's jayden

the republicans are getting old

now it's like the democrats who think that

its top republicans who think that that's what he calls from peter let me

read a quote from other republicans steven greenberg she's a conservative

academic at u_c_l_a_ here

he says mister bush is decision to go to war has closed

this the way the conservative movement

by pursuing the war of choice your policies de boer other criminal


william docked with the godfather of the conservative movement says mr if mister

bush were the leader of a parliamentary system

he would be expected that he would retire or resign

richard viguerie this is a guy who runs alba marketing campaigns for the

republicans in the conserves

he's the director neil

rude genius

the guy who started the conservative movement

back in the nineteen sixties started building a grassroots

he says quote

i've never seen conservatives

so downright fed-up as they are today

and %uh had one more for you

and it is bruce babbitt and he used to work for our president reagan and he is

a conservative alice and arthur

and he wrote the book

imposter how george w_ bush bankrupted america and betrayed the reagan legacy

he says there are cycles in history

or one party or one movement that sense for a while

amended sows the seeds of its own self destruction

it is clear we have come to attend

of the republican conservative euro

it's over man

the party is over now vast leading conservative activist hardcore at

activist they did a poll done and they ask

what do you consider yourself

and ask why do you consider yourself a boy george bush republican

you know how many of them answered yes

three percent

three percent

even the republicans can stay in the sky

i think the my judgment republic alto know that way


avocado republican

whether george which republicans he sank in the party if the republicans don't

impeach him

they're going to go down with the ship

and you know how politicians are democrat or republican you know i they

are the number one thing they care about is their own reread

and they're gonna realize if they don't realize it now they'll realize a real


mentees either him or us disguise gotta go

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