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The truth is your skin won't be sensitive to the sunlight after using Retinol

Or "Should I apply more products so that it's effective?"

Actually, that is the mentality of the rich

They have a lot of money

So they can buy a bunch of Retinol products at the same time

and they think that is right

Hi guys, welcome to my YouTube channel!

I have just bought a swimsuit

Honestly, it's perfect

Too bad I can't go swimming

After a year of launching my Retinol product

I mostly don't say anything about Retinol at all

There are 2 reasons

Firstly, I want to see the attitude of the market toward Retinol

Secondly, I don't use strong Retinol anymore

Simply because I have found a new insight during my skincare process

Today, I will share with you 6 mistakes

These are also 6 signs to know that you're using Retinol wrong

I'm an influencer in the beauty segment

Besides producing Retinol products

I also have chances to work with brands that have Retinol products

like Paula's Choice, Obagi, Dermalogica, Neostrata

and most recently, Skin Ceutical and Image

I notice one common thing is that each brand has different instructions

It's not that you apply the same using method

for every Retinol product available on the market

But I see that these 6 signs are the 6 biggest mistakes

that I can see through the ways other people make their content

as well as through your questions

The 1st sign is that people who are using Retinol think that

Retinol only works if using at a high concentration

However, the higher Retinol's concentration

the stronger the anti-aging benefits it will be

However, it comes with a risk of having irritation

If you think that using Retinol 1%, 2%, or even up to 5% in a peeling form

and you don't see any problems with your skin, then congrats

Your subcutaneous tissue are having redness

You know that Retinoid's generations, in general, like

Adapalene, Retinoin, Retinol

AKA, Vitamin A in general

When using on the skin, after a while, your subcutaneous tissues will become red

You can't see the redness on the skin's surface

If you have been following me, you will definitely know that

there was a time when my skin was red

Actually, there are some people who use Retinol

and their skin is red somewhere else

What I mean here is that when you have a skin scan

you can see your skin underneath are red

You can only see that through the PCR machine, not through your eyes

So, it doesn't always work if you use Retinol at a high concentration

But sometimes, it still provides a long-term anti-aging result

when you use the right generation at a low concentration

One example is that you can see foreign aunties and uncles

who are also bloggers and they're in their 50s, 60s, or 70s

When they show you the Retinoid generation they're using

Then pay attention closely, most of them are gentle generations

Like, Retinyl palmitate, Retinaldehyde, or Gran Active Retinol

or pure Retinol but at a concentration of 0.3% or 0.5% only

No one uses 1%, 2%, or use Tretinoin, or Retin A at 0.05% or 0.1%

They use those concentrations only for specialized treatments

So please remember you choose Retinol products based on your skin's needs

For those who want to treat acne, thickened keratinization, or clogged pores

You can use Retinol 1% or Tretinoin

For those whose skin produces a bit more oil

and you need anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products, just use products like

Granactive Retinoid, or my Call Me Retinol

or encapsulated Retinol 0.3%, 0.5%

or Retinol 0.5%, 0.75%

General skincare demands on the market only use those concentrations

Not everyone's skin has problems

and not everyone who watches my content or follows me has skin problems

and they must use Pure Retinol 1-2%

or even use strong generation like Tretinoin

Not everyone needs to use it, get it?

Even for me, I had used Tretinoin but I stop using it and use Retinol instead

I only use Tretinoin to treat inflammatory pimples

I'm not that crazy going back to using Tretinoin

after recovering from the subcutaneous tissues getting red

So you should pay attention to the concentration when using Retinol

The second insight that I find very common when using Retinol

That is, people don't use it in the eye areas

They think it will be sensitive to that area

Most brands that have Retinol products will advise you not

to apply Retinol near the eye areas

But you know, in fact, in 2015, there is a research proves that

using Retinol 0.1% will improve wrinkles after 4 weeks

On the eye areas. That research was done on the eye areas

So you can totally use Retinol on the eye areas

Personally, I apply it all over my eye

Of course, I won't let it get in my eyes

You can apply the upper part and the lower part

Of course, you should put some distance from the eyelids

Don't apply too close to it or it will get in your eyes

and harm your eyes

However, it won't irritate or sensitize your eye areas

If it does, I think it will be at the outer corner of the eye

It's true that this part is...well, I think it depends

For example, I used Tretinoin 0.1% at the outer corner of my eye and I was burnt

So... but, yeah, that is what the research has said

I still see that since Retinol is a more gentle generation

It can still be applied to the eye areas normally

It can even bring you an anti-aging result within a month

So there is no reason for you not to apply Retinol to your eye areas

The 3rd sign is that people who use Retinol in the morning say that

your skin is sensitive to the sunlight

And the truth is, your skin won't become sensitive to the sunlight

when you use Retinol in the morning

I've heard many people say that

Skin that uses strong treatment is definitely more sensitive

So it's obvious that it will become sensitive to the sun

No, you guys! In fact, there is a study that proves that

It's true that using Retinoid under the light...

Especially, generation 1 like Tretinoin or Retinol

They are less stable

which means, they are less effective on the skin when being applied in the morning

However, that doesn't mean that when being applied to the skin

it will make your skin sensitive to the sun

There is a study where they measure

the UV rays when interacting with skin that has Retinol

They don't affect the skin or anything, get it?

It's true that using Retinol in the morning make it less effective on the skin

It won't nourish your skin

However, that doesn't mean it will make your skin more vulnerable to the sun

Or more sensitive to the sunlight

The sensitization here, I think, is partly because of

the peeling process when using Retinol

If you don't see any results or phenomena when using Retinol

Actually, there are still results but they're reduced

So people often use it at night

In general, my conclusion is that it's still fine if you use Retinol in the morning

But remember to use sunscreen when going out

You should still use sunscreen if the place you stay has too much sunlight

But if you stay in a closed office, you can consider using Retinol

Basically, it depends on your preferences

As long as you feel the most convenient

and your skin is still protected

The 4th sign that shows that you're using Retinol wrong is that

you always think that if you don't see any peeling, flakiness

itching, redness, or irritation when using Retinol

It's mean it's ineffective

This is a wrong notion, alright, guys

Actually, studies on Tretinoin, which is a generation used as a topical drug

There are a group of subjects who have irritation and a group that is not

Regarding the process to achieve results when using Retinol

Sometimes, it will not cause any reaction or irritation at all

Some people don't see any reactions at all

But after 2-4 months, when they have their skin scanned

they will see special results

Unless you have very thick keratinization problems

You will see results when using Retinol

It has a change in the skin's structure

or appear conditions like breakout, or inflammatory pimples dry faster

Then it is true that there will be such phenomena

But if you have less acne, normal or healthy

Your skin doesn't have many problems. Maybe sometimes, it's too oily or too dry

Then most of the time when you use Retinol

Sometimes, you won't see any reactions

But that doesn't mean it doesn't work on the skin

It's still there, the anti-aging process is still happening every day

It's like a moisturizer

So many people, from having this mentality, you see that you use it for a while

and see that your skin has not changed

That's because you can't see with your eyes, you don't have a skin scan

You must have a skin scan

So that you can see your skin from time to time

with measurable indicators

You will never see anything with your eyes

There are people, like Ty Le, who get a few acnes for months

But they have a skin scan, their skin is still healthier than the previous month

It's because they do skincare right

So having a skin scan is the only way for you

to know if your current routine is suitable for your skin or not

You don't just look at the results on your skin's surface only

So some of you use Retinol for a while

but doesn't see any phenomena whatsoever

Then, they decide to increase the concentration

or switch to using Tretinoin to show off!

But that's not cool, alright!

Your skin will be becoming red

The cost of treating redness will be 4-5 times more than the cost of treating acne

The process of treating redness will take a long time

Since it's related to the blood vessel under your skin

You will spend your money on laser treatments and moisturizers

Not to mention that, your skin isn't pretty

after washing your face or removing makeup

Your skin is very smooth but it will always red

It's because the nature of Retinoid's generation in general in the market

I see that they can all cause redness

But rest assured, if you have stopped using Retinoid for a while

Your subcutaneous tissues will become less red

The redness will reduce completely if you stop using it

But you shouldn't always stop using it

Actually, I myself have always wondered when should you stop using it

Recently, I watched a scientific conference program on acne

at HCM City on May 30th

and I saw the presentation of Dr. Nguyen Anh Tu

She said something about stop using Retinoic after using it for a while

This is just for the Tretinoin generation

But I think that you can consider it for the Retinol generation in cosmetics

In this sharing, she said that, like, after treating for a while

and your skin's condition is light

When the acne is mostly gone

You should maintain using Retinol for 12 weeks only

After that, you can use a lower concentration

But if your acne is too severe that you have to use Isotretinoin

I heard the doctor said that you might have to maintain using topical Retinol for 1-2 years

This depends on your skin's problems

If you guys use drug generations

like Tretinoin, you must consult a doctor

Different people choose different generations or concentrations

Because the ultimate purpose of Retinol is to fight aging

not just for treatment purposes only

For the treatment purpose, the problems will be gone after a while

Anti-aging is something that must be maintained for a long time

The 5th sign that I see many people using Retinol | get it wrong a lot, including me

That is, when using Retinol, you want to apply more so that it's more effective

Actually, that is the mentality of the rich

They have a lot of money

So they can buy a bunch of Retinol products at the same time

and they think that is right

But actually, when you use Retinol in a peeling form

Meaning, generations like Obagi's, Fusion's, or Skin Ceutical's

Basically, alcohol-based ones

When you use those generations at a concentration that exceeds the allowed limit

Meaning, you use more than 30ml on your face

Usually, you only need to use 2-3ml for your neck and your whole face

If you exceed that limit, it will cause irritations

There are studies that show that using too much Retinol will cause irritations

So remember, using 2ml Retinol is good enough

If you think using many Retinol products will make it work more effectively

No, that's wrong. It only causes irritations

Using enough is still the best

That's the message I've been saying since the beginning of the video, guys!

The 6th and final sign that people who are using retinol wrong

That is, using a moisturizer before or after using Retinol

It doesn't make sense, right?

Because I myself have shared with you guys how to use Retinol to minimize irritation

That is, moisturizing with B3 before or after using Retinol

Then, Retinol won't cause irritation

But in reality, that way should only be applied

in the first 1-2 weeks of learning and using Retinol

Then, you should apply Retinol raw to achieve the optimal result

Because Retinol will be blocked if there is a thick moisturizing layer being applied before

or after that, there is a moisturizing layer that dissolves the texture of Retinol

When you use Retinol, really, at night, after washing your face, or removing your makeup

You can use a moisturizer if you like

But wait for your face to dry before using Retinol, and you're done

You don't need to apply before or after whatsoever

Actually, in the market, I still see people layering products

That also depends on the product's formula

It's not that if you use Retinol, you shouldn't layer it with a moisturizer or a serum

In fact, I see that there are still research on the effectiveness of

the combination between AHA and Retinol, or BHA and Retinol

during the skincare process

or during the acne treatment process

However, I see that there are people who are worried

Because they keep thinking that they must use something before or after using Retinol

Because of that thinking, during the process of using Retinol

They don't apply Retinol raw at all

They just use it as a moisturizer

It's not effective and is a waste of money

Plus, you won't be able to feel the effectiveness of that Retinol product on your skin

So I think layering Retinol is very suitable for skincare beginners

For those who have been doing skincare for a long time, like me

On days that you decide to use Retinol at night

I go straight to bed after applying Retinol

If I have to layer products, I can use a chemical exfoliator first

Wait for my skin to dry a bit, then apply Retinol

Most of the time, I don't use moisturizing oil/creams while using Retinol

That is when my skin doesn't need any treatments

or when my skin doesn/t have any irritation. I just want to fight aging

and I want Retinol to work best on my skin

Then, applying it raw is the best way to make it most effective

I will put all information about scientific studies below for those who want to learn more

or about active ingredients like Retinoic, in general

Basically, this Retinol episode is probably

the 10th or 17th episode in this Retinol series of mine

Basically, there are many episodes already!

OK! So this is the end of my video, guys!

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