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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 犯罪組織派人到邊境和越獄囚犯接頭,不料中國特警早就埋伏好了,一回合直接全殲!

Difficulty: 0


How's going there?

Bad guys' goal is the zone of major criminals.


we've got Andongni out of there.

Now, we're leaving the prison.


Let me know ASAP if you get something.

Good luck.

Be careful.

Stop, drop your guns.

Let us go now.

Sir, Namin, leave me alone.


Don't move, let them go.

Go now.

Hi, boss.

I'm on my way to support Andongni.

Got it, relax.


Sir, something is wrong.

Bad guys took Shiyu away.

You'd save her live whatever it takes.

It's not ok, we can't go as far as we can.

Don't take a well-trodden path.

You can't escape.

Come on, surrender.

Now, the best way is to burst into downtown.

A good saying in China,

do a thing for fear of involving good people.

You'd remember,

we came to get you guys alive,

They shouldn't be miles away.

All attention,

carry out a carpet searching.



Connect with Likovic now.

To send the message to the police station ASAP.

And connect with the air force,

we'd find Shiyu.

In my 3, 1200 meters away, keep watching.


Yep, we're now going after those bad guys.

Yep, they're so cunning.

It seems they won't plan to go back to their base.

Right, roger that.

All attention,

drive them away to the Chinese border.

People are waiting for them there.

Keep hidden.

Give it to me.

We'll be safe if go across the border.


we've taken legions of guys

to have a carpet search for stations, blocks, ports,

as well as airports.

Sadly, nothing we got.

So, we're so sorry to you guys.

We'll pay tribute to Ms Shi's contributions.


I'll reach to you if I get something else.


Gosh, something is very wrong with her.


She's an excellent crew.

I do believe she'll come back safely.

Bad guys took her away.

To those unscrupulous and vicious guys,

we'd wrestle to get them alive.

Sir, they're bad guys' files.


Is that weird?


Look, Hake and Andongni are not from Heiri Gang.


And no relations among them.

But why did Yiwan betray his country

for those men?

Andongni is a hacker.


Last year,

he crashed CIA's system.

He'll be extradited to the U.S. 10 days later.

Sir, it's Lijianfeng.

I have some talks with you.

You mean,

their goal is not Andongni.

And his background is

a hacker.

No relations with Heiri Gang.

Yep, right.

It seems this operation,

other forces got into it, except for Heiri Gang.

Jainfeng, your job is,

first, to get Shiyu out of there,

second, to get Andongni alive.

Because he's the key for us

to make other forces clear.

Relax, sir.

I promise I will.

Good luck.

Report, sir.

Enemies are heading to our border.

Calling Xuelang Team,


Our team is place now.

Now, Pitesen's fellows are heading to our border.

I order you guys,

to wipe them out on our border.


what's the location

of guys to vanish Heiri Gang's base?

They're in place now.

That place is complex.

They're getting closer quickly.

We promise we will make it.

Good luck.

Mobile 1, please respond.

Roger that.


5km away from their base.

Boss, why did we stop?

The boundary river is ahead of us.

There may be some traps.

You guys go to have a look.

Sir, I got something.

I got visuals of two bad guys.

Keep hidden.

Guys, stay alert.

Don't turn up.

We'd attract them here.

Report sir.

We're all in position, and stand by.

Roger that.

Mobile 1, go with me.

Others, stay on the spot.

Boss, it's quiet.

I felt something is wrong.

Shall we not go there?

Keep hidden.

No wiggle room.

The only way we can go is to move forward.

Guys, forward now.

Hurry up.

Stand by.


Stop shooting.

Mobile 1 and 2, search, and others, stay alert.

The Description of 犯罪組織派人到邊境和越獄囚犯接頭,不料中國特警早就埋伏好了,一回合直接全殲!