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Hi everyone. I'm Jennifer. Let's talk about birthdays.

What question do we ask when we want to know someone's birthday?

Put the words in the correct order.

When is your birthday? When's your birthday?

Ladies, how's it going today? Good? Good. Yeah? I have a question.

I don't know when your birthdays are.

When's your birthday? 29th....October. Uh-huh.

You could say "the 29th of October" or "October 29th."

Twenty-ninth. Twenty-ninth? Mm-hmm. October 29th.

Do you know Andreia's?

May...but I don't remember. So you ask. What's the question?

What's the...? When's your...? When your birthday?

When's your birthday.

My birthday is May 13th. Thirteenth? Thirteenth. Oh goodness. So wait.

All right. So the question is "When is...? When is = when's

So we write "when is." You hear "when's."

One more time. When's your birthday? My birthday is May 13th. Thirteenth.

Say "thirteen"..."thirteenth."

Yeah! Oh. Thirteenth. Yeah. Can you ask me? When is your birthday?

My birthday is March 9th. March 9th.

Okay, so we have March 9th, October 29th, and May 13th. May 13th? Close! Yeah. Okay.

Whose birthday is first? March 9th. Say "yours...your birthday."

March 9th. Ninth? Ninth. So "nine...ninth." Ninth. Uh-huh.

Say, "Your birthday is first." "Whose birthday is first?" "Yours."

Okay. Whose birthday is second? Andreia's. Andreia's birthday. And yours is last. Right? Uh-huh.

Um, whose birthday is in the spring?

Spring? Yeah. So we have...winter spring, summer, and fall.

Whose birthday is in the spring? Andreia's birthday. Yeah. Actually, I think... Yours. Yeah. March, April, May -- those are our spring months.

So "your birthday and Andreia's birthday."

Our birthdays are in the spring. When is her birthday?

In the summer?

No. In Brazil, summer.

But here in the U.S.?

In winter? In the winter. It's in the winter. I think it's fall. Well, October...true!

But in Boston it's cold. But you're right. I'd say it's in the fall. Fall. Yeah. October's the fall.

Sometimes we have snow.

Yeah. Let's say it's in the fall.

Yeah. My husband's birthday is in the winter. It's in December.

Yeah. When is your husband's birthday? March 6th. Sixteenth? No, sixth.

Sixth. Uh-huh. So who's birthday is first in the year? His or yours?

His. Yeah. So he's also a spring baby. Yeah.

When's your husband's birthday? February 20. Twentieth. Twentieth.

Twenty...twentieth. Mm-hmm. Twentieth.

February, so winter. Winter as well. So our husbands' birthdays are in the winter.

Winter. Yeah. Good Okay. So when you say birthdays, you can say your birthday

is in the spring, your birthday's in birthday is in March. My birthday's in the spring.

My birthday is on March 9th. Right? So when we talk about birthdays,

we can talk about in and on. Right? My birthday is in March. My birthday is in the spring.

My birthday is on March 9th.

Right? When's your birthday? Tell me three things.

What season, what a month, what date?

My birthday is in fall.

In the fall. In the fall. My birthday is in October. My birthday is on October 29th.

What's the question again? When is your birthday?

My birthday is in May. My birthday is in spring. In the spring. In the spring.

And what date? Give me the date. My birthday is...on thirteenth.

You can say "thirteenth of May" or "May thirteenth." May 13th. Thirteen...thirteenth.

There you go! Okay.

Do you remember our birthdays? When are our birthdays?

Your birthday is on the! In the spring.

It's in March.

It's on ninth...March. Ninth of March. Say it's March 9th.

It's on March 9th. Very good. Do you remember Flavia's birthday?

When is Flavia's birthday?

What month?


It's in October. In October.

Do you remember the date? The date?

Then say, "I forget."

So you have to ask her. What's the question?

When your birthday? When is your birthday? Or "when's."

Birthday. When's your birthday?

It's's on 29th October.

Twenty-ninth of October or ...t's simpler: October 29th. October 29th.

Do you remember Andreia's birthday?

Yes. It's on May 13th.

Yeah. Okay. And I remember your husband's birthday... I forget your birthday!

She's your friend! Yes! I remember your birthday.

You know her birthday is soon. So you need to get a... you need to get something.

Okay. Um, your husband's birthday is in February. Right? And your husband has a spring birthday?

Mm -hmm. I think your husband's birthday is in March. Yeah. Okay. I remember.

Do you remember when my husband's birthday is? December? Yeah. It's in December. Yeah. Good.

Now we'll have to put our birthdays on the calendar, so we can remember. Yeah.

Remember how we use IN and ON.

Birthdays can be in the spring, in the summer,

in the fall, in the winter. We use IN for seasons and months. My birthday

is in the spring. My birthday is in March.

We use ON for dates. Andreia's birthday is on May 13th. Flavia's birthday is on October 29th.

When's your birthday? Remember to use ordinal numbers for dates.

May 1st, May 2nd, May 3rd. Do you remember ordinal numbers?

Let's quickly review them. Repeat after me. We'll go from 1 to 31.

Practice saying birthdays aloud.

Do you remember your parents' birthdays? Do you remember your friends' birthdays?

That's all for now. Thanks for watching and happy studies!

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