Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Alphonso Davies extends his contract at FC Bayern until 2025

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FC Bayern's always been good to me.

From day one when I came in, I knew they were a top team.

And being able to extend my contract here and secure my future -

it's a dream come true.

He has really developed very well, that has to be said clearly.

Hes now become a first-team regular for FC Bayern and we want to acknowledge this

by showing our appreciation for him with this new contract.

And I'm happy hell now remain with FC Bayern long-term, for another five years.

This is a player who will give us a lot of joy in the future.

As well as the way he is on the pitch,

he's also a really likeable, pleasant and nice guy off the pitch.

I'm very happy that FC Bayern and Alphonso Davies have agreed on a five-year contract.

With his speed, his strong playing style,

the way he is and how he plays, Alphonso fits in very well with our team.

Also in human terms he's a great asset for us.

I think hes developed very, very well in the last few months.

But Alphonso still has a lot of potential. If he continues to work as hard on himself,

if he plays as well as he has done so far, then I'm sure hell have a great future with FC Bayern.

Due to his tremendous speed he is of course extremely important on the wing,

because it's precisely in that position that you have to run up and down the touchline at top speed nowadays.

And where do you still find space these days?

Exactly, also on the wings, and that's where he is.

He's developed his footballing skills to such an extent

that he can also play this typical FC Bayern style of football

which is also strongly characterized by link-up play.

I think he already has an incredible amount to offer

and I think well have a lot of fun with him.

I think the main goal is to win as many trophies as possible.

We want to keep the winning mentality here at this club and give our all every game we play.

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