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Hello, and welcome to this set up tutorial for the game Hadrians Wall.

If youd also like to know how to play this game, I have a separate video for that.

First, lets get it ready to go. Ill be setting it up for

three or more people. If you are with less, check the rule book later for what you have to add.

Start by giving each player two of these boards. Put them together to make

one long board, going from 1 to 6. Place this in front of you, but not too close. Because youll

need that space for these two sheets. Each player gets one of these, and one of these.

The one with the wall on the left,

and the one with the people on it on the right. Place them in front of you, under your own board.

Also give each player a pen, because you need it to check off the boxes on your sheets.

Now you can pick a colour. You only need it for your own deck of cards, this is the only item that

comes in a player colour. Ill go for yellow, so I get all 12 of the yellow player cards.

Other players can choose which colour to take, and the rest goes back in the

box. Give your own deck a good shuffle, and place it faced down on your left.

You have another deck of cards, it looks like this. This is the main deck, the

Fate Cards. Give it a good shuffle, and place it faced down in the middle of the table. And already

the last this. All the people and resources. Theres no need to separate them,

just make a big supply in the middle where all the players can reach it easily.

Its done. You are ready for the first round. Year 1. If you want to know how that goes,

follow me to the tutorial. Thank you for watching this set up.

Feel free to leave a comment, and see you for the next one.

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