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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Orange Mittai

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'We thank all who are serving in 24x7 life saving Free 108 Ambulance Service of Tamil Nadu Govt'

'Orange Toffee'

Make way Make way

How are you?

I am good

A drunken driving case I gave first aid

One moment

Here's the patient's bag

What did the nurse say?

How is the guy?

Everything in the bag is safe

We are buddies

Give me the money

You always suspect me

I have mended my ways Don't embarrass me in public

Here it is

It's getting late

Go on, check me, check me

That's my money

I will bite you

It's my money

Whose money?

My money

This is your money eh?

Listen to me, buddy

We saved his life

What if someone had gone to the accident spot...

...would we have known that?

Taking a small amount from his bag is not wrong at all

A outsider knows about me

You are my only friend why don't you understand?

Just give me 100 bucks for a drink

You don't know how to live

Take all these reports

The lab is to your left

I have victim's wallet, gold chain and ring

I've informed his family

Give this to them Bye

Okay, Sathya

Don't feel bad

Come on

Sathya, have you started?


I will be there in half an hour

How's your ballon-faced Dad?

Don't you have any respect for my dad?

Fathers-in-law should respect sons-in-law

He has great attitude He was smoking cigarette yesterday

Ask him to respect me a bit

Okay sir, you come with the same attitude and maintain your attitude

Don't worry, when he sees me He will be flabbergasted

Okay enough Come quickly


Did you inform your mother?

First, let me see if her dad likes me

Then I will inform my mom

You could have respected him when he was alive

What do you want?

I need some money for dinner

You are earning more than me

What do you do with your salary?

My phone bills are too high

If you keep paying your girlfriends' phone bills, this is what will happen

That's not true

I don't have cash

From today onwards I will change Believe me

You have been saying this for years

Go and get drunk

Take this

You will flourish

Thank you

All the best

You are so kind

Convey my regards to your girl friend

You owe my 6000 rupees, till now


- Where are you going? - Sathya has come

First our Dad should talk to him

Till then, hold your horses

Come in

Please be seated

Dad will come now

What would you like to have?

He likes coffee

Yes, I will have coffee


Hello, sir

Hello! Take your seat

Lord Muruga!

Ok, tell me

My daughter has told me a lot about you

How long have you known each other?

Five years

What do you do?

I am working as an EMT

I am a paramedic in an ambulance

What is your caste?

Dont worry I was pulling your leg

I like you

Move away

I will make the coffee

He looks handsome today, eh?

He is handsome

You can be proud to do such a noble job of saving lives

But how much do you earn?

How will you manage after marriage?

After marriage your expenses will increase kids, schooling etc, etc

I have a suggestion

I have various business

Petty shop, Xerox, Stationary and Bakery

You can take care of one business

Hey what are you doing?

He is my husband, so it's okay if I taste it

I will go and give it to him

No, I will do it

Don't worry about the business

I will take care of everything, you take care of the cash counter

I want both of you to be happy

Give him coffee

Take it

As a father I'm very happy

Please have the coffee

I need a day's time to decide

Who can say no to this offer? Take your time

Dad, ask him to have lunch and go

Have lunch and go

It's okay Next time, I will have it

I know, you don't like to have food till you finalize the wedding

Not like that I will come on some other day


Who do you think you are?

You think you are a Collector?

What's there to decide?

They should be worried about this marriage

You are destined to toil with medicine and blood

'You had dinner, dear?'


'This is your future wife speaking'

Go on

'What are you doing? Have you had dinner?'

You sound so formal

My sister told me that

I should address my husband with respect

'Sir, how are you?'

'How do you do, sir?'

What do you want to tell me?

I never thought my father would say 'yes' to our marriage so easily

But why did you ask for more time?

That's some attitude you have

Wait till I get my hands on you

I have a headache Shall we talk later?

You didn't feel like calling me back, eh?

Keep thinking think properly

It's been 5 years now Maybe you're bored with me

Just tell me it's over between us


"Journeys continue"

"The roads grow ever longer"

"I'm a bird who forgot the route I used to travel"

"I am the curve in which two poles meet"

"When I travel through the desert, the oasis makes me glad"

"Nothing lasts forever"

"This will also pass away"

(Chanting for the departed soul)

Father's name?


Grandparents' name?


(whispering on phone)

I don't want any

What is it, sir?

Where are you Sathya?

I'm at the pickup point




It's urgent

We're going to Agasthiarpatti


It's really urgent Patient's had a heart attack

I have to meet my girlfriend I can't come

'Have you decided about us?'

Can you tell us the way to Agasthiarpatti?

Where exactly do you want to go?

North Street

Is Kailasam having chest pains?


The ambulance can't get through

The road's really bad You have to walk

Its near the temple, the second house facing south


How far is it from here?

Not far, it's nearby


Any place to eat along the way?

What's going on?

I can't walk

What's wrong?

What do you mean?

We're supposed to be equals

Why can't you carry it?

Tell them the vehicle has a flat tyre Get another vehicle

Or send another driver to carry this

Does this seem nearby to you?

Kailasam, Kailasam

Go and pick up the patient yourself

I'm not coming

Where is Kailasam's house?

This is his house

What do you want?

We got a call saying he's having chest pains

We came to take him to hospital

He lives alone Go inside

Kailasam, sir

We're from the emergency service

I say he's dead Let's take this and scram?

Shut up

Kailasam, sir Where are you?

Can you hear me?

He seems to be a big shot!

Sir, are you all right?

Where's your blood pressure monitor?

Where is the blood pressure monitor?

Sorry, sir

What's your name?




Your name?


Ambulance pilot

You're just the driver?

Why are you wearing a doctor's coat?

Put the BP sleeve on properly

Sorry, sir

How long have you been in this job?

7 years

How many people have you killed?

My records are in a bag in the other room Bring it to me

What's my BP?

160 by 90

Give him the records

Bring my Red shirt from that room

I'm not your servant

I'm a patient Please help me

Sir, have you ever had a heart attack before?

Yes, 27 times

Sir, can you please be quick?

I'm the patient, not you, right?

Sir, we're already late

I told you to bring one shirt

You keep asking for stuff

Put it all back

Go on

Come on, sir, let's go

You're taking me on the stretcher, aren't you?

It's a long way to the vehicle

It would be better if you walked

If I were dead, what would you do?

But you're not dead

What did you say?

You look fine

That's all

I can't walk

You expect a heart attack patient to walk?

Okay, sir

Put it down

Put it down

Lie down

Lie down Go on

I can't lie down

If I lie down, I'll start wheezing

Now what?

"Life is like tidal waves"

"We float on it"

"We sway to and fro our whole life"

"Life is like tidal waves"

"We float on it"

"We sway to and fro our whole life"


I heard you saw a movie yesterday

'Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya'

It had my favourite actress in it

So you liked the movie?

Heroine is awesome

When you return We can see it together

See you

Take care

Enough Stop

Come on, let's go

How long will it take to get to the hospital?

We'll try to go as fast as possible

Are you all right?

Are you short of breath?

If you feel uncomfortable, tell me

Sir, please don't touch that It's not a toy

Don't put your foot there That's for patients

I'm a patient too

'My father treated you with respect'

'I don't know what else to do?'

Kavya, have you eaten?

I'm not Hungry

If I met with an accident, what would you do?

What could I do? I would take you to the hospital

You wouldn't cry?

What's your problem?

Leave it Just answer this

What if my Dad forced me to marry another person?

If you invite me, I will come to your marriage

If not, I won't come

Who do you think you are?

Don't shout

Do you want to ditch me?

No one can separate us I won't leave you


Are you pulling my leg?

Eat it

Come on everyone, out here

Stop, stop

Don't just stand there Bring the patient

Have you lost your minds?

Why did you stop our ambulance?

There's a sick man here Take him with you

If it's serious, call another ambulance

Don't stop this vehicle

Why can't you take him? It's your job

We have another patient with us

That's not my problem But you have to take this patient

The patient in the ambulance is seriously ill Please try to understand

Listen to me, we can't take 2 patients at a time in the ambulance

You can't leave here without taking him

Why can't you understand?

If you don't take him, we won't let you leave this place

Ok, go and check the patient condition

This is my area I make the decisions here

Any relative of the patient here?

He's my son-in-law I'll follow behind you

Go on

Make way

Give way to the ambulance

Everybody get back to your business

How is he?

Hey, I'm talking to you

He's a piss tank, a drunk like you

His pulse is normal

He hasn't consumed poison

He's as drunk as a skunk, not to worry

We'll drop him nearby

(curses under breath)

Nothing to worry

We're going to the hospital

Calm down Relax

I'm gonna die I wanna die

I want to die I want to die

Be relaxed

I'm gonna kill myself

I keep on saying I wanna die

Aren't you guys even gonna bother to ask why?

Are you humans or monsters?


Why do you want to die?

You're the first real human I've ever met

You're not a human You're a God

Love failure, sir

I was madly in love for seven years

Whenever she called me, I was there

Any time of day or night

I was like an ATM

ATMs get stuck sometimes, but not me

I ignored my parents and their well-being

Just one look from her was enough for me

I'd lay the whole world at her feet

Don't you have any other job?

What other job should I have?

This is my only job

A girlfriend should be guarded twenty-four seven

Maintaining a love affair is hard work

Make one mistake, someone else will snatch her away

A guy came between us

An old curmudgeon, exactly like you

I don't know where her father came from

But he had long list of conditions

I had to have a good job, fancy car and big house

Love doesn't come with conditions

It comes from the bottom of your heart

Her father ruined everything

Fathers shouldn't be spared

They'll never change

There should be a law

There should be a law that says girls in love should not have fathers

Who would allow their daughter to marry a nutcase like you?

Sir, please be quiet

Doctor, I'll solve this problem

Do I look like a madman to you?

Yes, you're a crazy useless bum

You're calling me a bum? Eh?

Okay, I'm a bum

Ask your daughter why she fell in love with this bum?

My daughter's not as clever as you

But you're clever, aren't you?

After the wedding, You'll be so busy

Producing four or five snot-nosed brats

How do you plan to feed them?

You're trying to trick me with logic

You should've taught your daughter

My dearest darling sweetest daughter

You must only love a guy who has a good job, status and money

You should've taught her well

Or arranged a rich guy to marry

If you'd done that I wouldn't be in trouble now

No one tells their parents when they fall in love

Should people ask permission?

Lovers do everything on the sly

If I'd known this earlier, I'd never have allowed it

You call me a madman?

Yes, you are

Okay, I am mad I'm a crazy bum

Just watch what this madman is going to do

I could kill myself by jumping out of here

Go on, jump Who's stopping you?

Let go of me

I gonna die myself

He's alive Help me lift him

Hey, old man

You thought I wouldn't jump, eh?

Why can't you keep quiet?

I'm not gonna die when you tell me to die

Check his leg for a fracture

But I am gonna kill myself now

Even if you beg at my feet, I'm still gonna die

Hey oldie, I took the decision

I want to die

I'll die in front of your eyes

I'm gonna hang myself

Hold him

Let go of me

Go and get the first aid kit

I'm gonna die

Go and bring it

I'm gonna die

Find me a girl or let me die

Now he wants me to find a girl for him

I'll run you over with the ambulance and kill you myself

Where are we now?

The tour bus is stopping here for ten minutes

Are you making fun of me?

You're roaming around with a heart patient

Sure, they'll throw money at us with a circus freak show like you

My son is a journalist

When he finds out how you're treating me, you're finished

That drunk was a small fry

So we took him to a small hospital

But you're a big shot

So we're taking you to a big hospital

Till then, please excuse us

Damn his looks!

What's wrong, Arumugam? Are you angry?


What's your problem?

You're crossing the limit

No, you're crossing the limit

Please go and sit inside, sir

He is a old man

Is this any way to talk to a patient?

Where are you, Sathya?

I'm at a dispensary in Pudhur

Why did you take the heart patient to a dispensary?

Some villagers stopped the ambulance and forced us to take another patient

Is this a public bus line?

We didn't do anything

The villagers forced us It was a suicide attempt

Why didn't you inform the office? Idiot

If anything happens to the heart patient? Who has to answer for it?

The patient is fine, sir

Don't play doctor Do as I tell you

Take the heart patient to the hospital immediately

Learn to obey orders

Sorry, Sir

What happened?

The supervisor is mad at me

Ever since the old guy came on board, things have been going south

I'll take the shortcut which should save some time

What? A flat tyre?

Yes, sir

Where are you now?


What are you doing there?

Are you trying to cost me my job?

No, sir

To save time we took a short cut but

Idiot, there's an accident on the highway

Other ambulances have been sent there

Don't know what to do

How's the patient now?

His ECG is normal, is BPs 160/90

He's okay

There's no problem for the time being

Get the patient to the hospital quickly

Okay, sir

From now on, keep me informed on everything

Sure, sir

Sir, do you mind going over to that side?

Why? Am I in your way?

Do your job

Stand back and let me work

If I move away, you'll fix that in no time, eh?

Why are you always on my case?

Who's always on your case?

You make all the fuss

If you don't know the job, just say so

Who doesn't know the job?

You couldn't even tend a buffalo How did you get this job?

Sir, please calm down

Is this any way to talk to a patient?

Is he a patient? I know what a patient looks like?

Shut up and do your job

Are you the doctor?

Sir, calm down

Ask him to keep quiet

Sir, please

You finish the job

The spanner keeps slipping I can't work with that

It's your job to check it all before hand, isn't it?

I can't predict flat tyres

Call the office Have them send another ambulance

There was an accident on the highway

All the ambulances are there We can't do anything

I don't know what to do

How will we get there?

I'll go to the main road and look for a garage

Come back quickly

Sir, please wait inside the ambulance

Please, sir

'If you don't want to marry me, why did you come and talk to my father?'

'My family has been good to you'

'Why are you dragging your heels?'

Sathya, is there a problem?

You've been fiddling with your phone since this morning

This is a personal problem

I'll deal with it Don't worry

Can I help you in some way? Let me help

Mind your own business, sir

You mind your business by taking me to the hospital first

Just stay calm till the driver comes back, okay?

'If you get a message from my family, that I'm serious'

'Don't worry, continue with your duty'

'You ditched me Don't worry about me anymore'

(cell phone switched off)

Sir, what's happening?

Sir, are you alright?


Have you seen a tall man?


I am not your brother I am Arumugham

Why are you crying?


Just tell me


What is the problem?

My boy friend told me to wait here but till now he has not come

I am scared

Give me his phone number I'll call him

I tried it's switched off

Don't know what to do

How does he look like?

He looks like you

Come on, I'll drop you off and go

Don't worry, I'll take care of it

Come, I'll drop you at your home

No need

Mind your own business

It's a sin to leave such a beautiful girl in this lonely place

My conscience will ask me

Are you or are you not a man?

Check the vehicle

Ok, sir

Sir, there is an old man's dead body inside

Open it


What happened?

What happened?

What happened, Aaru?

Who did this to you?

What happened?

Four thugs attacked me, Stole my wallet and cell phone

Four guys?

Aren't you hurt?


Are you alright?

I am alright

Come on, let's go

I haven't repaired the vehicle yet How can we go?

Come on, we'll find a way The patient's condition is serious

Wear your slippers


You go

Hurry up

Sir, the inspector is talking to you

Where have you been?

What is the problem?

We have a flat tyre

We went to the main road to look for a garage

Is there a problem?

Couldn't you tell me the vehicle had a flat tyre?

Why should I tell you?

Do I work for you?

He's the driver Ask him

Just ignore him, sir

Do you have a spanner in your vehicle?

You drive an ambulance

Why don't you have the tools with you?

Give him the spanner

Sir, somebody stole my wallet and cell phone

How many people?

A girl

A girl?

What were you doing when she robbed you?

She was crying I was trying to help But she tricked me

You work for emergency services

How can you be so stupid?

If you sees girls nothing to remember

File a complaint at the police station Let's see

Ok, sir


We have a thief with stomach pain

You need to have a look at him

What have you eaten?

No, I haven't eaten anything I had a few drinks last night

For the time being, a painkiller will do

It may be normal stomach pain

Better take him to a nearby hospital

Sir, if you are going to the hospital, can you please take him too?

It'll take at least half an hour to repair the vehicle

Kailasam sir, can you go along with him to the hospital?

You want me to ride in the police vehicle?

How dare you say that?

No one in my family has ever been in a police vehicle

I called the ambulance, not the police

What if this guy kills me on the way?

What is he blabbering about?

My son is a journalist You know that?

So what?

Mind your tongue

What are you going to do?

Please calm dome

Hey, who does this guy think he's talking to?

I don't need your help You can go no w

Sorry, sir

Let's go Old fart's lost his marbles

Sir, I'll bring the tools to the police station

Don't bring that old man

Start the vehicle

Watch your step

How are you?


I didn't recognize you

I am Shreeja's mother

You saved my daughter when she met with an accident

Yes, now I remember How is your daughter?

She's fine

What are you here for?

I'm not well

I came for a check-up

Shall we get moving?


One moment

Please give me some candies


Come on Give them to me

Tell your daughter these are from me


What's the problem here?

He vomited once, during the trip

I gave him Emicet and Pan

His ECG, normal sinus rhythm

BP is 160/90

I think it's fine for his age

Okay, fine

It's not fine


Who's the doctor here?

I am

Then you do the diagnosis


I've checked your medical records

They're fine

Did you come alone?


Why is there no one with you?

My son is really busy

Too busy to accompany his father?

He's a Journalist

Can you please raise your hand?

Can you please raise your right hand?

Higher, raise it higher

Up, up, higher

Raise it higher

Okay, lower it

You're okay

Nothing to worry about

You are fine

Be brave

I suggest you have a CT scan

We're not equipped for that here

You have to go to the city hospital

You have to go to the city hospital

Be brave

I'm not deaf, Doctor

What happened?

Accident on the highway

Let me have a look at him

Any other casualties in the accident?

The others are fine

Give him first aid

Take him carefully

Please wait here I'll be back

Sathya, come

I've met this man before and seen his files

He has chronic kidney disease and diabetic

He's not taking the medicines properly

He should be admitted to hospital

Inform his family as soon as possible

His condition is serious Take care of him

Hey, buddy!

What's with your girlfriend?

She has a real attitude problem

Why? What happened?

You go and ask her

Where did you see her?

I saw her in the pharmacy

I'll be right back

So she avoided you completely, did she?

Yes, sir

Who is Kavya?

She's Sathya's girlfriend

What's your business with her?

Are you in love with her?

Watch what you're saying She's like a sister to me

I know you're in love with her

I can negotiate with Sathya for you

Shall I?

Yes, I like her, but she loves him

What's the problem between them?

Tell me what the problem is?

Why do you want to know?

Tell me

If I don't tell you, will your brain explode?

I won't tell you

Please tell me

Just tell me

His father-in-law asked him to quit this job and join the family business

He's really angry

He and his girlfriend had a fight over this

This is more than enough

I'll make sure you get her

Two minutes I need to talk to her

Kavya, come with me

I want to talk to you Kavya, come

What's your problem?

I came with my sister for her check-up

I have to leave now

Why did you switch off your phone?

I came with my sister for her check-up

I have to leave now

Why are you sending me all the stupid text messages?

- I have to take my sister - Stop it

Go...go with your sister

If you've made a decision, please inform my father

- What is it? - Stay back

- What? - Go...go

Are you my friend?


Are you listening to me?

What is it?

Don't believe anything that man says


Come here

- Let's go - Where?

Doctor said I needed a scan, right?

Our job was just to bring you here

Ask your son to come

We'll update him, and leave

Call him

My son has gone abroad He can't come

You said your son is a Journalist?

Why? Can't a journalist go abroad?

Okay, then please call someone else

We'll hand you over and go

My supervisor is angry because we're late

Would you leave your own father like this?

I'll lose my job

Please call someone to come

You'll grow old too

You'll end up like me

I don't trust him

You sacrificed your love for your friend

I brought this money and I trust you

If something happens to me my only hope is you

But you want to leave too

That's okay, leave it

I want to give you some money

How much do you want?

Give me as much as you like

I don't need Sathya

Come with me and take the cash

Till then, shall I keep the money?

How can I trust you?

Okay, then take what you want


How many times have I told you not to take bribes?

You have no pay at least Rs.100

Why do you destroy the good that comes my way?

Idiot! He's trying to manipulate you

He'll do anything

He seems like a good man

Thief...thief He is taking away the money

Thief...thief Catch him

Don't worry, sir We'll find the thief

Just sign here

When you cheat someone God will cheat you in a bigger way

I lost some money and a cheap cell phone

But you lost fifty thousand rupees

From now on, try to reform

Come on,

I'll drop you at the hospital

Don't worry

I'll manage

No problem

I'll drop you off and then go

Where are you taking him?

We'll drop him off at the hospital and go

Haven't you suffered enough?

If the supervisor asks, what will you say?

I'll handle it Don't worry about that

- Let's go - Sathya

It's very lonely in the back and boring

Why don't you sit in the driver's seat?

I'll sit on the other side

What fun, we're going on a sightseeing trip

You go and start the vehicle

You come, sir

Switch on the radio

That's not possible

It's a long way to go

It's boring Let's have some music

No music when a patient is on board

The doctor said I'm fine

We're only going to do a scan, right?

How many times do I have to tell you?

(Music playing in the radio)

Why don't you listen just one FM station?

"My desires never end"

"I am a river that yearns for the rain"

"I am like the restless waves upon the shores"

"The roads I travel never end"

"My desires never end"

"My voice never stops"

"My roads never end"

"They keep going on and on"

"My desires never end"

"I am a river that yearns for the rain"

"My voice never stops"

"I am like the restless waves upon the shores"

"I saw a wingless bird in the sky"

"I saw a moonlit night without a moon, when I slept"

"My destiny is the road I take"

"Who can tell me where it leads"

"My desires never end"

"My voice never stops"

"The roads I travel never end"

"They keep going on and on"

"What we call the end is not the end"

"End is a new beginning"

"All that turns to rubble is not destroyed, "

"What is destroyed can be created again, "

"Forgotten memories and quests in vain"

"I'll be a wave in an ocean with no shores"


Sir, one minute

What happened to him?

Take a deep breath

Keep breathing

Keep breathing

Stay still

Is that better?

Fold your hand

I'll hold it for you

Let go Let me hold it

Let me help you

Let's go

Sit in the wheelchair

Why? What's wrong with me?

I'm perfectly all right

Will you listen to a friend?

Go on

Don't believe anything he says

He's planning to trick us

We should drop him off and make our getaway

What do you say?


You do what you want What shall I tell the supervisor?

I'll see him in the office tomorrow morning

Dr Prasanna from the local hospital referred this patient

Chronic kidney disease

The doctor requested a CT scan

The patient has been travelling since morning

He's in critical condition

Who are you?

Emergency medical technician (EMT)

Don't you know you're supposed to greet the doctor?

Sorry, Doctor

Where's the patient?

He's waiting outside

Go on Bring him in

Yes, Doctor

He vomited once

I gave him Emicet and Pan

He was wheezing, so I gave him one ampule of Deriphyllin

His BP and ECG

You're just an EMT, aren't you?

How many times do I have to tell you?

Your duty ends here

Go on, we'll look after him

I'll be waiting outside

Lift your hand

Show me your tongue

Close your mouth

What's the problem?

I'm talking to you

That's what he was trying to tell you

He didn't tell you how to do your job, did he?

He's been with me since yesterday

He was trying to explain what first aid he gave me

You should've listened to him

You're treating humans, not animals, correct?

Don't you know how to behave with patients?


Take this specimen to observation

The doctor who treats humans will be here tomorrow

He'll treat you

What did the doctor say?

The doctor wants him in for observation

Why didn't she start the treatment?

If you irritate the doctor, this is what happens

Who started it? Me or the doctor?

Please go, sister

What did you do?

This is not a good hospital

We'll look for another place


The doctor has no bedside manner whatsoever

And you showed the doctor your best behaviour, eh?

Go on in

Please go in, sir

Go inside

Who's staying with the patient?

I informed his son. He's on his way.


Don't think too much. Just relax.

What happened, sir?

What's wrong?

We're going home, Sathya.

No, don't go

Go to your bed and take some rest

Doctor will come in the morning.

You can't leave just like that.

- Let's go, Sathya - What is this?

Do I look like a fool to you?

I'm not a servant.

I'm not your puppet. I can't dance to your tune.

What did I do wrong?

I gave you extra care

But you keep taking advantage of me.

I was wondering why nobody came looking for you.

You're a psycho. No one's coming to see a psycho.

Call your son immediately.

I want your son to come immediately.

Everything you say is a pack of lies.

Do you really have a son? Or is that a lie too?

What's my relationship with you?

Call your son

I don't care if he comes or not.

I don't give a damn.

I'm leaving. Do as you please.

Sir, what's your problem?

Do you know how bad your condition is?

I knew it four years ago.

I need to be admitted immediately.

The doctors said I only had six months to live.

So I need to be admitted immediately.

They'll see me through to the end.

What kind of treatment is that?

To keep me in a hospital till I die.

Anyway, I knew I didn't have much time.

I decided to live the way I want to live.

Shall we go?

Why did you take me out of the hospital?

Don't play games.

You're the one who insisted.

What are you saying now?

It's okay. Forget it.

Where are we going next?

Please call your son.

Your money has been stolen.

If you die on my watch, I'll be in trouble.

I'm sorry, sir.

Please call your son.

What happened?

I told you to stay in the hospital.

Let's go back to the hospital.

No, I don't want to go back.

Listen to me

If you're so scared of the hospital, then why do you call the ambulance?

If I tell you, you'll tear a strip off me.

Stop acting.

My village is very remote. I get really bored.

When I'm really bored, I call an ambulance...

...go out for a spin and return home, that's all.

Sir, wait.

You go for a ride in an ambulance when you feel bored, eh?

Hey, stop.

Don't you have a conscience?

So, Sathya.

What about your family?

My Mom is alive.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my dad's death.

Since my dad's death, my mom's been living with my grandmother.

That's it.

Then what else?

What else? That's it.

What about your girlfriend?

Who told you about her?

The ambulance driver.

It would be nice to hear your love story while we travel.

There's nothing to tell. That's it.

An old man is asking you. Why can't you tell about it?

Mind your own business.

Switch on the radio.

- Stop the vehicle. - Why?

I'm going to dance. Would you care to join me?

Are you crazy?

I'm going to dance. Stop the vehicle.

You're not supposed to exert yourself.

(Song from radio)

I warned you several times.

Are you okay?

I'm Okay.

Shall we go back to the hospital?

Let's go

- Go...! - Listen to me, sir.

Go I say

Just leave me alone, go.

Leave me.



We've reached your son's house.





Why are you doing this?


Go and tell him his dad is downstairs.

First floor, his name Kathiresan, will be on the door...go on.

Can you talk like Sasikumar?

Mind your own business.

I like his acting a lot

Do one of his famous dialogues.

I am trying to be a normal guy.

Don't irritate me.

Just one dialogue.

Who are you?

Sir, my name is Sathya.

Are you Kailasam's son?

Yes, that's me.

Yesterday we got a call saying your dad had a heart attack.

So we picked him up

We got admitted him in the hospital but he is not ready to stay-

- Is he dead? - Sir...?

I'm asking if he's dead.

No, sir.

He's downstairs waiting for you.

He said you would come down to see him.

Let me know when he's dead. Then I'll come.


Are you...

I don't know what the problem is between you and your dad.

I didn't appreciate my own dad when he was alive.

I feel badly that I didn't take care of him.

This is not advice. Sorry, sir.

(Mimics the famous dialogues)

You are exactly like the star actor

You are right. Your son's not there.

Only your daughter-in-law was there.

- I informed her - Shall we go to VK puram?

- Yes. - Wait.

It's too far.

- You can't go in this vehicle. - That's not a problem.

Come here, I have to talk to you.

That's not where you live.

Why do you want to go there?

That's where your girlfriend lives?

I've already told you not to interfere in my personal matters.

You went and met my son just now.

Isn't that my personal matter?

I went to see your son because you asked me to.

You need help fixing your love life?

Sathya, what are you going to say?

Why do you ask?

Suppose her father kicks you out?

Or if the girl says she doesn't know you?

Don't expect things to happen the way you want them to happen

Procrastinating won't help

Follow your instincts and speak from your heart

Do you understand?

You of all people are advising me?

Where are you?

I am nearby, sir

When will you be coming to office?

- I'll be there in half an hour, sir - Come immediately


The supervisor urgently wants to see me, I think I'll see him first

You're not marrying the supervisor, are you?

Shall I come?

I can handle it

I didn't come to console or pamper you

You know my job, my character, and how much I love my job

In the past five years, I've never taken a single dime from you

I can't work in your dad's store as his cashier

If we can have a better life than we have now...

...why can't we go for that? What's wrong in that?

He's my dad, isn't he?

Why do you have such an ego?

It's not about my ego I'm satisfied with what I have

If you can live within my income, then I'll welcome you

Otherwise marry someone your father chooses

Nothing wrong with that

Don't spoil your life just because you loved me

Be happy

"Journeys continue"

"The roads grow ever longer"

"I'm a bird who forgot the route I used to travel"

"I am the curve in which two poles meet"

"When I travel through the desert, the oasis makes me glad"

"Nothing lasts forever"

"This will also pass"

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I work here

What are you doing here?

Sathya went to see the supervisor I'm waiting for him


He still hasn't dropped you off?

What's your problem?

Can I ask you something?

Are you wicked or good?

I've had the same nagging doubt myself

If you feel that I'm a good man, That means I'm pretending

If you feel that I'm a bad man, Then I'm not faking

I am what I am So you decide

You be whatever you want to be Leave me alone

What happened?

I've been suspended for a month

Suspended for a month? Why?

What's wrong? Everything went well yesterday

Is the supervisor harassing you?

Why did he suspend you?


He was roaming around with you You want an award for that?

I can talk to your supervisor

If you interfere, he'll be fired permanently

I am furious with you

Come, sir, let's go

I'll drop you at your home and-

Why can't his highness go alone?

- Shall we go? - Yes, let's go

What next?

Shall we go for a movie?

No time for practical jokes, come on

I'll drop you at your house

What did my son say?


You went and met my son What did my son say?

Your son wasn't there

I spoke to your daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law passed away two years ago

What did my son say?

That guy is no father to me He's not even a human being

I'll come and see him after he's dead, is that it?

That's exactly what I told my father

My father told his father the same thing

My son's old age will be different

He wanted this to end with him He decided not to have kids

Your medical records

I'm leaving

If you need anything, call me

Take care of your health

- See you - Okay, sir


Take care of your health


Why are you following me?

Just because

Sir, you know his nature Please go in and talk to him

I went to your house Your son wasn't there

Where is he?

He comes, fights and leaves

Your son started the fight? eh?


My son shouldn't teach me, how to pee I am his dad

How's your girlfriend?

She told me to stay away from you

She invited me to choose our wedding invitation designs

I've had another heart attack I'm on the way to the hospital

I'm on duty

I'll come and see you at home this evening

What next?

"I don't even know what I want"

"I don't even know what I need"

"I am just looking, looking"

"I don't get anything"

"Somebody tell me where to stand"

"Somebody tell me where to stand"

'Listen, he is going to give a message'

"Then what?"

"Go straight and take left and turn right"

"There will be a tall pillar"

"If you go straight, You will find a temple"

"There is a movie theatre on the south side of the temple"

'Help, help'

'Then what?'

"Go straight and take left and turn right"

"There will be a tall pillar"

"If you go straight, You will find a temple"

"There is a movie theatre on the south side of the temple"

'Then what?'

'Well done'

'Listen carefully'

'Life is a tale, told by an idiot'

'Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'

"Go straight and take left and turn right"

"There will be a tall pillar"

"If you go straight, You will find a temple"

"There is a movie theatre on the south side of the temple"

'Then what?'

'Then what?'

'Then what?'

I am a mistakenly born mistaker I always makes mistakes

I never make yes takes

I thought you are going to convey a message


The Description of Orange Mittai