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EXO Chen to get married with a non-celebrity

EXO Chen has dropped a bomb of news today: He is getting married with his girlfriend.

On January 13th, SM Entertainment released a statement saying

"EXO Chen met a special person and will be getting married."

According to SM Chen will be marrying a non-celebrity.

The wedding will be held privately and will be attended by their families only.

The agency added, "As per their families request, the wedding itself and everything related to it will be held privately.

We ask fans and the reporters for their kind understanding."

Lastly, the company concluded, "Chen will continue to work hard as an artist.

We asked you to send lots of blessings to Chen, thank you."

EXO Chan himself also posted a hand-written letter online.

He wrote, "Hi, this is Chan. I'm writing this letter because there is something I need to tell my fans.

I don't know how to start, and I'm really nervous,

But I'm writing to you even with my lacking sentences because I wanted to first tell my fans who gave me so much love.

I have a girlfriend that I want to spend eternity with.

I was worried and concerned about what situations might arise due to this decision,

but I wanted to bring the news to my fellow EXO members, my agency, and

especially my fans who are proud of me as early as possible not to surprise any of them with a sudden news,

So I talked it out with my fellow members and my agency.

During that time a blessing came to me.

I was very confused and didn't know what to do because it became

a situation where I cannot take part in the plans I had made with my agency and fellow members.

But I gained more strength from this blessing.

I couldn't wait any longer, worrying about when and how to tell you this,

so I'm carefully revealing this now. I am so thankful to the members who genuinely

congratulated me upon hearing the news, and I'm deeply thankful to my fans who send

an overwhelming amount of love to a lacking person that I am.

I will always stay grateful, and work as hard as I can in my position. All the love you've sent me,

I will repay you. Thank you always."

This has caused a wild reaction from fans across the world.

Some fans were already aware of his girlfriend,

but a lot of them were surprised by the sudden news about Chen having a baby as hinted in its letter.

That being the case. It's really hard to see at this point just how EXO will remain as a group from now on.

Nevertheless, a lot of his fans around the world are sending blessings to Chen, which goes to show that they truly respect his personal life

and his happiness in it.

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