Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Quit my job to Travel the world for 5 Years! (with a Piano)

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a lot of people go through life without really experiencing it, we're all taught to follow

a certain path in life, you know, go to college, get a job, raise a family, and that's life, right?

but what would happen if we left everything to create your own way

so I took all the things I love, music traveling the world and meeting people

and put it together

this is what happened

I love this, this is so awesome!

Another great afternoon

playing piano in one of the most beautiful places on earth, in the Swiss Alps

there's one thing I wanna let you guys know. I just don't do this to travel the world

I do this because I love the idea of being faced with something almost impossible

and to struggle hard to make my dreams a reality

yeah, it's scary and you have to make sacrifices along the way

but if you're truly, truly, passionate about something

nothing should ever get in your way to make it happen

no matter how weird or strange your passion might be, go for it

and never let what people say stop you from doing it

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