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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Solitude

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Solitude, the capital of all of Skyrim, currently ruled by Jarl Elisif the fair.

The reason she rules for the moment, is because her husband; the actual High King of Skyrim,

High King Torygg, was just recently murdered by Ulfric Stormcloak as a vie for the throne.

This event, has now plunged Skyrim into a full blown civil war.

Ulfric fears that if the great moot were to convene in order to decide the new High King,

then by tradition Jarl Elisif would be elected; and because of this, Ulfric has not allowed

a moot happen; but instead, is now marching his armies all across the province in the

pretence of war; when in reality, he simply wants to have all the other jarls under this

thumb so that when time comes to vote for a new high king...the jarls have no choice

but to elect him out of fear of being killed.

His concerns however are reasonable, as are those from the empire; but this dichotomy

is what keeps this city alive and most quests and NPCs in this area are intrinsically linked

to this civil war.

I have gathered 5 very interesting details that you might not know, about Solitude.


The marriage between Vittoria Vici and Asgeir Snow-Shod, takes center stage during the quest

line of the dark brotherhood.

In there you are supposed to murder Vittoria in order to force the Emperor to personally

visit Solitude.

What you might not know is that the marriage, might be kind of a farce in the first place.

You see there are tons of evidence that suggest that this is actually a politically fueled

marriage, not one for love.

The biggest and most direct of all the clues, is the fact that Vittoria is actually sleeping

with another man.

Aquillius Aeresius is a very minor character, with literally no quest or event attached

to him; if you do go to Vittorias house however; you will find him not only living

in her house but actually sleeping in her same bed.

Both characters share very similar moral compasses, claiming that they prefer to make their own

way in life; in this case, Vittoria would rather marry rich out of her own ability;

rather than simply use her cousins money ( the emperor titus mede).

The groom, Asgeir Snow-Shod really has no reason to be marrying Vittoria if not for

a political and economical purpose.

His entire family supports Ulfric, his father was a stormcloak soldier, his mother is a

priestess of talos, hell his sister literally died under Ulfrics army as a battle maiden.

Asgeir however, is a businessman as he always likes to say; doing whatever it takes to make

money, including angering his family and marrying politically.

He does have a strong distaste for Ulfric, and claims that Ulfric is only causing mayhem

for his own gains; something that Asgeir would like to stop if possible.

And having a powerful rich family that typically would support the stormcloaks, suddenly back

the empire; would be a great swing...especially in the city of Riften; a place crucial to

the war effort.

But who would actually go out of their way to put these two together, who in the background

would actually gain from all this to go through the effort of setting this political marriage.

Well, if you dig deep enough; you will discover that Asgeir not only works in the black briar

meadery...but he is actually a partner to Maven fact it was him that

gave Maven the capital to start this entire enterprise in the first place.

Interestingly enough, do you know who becomes the jarl of Riften if the empire wins?

Yep...the very same Maven Black-Briar; the one who plays 5d chess in the background of

this entire game.

There is some great depth in this game dawg.


Political intrigue runs rampant in the blue palace, there are secrets around every corner,

rumors and ploys abound where you don't look...and there are lots of characters in here that

just fricking hate each other.

Now normally as the dragonborn, you would have no reason to go about killing any of

these NPCs; since there are no quests that would give you said reason.

Now you might not know some of the more intricate details that pop up when you actually become

a little naughty, and go killing those who do not need to be killed.

The two thanes in the court of Elisif are bitter rivals, since they share completely

different ideologies.

Thane Bryling claims that they should leave the empire fight its own war, instead of using

Solitudes coffers and soldiers; whereas Thane Erikur is the complete opposite, severely

opposing Ulfric.

If you were to kill Thane Bryling; then Thane Erikur would actually secretly send you a

letter, claiming to know what you did and that he approves of your murder.

The intrigue doesnt stop there, you see Erikur literally owns this entire city; similarly

to Maven Black Briar does with Riften.

He claims that every single shop in this city owns him money, and that those that dont;

is because he already owns them.

He however, is a major a-hole; constantly raising everyones rent for no reason and

being a jerk to every single person he can.

There are even quests in the game that has you discover the fact that Erikur actually

has dealings with the thieves guild, and uses them to frame his competitors with illicit


If you kill him, his own sister will send you a letter thank you for doing such, claiming

that he...will not be missed.

Oh and also, Thane Bryling has a secret relationship with the steward.

Just a lot of juicy stuff in this Palace.


Sybille Stentor is the Court Wizard of the blue palace, and shes actually been in

this position for a very long time.

She claims to have served under High King Toryggsfather, Istlod.

She raised Torygg since he was a child and tough him a fair amount of things.

Overall she is extremely well respected in the palace, and also is indispensable to the

war effort; having others claim that her wards and divinations are crucial to the defense

of the city.

She however holds….an extremely dark secret.

Because she is so good at her job, the palace offers her a lot of freedoms that other mages

wouldnt get.

In fact every so often she will take avolunteerfrom the prisons, Sybille claiming that its

all for her magical testing.

These people seldom ever come back.

In fact Melaran claims that being decapitated by the headsman, may not be the worst way

that solitude jail prisoners die…; almost as if he knows of all the insane experiments

that Sybille does to these unfortunate souls.

The plot-twist is however, that she actually doesnt experiment on them.

See Melaran very keenly saidSybille Stentor has a grasp of magical theory that i would

never have expected from a human.

Even a breton.

See that is because she is actually neither.

Sybille is in facta vampire.

Her vampiric form has been kept completely secret from the rest of the palace, and she

has been able to keep her human beauty thanks to the fact that she can freely feed on prisoners.

She is particularly good at hiding it too, even giving the dragonborn a quest to kill

vampires in pinemoon cave.

Her true goal is however unknown, since when all the thanes are attempting to convince

jarl Elisif of the dangers of Potema the wolf queen; for some reason Sybille claims that

her divinations produces no threat coming from that place.

Potema is of course, a master necromancer; so maybe she has some kind of kinship to her;

as she attempts to protect her.

I have always admired her however, not for any of these facts; but for how eloquent she

is at explaining the point of view of the empire supporters or specifically, those that

side against Ulfric.

*Play recording of her explaining.*


Svari is one of the children that play outside in the middle of Solitude, she sort of adds

life to the streets as you see her running around having fun.

She however is not very fond of her parents, as both of them are currently experiencing

hardships in terms of money.

This causes the child to ask the dragonborn if he can be her dad, a question that typically

gets brushed off by most players as just some silly side comment.

Especially, since the actual dialogue doesnt lead anywhere.

You might not know however....and as dark as this sounds...that this is actually possible...if

you put your dark mind and heart into it.

You can actually go ahead and kill her parents, if you do so, she will actually be sent into

the Honorhall Orphanage where could adopt her.

Really dark you guys...really dark.

Her dad, happens to be the fisherman of Solitude; but as we previously said...the business is

not going so well.

He has a rival though, a woman named Jala who sells produce directly opposite to him.

If you kill her, Svaris dad Addvar will send you a letter telling you how glad he

is that you killed her though it is never explicitly said or understood why he would


I mean sure she is kind of a competitor, but she sells tomatoes which is in no way, a substitute

for fish.

So why would he wanna kill her?

If you start digging deep you might discover why, it turns out Jala is actually dating

the executioner; now this is not explicitly said in the game, but Ahtar the headsman sleeps

every night in her home.

The clues are all there when you go into the creation kit, and you see that both of them

are categorized as being in a relationship.

Why is this important?

Well, the headsman executed Roggvir, who happens to be brother of Addvars wife; in essence,

his brother in law.

This execution has completely destroyed Addvars wife emotionally, and she has been unconsolable.

This would give plenty of reason for Addvar to want to harm Jala, as that would give Ahtar

a taste of his own medicine.

You might think i am going far too deep on this one, but the thing is; there was actually

script in the game where Addvar would send a letter to you asking if you might be down

for some killing.

It doesnt lead to anything, but it suggest at some point he was intended to ask you for

some sweet killing.



The civil war quest line was supposed to be incredible, way more dynamic and involved

than what it currently is.

There would had been possibilities of you actually losing invasions of certain cities,

pushing the enemy deeper into the fortresses of the side that you picked.

Essentially, you could have actually lost the civil war.

There was also supposed to be sieges of way more cities than what the game currently offers;

all in all, a lot of it was scrapped for quality or time purposes.

To keep the civil war quest-line simple, a massive quest was removed from Boethia.

You see the daedric prince of plots and deceit, had a quest that would have you assassinate

the Jarl of Solitude; this quest was later removed as it would conflict too much with

the civil war quest line.

That is because at the very end of the quest line, if you choose to side with Ulfric; he

chooses not to execute Elisif, claiming that by keeping her alive he essentially holds

power over Solitude and its people and will definitely help him gather support as a merciful

conqueror in the great moot.

The quest would had been called Boethias bidding, and in fact; there is still some

leftover features of this quest remaining the game.

After having performed the quest, and assassinated her; talking to stormcloak soldiers would

yield the added line ofeven the nobility of oblivion favor our cause”; which would

claim that the fact that Boethia commanded the death of elisif became popular knowledge

among the civilians.

You can also see this leftover coding, in the fact that if you do happen to use console

commands to kill Elisif; then Thane Erikur actually becomes the jarl.

Something that could never happen in a normal game, since Elisif is considered to be an

essential NPC; which forbids the dragonborn from being able to kill her.

The fact that it is there coded in the game, to have Erikur take over in case Elisif dies;

also implies that there were plans to have her killed but were later scrapped.

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