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[Sportscaster] Ahhhh!(screaming)

(intense music plays)

- [Truck] Oh, no, no, no

[Mega Wrex] (roars)

- [Sportscaster] Welcome to the Monster Trucks Island Games.

Where the monster trucks and cars will smash,


and loop their way towards the

Golden Titan Tire trophy.

(intense music) [Sportscaster] Is this crowd ready?

(quiet clapping)

I can't hear you.

Is this crowd ready?

(car horns honking) Alrighty, let's go.

First, the barrel bash competition.

Trucks must knock over as many barrels as possible

before launching off the ramp,

and attempting to stick the landing.

Whoever gets the loudest response from our audience wins.

Introducing our first competitor.

He's a daredevil,

he's a hot shot.

They call him the Dare Devil Hot Shot.

Imagine that.



(crowd cheering)

- [Race Ace] What? - [Crowd] Race!

- [Race Ace] Huh? - [Crowd] Ace!

- There we go!

- [Crowd] Race ace, Race Ace!

Three, two, one,


(intense music)

- [Sportscaster] Wow, what a maneuver.

Race Ace bashed into those barrels,

shot up the ramp

and landed wheels down.

All right, everyone.

What do we think of Race Ace's performance?

- [Race Ace] All right fans, you know what to do.

(crowd cheering) (car horns honk)

(glass shattering) (crowd gasps)

- [Race Ace] Woo Hoo!

Cue the air horn!

(air horn sounds)

- [Sportscaster] Up next.

He might be the size of a car,

but he's got the competitive spirit of a cargo train.

It's Loco


(crowd cheering)

(upbeat music plays)

Wooo Wee!

This car skids into the barrels and up the ramp.

Check out those twists and turns.

Let's hear it for Loco Motorin'.

(low claps)

(train whistle)

(crowd cheers)

[Sportscaster] Not too shabby.

All right.

Allow me to introduce our final competitor this round.

Everybody give a warm welcome to the rebellious bad boy

B-B-B Bone Shaker.

- [Bone Shaker] Awe Yeah.

Thrash and smash, baby!

- [Sportscaster] Wowza!

Boneshaker bashed those barrels so far,

that we can't even find them anymore.

What do we think of Bone Shaker's intimidating run?

(loud cheering) (cars honking)

Looks like Race Ace is our winner.

- [Crowd] Race Ace! Race Ace!

- [Sportscaster] Up next, Target Smash.

Trucks must hit the target with power.

Whichever truck hits the target with enough style

and force to win over our audience,

wins the round.

The loudest cheer wins!

Up first,

she's a little reckless,

She's a whole lot of unpredictable,

it's Demo Derby.

Wait, where'd she go?

Wait, where'd she go?

- [Demo Deby] Hey, over here. (laughs)

- [Sportscaster] Oh, you scared me.

- [Demo Derby] Mom, look! It's me! Hi!

- [Sportscaster] Will you just get out there and compete already?

(Demo Derby sings)

[Sportscaster] You ready, Demo Derby?

(engine revs) (intense music plays)

- [Sportscaster] Oh!

Demo Derby hits a bull's eye on the target

and sends that bell flying.

(bell rings)

Let's hear it for



(crowd cheers) - [Demo Derby] All right.

- [Sportscaster] Way too go Demo.

Up next,

not three,

not four,

you guessed it.

It's Five Alarm.

- [5-Alarm] Somebody better crank the AC,

'cause Five Alarm is coming in hot.

(rock music plays)

- [Sportscaster] Oh, with authority.

Five alarm with the flaming hot skills.

(crowd cheering)

The crowd is loving it.

(crowd goes wild)

- [5-Alarm] Somebody find a hose, 'cuz I'm on fire, baby.

- [Sportscaster] Normally I'd say stop, drop, and roll.

But this next competitors got me saying stop,

duck, and roll.

(quaking sounds)

- [Sportscaster] Oh, did you see that?

No bullseye for duck and roll,

but that car is a quack to match the monster trucks.

Way to go Quaker.

(crowd cheers)

- [Duck & Roll] Quack, quack, quack, quack

[Sportscaster] It sounds like Five Alarm had the loudest cheers

so, the winner of Target Smash is..

Five Alarm!

[Sportscaster] All right, everyone.

Are you ready for our third and final round?

Loop Race.

Trucks must send through the loop with style and speed.

Make it pass the volcano top

and shoot through the tunnel.

The loudest cheer gets the win.

(volcano rumbles)

[Sportscaster] What's that?

Do you hear that rumble?


Oh, well. Here we go!

Our first competitor is Deora Three.


it couldn't complete the loop

and lands inside the volcano.

[Sportscaster] Up next,

Cosmic Coop.

Wow, another victim in the volcano.

That volcano looks like it might be getting full.

It's eating up car after car.

Let's see if any monster trucks can race through this

rumbling volcano.

[Sportscaster] Up next, Race Ace!

(crowd cheers)

- [Race Ace] Cue the air horn!

(air horn sounds)

(air horn sounds)

(air horn sounds)

(car engine running)


- [Sportscaster] What's this?

Looks like Race Ace's fans air horns,

caused a volcanic eruption and a massive

T-Rex attack!


- [T-Rex] Chomp, chomp, chomp.

- [Sportscaster] What's that thing?

Double the dinos, double the trouble.

- [Race Ace] Ahhh!

[Truck] Oh, no! I'm getting eaten.


(fart sound)

[Truck] Yuck.

Did he just poop me out?

- [Crowd Car] Huh? Ahhh! - [Crowd Truck] Oh no no no, dinosaur, no.

(airplaine noises)

- [Crowd] Aaaah!

(crushing noises)

- [Sportscaster] I guess what goes in must come out.


- [Truck] I need a car wash.

- [Sportscaster] That volcanic eruption has turned this island into chaos.

Looks like a fire has broken loose near the arena.

Well, that'll heat things up.

- [5-Alarm] I literally have a fire to put out.

- [Sportscaster] Here comes Five alarm to put out the fire

on volcano island.

That makes sense.

(intense music plays)

She did it.

Five Alarm breaks through.

My hero.

- [5-Alarm] Bye, bye, fire.

- [Sportscaster] A giant octopus?


Where'd that come from?

(octopus groans)

[Sportscaster] Tiger Shark to the rescue.

- [Tiger Shark] You're mine, octopus.

This island is for cars and monster trucks only.

- [Sportscaster] Tiger Shark is taking on the octopus

fin to tentacle.

(car engine running)

[Sportscaster] Octopus down.

I repeat octopus down.

Tiger shark defeats the eight tentacled creature,

and proves he's king of the sea again.

Whoa, I don't know if I can take any more surprises.

What's this?

Now a saber tooth on Volcano Island?

You gotta be kidding me.

[Mega Wrex] (Groans)

Mega Rex is answering the call.

This should be feisty.

(Mega Rex sounds)

(car engine running)

[Sportscaster] And there it is.

Mega Rex takes down the saber tooth.

These monster trucks are on a roll.


Uh, oh, somebody's angry (T-REX chomps)

Only the T-Rex remains.

[Sportscaster] What now?

Would you look at that?

All the cars and monster trucks are teaming up against this

big T-Rex skeleton.

Can they save us once and for all?

- [Race Ace] I live for going first.

(crowd cheers)

(intense music plays)

- [Sportscaster] Oh, so close.


- (roars)

- [T-Rex] Chomp, chomp, chomp

(Mega Rex sounds)

- [Sportscaster] Can Mega Rex defeat his Dino brethren?

(crowd cheers)

(intense music plays)

- Dino down, Mega Rex did it.

Now that's worth a replay.

Mega Rex launches with no fear

and overpowers the T-Rex to take it down,

and restore Volcano Island.

Mega Rex saved us all from the T-Rex.

So he wins the Golden Tire Trophy!

Well-deserved, Mega Rex.

Stay tuned for more smashing

and utter madness.

Next time at the Monster Trucks Island Games.

Volcano Arena Play set comes with one monster truck,

one car,

two crash then connect cars and three barrels.

All other cars, trucks, and sets each sold separately.

Adults assemble.

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