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The fact that we have a great ease to get used to living together

with our own miseries and to put the head between the legs when there

something we do not want to see does not mean that out there things are not

going on, it's as if the only option for us to go accommodating the

body the inclemencies that he proposes us the environment because in that way go

Resigning ourselves to listen and repeat that self-limiting phrase that says and

good is what there is, as if we do not we had nothing to do with what there is and

thanks to this attitude has been emerging a new human entity that although in

your physical appearance is equal to how it was centuries ago, little by little at the most

deep in herself she was left without content and how this is something that has gone

happening so very slowly without us we realize everything has been leveled

down, and if we do not stop on time There will come a time when we

we will find so disharmonized in ourselves that we will only have to collapse as

race, this was exactly what happened on planet earth more than once with

civilizations prior to ours and no matter how developed they are

been there for thousands of years or we now in technological terms

because when the evolution of a race it is judged only through the

material achievements, it will not be possible to pass to the next level

not enough with that and that way we do not there will be no choice but to return to

start over and over again. That to which we call the limbo

it works both individually and in the collective and until we have a

comprehensive knowledge about us we will be condemned to collapse and

to have to start over. If you have some kind of existential curiosity and

if you sometimes ask yourself questions like example

what is this what we call life, what is what I'm doing here

where I come from and where I'm going and if you find yourself inside that huge mass of

people who wonder about whether reincarnation exists or does not exist

if they cross these and many others enigmas for your mind, then here

in My Ganzúa you are in the right place because each one of these

questions have all these answers questions have an answer always

and when we look for them in the place correct and stop committing as

humanity the same mistake that we have committed repeatedly for thousands and

thousands of years and again as I said of different civilizations, here the

determinant problem has always based on that while we say that

We are Human Beings, we walk with the Being on one side and the Human on the other,

increasingly distant from each other we turn our faces to our

own nature and I'm not talking about religions but from a purely matter

structural so is that please Wake up and realize, because as

I always tell you, O you enlighten yourself or not Nobody illuminates you ... NO ONE.

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