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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【全英】我最爱的超适合学英文的Podcasts推荐!【中英字幕】| My favorite podcasts

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today I'm going to be sharing

with you my current favorite podcasts I

love using podcasts to learn English

because it's free and you learn a lot of

interesting things to talk about my

number one favorite category is

definitely true crime I'll share with

you all of my favorite cases later too

I also really enjoy listening to

audiobooks audible it's my favorite

recently I've been listening to the

Great Gatsby and I've been loving it so

if you're interested I have a link down

below if it can get your first month

audible subscription for free which

means you can get one free audiobook and

two audible original so if you like to

learn practical daily spoken English

consider subscribing to the channel and

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now let's get into the video now as I

said my first category is definitely

true crime I love this category I used

to think I'm a freak because Chris

doesn't like this kind of content at all

and then I discovered true crime

podcasts on on the podcast app I

realized that there's a community of

people just like me who are interested

in these kind of content as well and I

think the reason is it's real it's

intense it's suspenseful and a lot of

times the killer never omits

to committing the crimes and so it's

kind of open-ended and it's really up to

you to form your own opinion on whether

this person is guilty or not my top two

favorite to crime podcasts are crime

junkie and true crime all the time I

think crime junkie is the one that's

more popular on the podcast app this

show is hosted by Ashley flowers and

Britt but Ashley flower is the main

storyteller and boy can this girl tell a

story she can kind of bring you into

that situation and

you experienced what was happening and

they actually covered the jungang case a

few weeks ago so if you know about the

case and you want to learn more about it

go listen to their podcast another one

is called true crime all the time and

this is hosted by two men I actually

don't remember their names but I really

like them because the difference between

true crime all the time and crime junkie

is that true crime all the time tells

the story from the beginning and they're

more focused on the killer himself or

herself they often go all the way back

to the killer's childhood and kind of

show you how they grew up and their

backgrounds and now because I'm such a

crime junkie myself I just have to share

with you some of the most infamous cases

that you should know first one I think

most Americans know about this case

JonBenet Ramsey this is about a little

girl who was murdered and the case is

still unsolved

I'm not gonna give you too much details

because any detail would be a spoiler

alert the next one has to be my personal

favorite or the one that I did the most

research on is the Scott Peterson case

or the Laci Peterson case Laci is the

one that was murdered and Scott it's the

one that's convicted of her murder her

husband next one is the Michael Peterson

case yeah they have the same last name

both convicted murderers at one time but

they're not related there they just have

the same last name it's also called the

stair case case next one is Casey

Anthony and Casey Anthony is a mother

and her little daughter died that's all

I'm gonna give you and oj oj simpson

this one you have to know because they

actually call it the case that shaped

the nation or something next one is the

Chandra Levy case and this one involves

a senator it's got everything so don't

watch this case as well next one Jodi

arias and what's special about this case

is Jodi arias herself maybe you can call

her anti-social

I don't even know but it's just her

behaviors are strange okay now we've

covered all the most infamous crime you

should know now let's move on to some

more moderate shows first one the Joe

Rogan experience Joe Rogan is a really

great communicator he used to be a

comedian Chris actually introduced me to

this show

he loves the Joe Rogan show he

interviews people from all walks of

lives one of the few episodes that I

think you should definitely listen to is

the one with Elon Musk and the one with

Bernie Sanders next one is called

grammar girl and this one is for for us

the language learners I like this one

because she always breaks down each

grammar issue and she tells you when and

how to use it in a given situation next

one it's a special call that dropped out

this is about Elizabeth Holmes and

Thoreau knows if you are not familiar

with the story go listen to this one

right now it's such an interesting story

this must be one of the biggest scandals

in Silicon Valley or the startup world

next one is a new one is called the

office ladies if you like the show the

office you should definitely go listen

to this this is hosted by the actress

who played Pam and the one who played

Angela I know they're really good

friends in real life but on the show

they're pretty much frenemies next one I

don't know if I mentioned it in my last

recommendation video it's called the

stuff you should know I like this one

because you really learn about a lot of

random stuff and you can pick out topics

that you're interested in and then

listen to it so it's pretty great last

but not least it's called lime town this

one is also crime related but it's not

true crime is a fictional story and it's

about a town of by all

just or scientists I forgot but it's a

talent of people who disappeared in one

night and then one reporter started

follow up and digging up the story it's

pretty good alright that is it for all

of my recommendations let me know in the

comment down below if you have your own

favorite podcasts I'm always in the

market for a new one thank you guys so

much for watching I will see you in the

next video bye


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