Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Krav Maga- most effective defense against kick to the groin

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we're dealing with defenses against regular kicks to the groin

we're starting with the easiest ones- legs vs. legs

We have here 2 options- either stop kicks, if I recognize early on what he's doing,

or if it's a little later, but still ok, not too late

I can also work with the shin, and that's what we're doing now.

So, he's kicking- this is one.

The defense is also a deflection

This defense is exactly the same as, for example,

this one.

So everything that comes from the inside,

and we've said that also on Monday and Wednesday when we were dealing with knife threats

If it's between my arms, it gets an inside defense.

Doesn't matter what he's doing (almost)

either it's a straight punch,

or an uppercut,

if it's a high regular kick

or if it's a kick to the groin. These are all inside defenses.

The movement is from outside in. The defense.

So now, kick and immediately counter.

So his hands are now my targets,

and reset.

So again the principles- we had 200% defense and in this case 200% would be this.

Because here Ionly have 100, and the other 100 is the step to the outside,

Simultaneously I'm countering

and out.

ok? we're switching every time.

I kick once, he defends and counters

and then he

He kicks to connect.

If I don't do anything, he should

I don't have a groin guard right now, but if you have-

connect to the groin

and if your partner doesn't have one- kick to the bellybutton.

but connect

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