Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 "Spark Brilliance Pack" - Test/Review by Extra Time

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Hey guys, whats up

we have a new boot for you

All eyes are on the new flagship in the speed boot area

the Superfly 5 from Nike

and you will see now if this boot fits to my high expectations

Have fun

Let's start with the comfort

Before I start I have to say that I had no issues with the Superfly 4

And the same thing happened with the Superfly 5

From the beginning the boot was very comfortable

and till today I had no problems in terms of comfort

the reason of this fantastic comfort is the extremely soft flyknit upper

which is shrunk after one hour

Well done Nike

In terms of fit the Superfly is very narrow

and shouldn't be for everyone

To give the player a good touch, Nike uses its old known Flyknit upper

but this is been processed with more texture

so you get a more damped feeling while passing and shooting

all in all the Superfly can convince

Everyone knows that Mercurials have a good traction

but the Superfly 5 is on top of everything

the sole plate is anatomically designed

this means that its not flat rather its designed like a foot

this provides a better feeling and a better lockdown

the stud also made a good job

at least on grass

for artificial ground i would prefer the Ag version

because the Fg studs are very long

The worst thing about the Superfly 4 was the bad durability

and in this terms Nike have improved a lot

the shooting inside was very durable

and this although i was playing on ag ground

To sum it up I would say that the Superfly is a very good boot

I can recommend it to everybody who is searching for a light speed boot which has a good durability

These were my experiences with the boot

tell me in the comments which experiences you have collected

Thats the end of the video

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Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye

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