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Hello everyone. It's great to see you here today. My name's Joe. We're gonna learn

how to say the days of the week correctly. I'm British so we'll start with

the British way to say the days, followed by the American, but actually they are both

very similar. English is a difficult language to say, to pronounce. Because it

has a long history of using words from other languages. The days of the week

come from Latin and also Anglo-Saxon. In English we have stressed and non

stressed syllables, sounds. Day is an unstressed syllable. Listen carefully and

you were hear D and the /ei/ diphthong. It's the same sound that you hear

in words like pay or say. Listen carefully for the e at the end. Day.

Day. Day. So let's start with everyone's favorite day of the week, Monday. It's

spelt with an O but actually it's pronounced more like a U. It's the /uh/

sound that you hear in money. So we say Monday, Monday. Next we have Tuesday. It's

a little bit more difficult to say. In British English, we say tue as in tune,

followed by the voiced Z. Tues, Tues, Tuesday. The American version sounds more

like two, as in the number t w o. Tuesday, Tuesday. Wednesday has a silent D and also a

voiced Z. Wenz, Wenz. Wednesday. Thursday starts with an unvoiced TH sound.

To make this sound place your tongue just behind your top teeth and the air

vibrate between the tongue and the teeth. After the TH sound we have the schwa. If

you're not familiar with the schwa, and you should be as it's most common sound in

English. I have a video here for you on the schwa. So TH plus the schwa plus a

voiced Z. So, Thurs, Thurs, Thursday. Now my favorite day of the week, Friday. That is fry as in to fry an egg.

same as you'll find in fine. Next is Saturday.

First the British way which is SA followed by the T and the schwa together,

TA, SA TA, SA TA, Sa tur day, Saturday. Americans use the flapped T.

It sounds more like a D. So we start off SA, SA DA

and then the schwa. So SA DA day, Saturday, Saturday. Now as a little

bonus. Londoners, that's people from London like myself, use the glottal T. So

when we make a sound in our throat and it sounds a bit like this. Saturday

Saturday. Finally we have Sunday which is very

similar to Monday, but instead of starting with an M it starts with an S, Sunday. And

it's Sun as in that big light in the sky.

Okay, now let's say the days of the week together. Firstly, the British Way. Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, Sunday. Now the American Way. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Saturday, Sunday.

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