Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ben Baller S2, Ep. 2 of 6: "Mac Miller Cops A Birthday Grill"

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BEN BALLER: My name is Ben Baller.

And you probably recognize me pushing fantasy whips,

stunting at night clubs, or sitting courtside

at the Laker games.

But the rest of the world knows me as the

Jeweler to the Stars--

Ben Baller.

Today, we're heading out to Mac Miller's house.

He lives up in the hills facing the Valley.

I'm not a big fan of the Valley, but I'll stay in the

Valley before I go anywhere in Orange County.

So he's got some palace out there--

I don't know.

What I do care about is that Mac Miller

is a fan of my work.

I'm a fan of his music.

So when you get a funny dude like him and a crazy

motherfucker like me, it should be interesting.

Oh, you're fucking kidding me, dude.

If you what?

Fuck, Mac.

Where's the photo shoot at?

Oh, fuck.

Fucking motherfuckers.

Mac woke up late.

We've got to head back over the hill, head over to

Hollywood now.

This is the reason why I get paid big bucks--

to be a concierge.


MAC MILLER: All right, look.

Here's the deal, dude.

My birthday is on the 19th.

It's coming up.

BEN BALLER: That's pretty quick, dude.


I want to just come out and do something crazy.

I want to get a grill, dude.

My whole life, I've wanted a grill.

But I don't want to do anything regular.

BEN BALLER: So you want to do a full set.

MAC MILLER: Yeah, full set--

maybe something like half these or something and this is

something else.

BEN BALLER: How long until you know what

you're exactly doing?

Can we figure that out now, or is it not--


Just watch how I work.

All right, here we go.

OK, I got it.

Three diamonds.

BEN BALLER: Three fully iced [INAUDIBLE]

on that side.



One ruby, and then--

MAC MILLER: Can you do a Pittsburgh P on this tooth?


Last tooth.

MAC MILLER: Would it look good to maybe do a peace sign?

BEN BALLER: Like peace?

MAC MILLER: No, like the circle and the--


MAC MILLER: And then bottom--

what if we did diamonds on the other opposite side?

BEN BALLER: So then what do you want to do with the four


Because you-- let me see.

You've got dolphin teeth, dawg.

Look at you.

I can write something there if you want, on

the next three teeth.

You're going to have the most weirdest fucking grill ever.

I hope you know that.



BEN BALLER: Like, weirder than when I made Tyler fucking the

Creator's grill.

It's even worse than that.




BEN BALLER: OK, that's cool.

That's you want.



BEN BALLER: What did you want to put?


MAC MILLER: No, I wanted to write "teeth."

BEN BALLER: Just T, E, E, T, H?


BEN BALLER: Oh, I can do that, dude.

I can make that happen.

MAC MILLER: Oh, my god.

That is legendary.

BEN BALLER: Your birthday's on what?

The 19th?

MAC MILLER: The 19th.

BEN BALLER: I can meet you on Thursday the

17th for the delivery.


BEN BALLER: And we'll go to the palace.

This time you'll be there.

MAC MILLER: Oh, was that a little jab there?

BEN BALLER: That gives me seven days to really work.


BEN BALLER: No, it's not easy, bro.

But I'm going to make it work for you, because

you're Donald Trump.



BEN BALLER: All right.

Let me go get the mold so I can mold you up.

Now, you know that this is not going to taste good.

MAC MILLER: I heard that before you were a jeweler, you

wanted to be an orthodontist.


Definitely not.

Don't bite, either, because if you bite, I'm fucking you up.

MAC MILLER: Hey, this all sounds like things I tell a

girl before she's giving me head.

So, be in your mouth about 90 seconds.

BEN BALLER: Let's do the bottom first.


BEN BALLER: All right.

Don't move.

Let me do it.

Please, dude.

I think that might have worked.

MAC MILLER: Hey, have you got a watch coming out with Neff?

BEN BALLER: Yeah, dude.

I've got a watch--

I'm actually going to be showing at Agenda tomorrow.

When I get a promo one, I'll definitely lace you with one

that's sick, dude.

MAC MILLER: I just talked to them, and they told me,

because they want to do one with me as well.

BEN BALLER: Oh, shit.

That's fucking dope, dude.

That's like--

MAC MILLER: So now, I know my deal so I can just say, give

me $1 more than you gave Ben Baller.

BEN BALLER: Yeah, that's fucking--

[INAUDIBLE], because you're not [INAUDIBLE]-- you're not

known for selling watches, bro.

You're known for selling music, man.

MAC MILLER: You don't know what did [INAUDIBLE]

to come up.

You remember the dude with the jackets with all

the watches in them?


That was me, except I used to be naked under those coats.

BEN BALLER: And they always thought that you were

swimming, too, because why is it so small?

MAC MILLER: Right, exactly.

They'd be like, that dude has a vagina.

BEN BALLER: Let me just--

don't move.

Don't move.

Don't move.

Don't move.

Don't move.

Three, two--

don't move.

I have to do this myself.

MAC MILLER: Tell me it came out.

BEN BALLER: I think that one's all right.


BEN BALLER: All right.

So I'm going to email you.

But we got eight days.




BEN BALLER: All right, friend.

Another great day in South LA.

I met up with Mac Miller yesterday for a

crazy order of grills.

I've got so much shit going on right now.

I'm going to put it all on Jeff so it stresses him out.

Jeff's probably fucking jacking off right now.

What the fuck, dude?


Dude, come on!

JEFF: All right.

What's up?

You sounded like you got robbed.


BEN BALLER: What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?

Why would you jump on the fucking

counter like that, dawg?

JEFF: You called me like you were getting robbed.

What happened?

BEN BALLER: The diamond tester's broken.

JEFF: You called me because of that?

Oh, my Lord.

BEN BALLER: Yeah, dude.

I met with Mac Miller yesterday.

This guy has 75 million views on one video.

You know who Mac Miller is, you fucking [INAUDIBLE]?

JEFF: Black dude?

BEN BALLER: Tall black guy.

6'17", something like that.

All right, anyways, we're making a

grill, top and bottom--

fucking stupid.

Do we got a lot going on right now or no?

JEFF: Why?

How long?

BEN BALLER: Seven days.

One week.

JEFF: A grill?

You know how long that takes, right?

BEN BALLER: No, I know.

Top and bottom.

JEFF: How much, though?

BEN BALLER: 12 racks.

JEFF: I don't know how you pull if off, man, at all.


Not today.


BEN BALLER: Ow, my back!

Ah, fuck.

While my boys go to work on Mac Miller's jewelry, I got a

little time to kill.

So right now, we're off to Long Beach to Agenda.

It's pretty much the biggest streetwear

trade show there is.

I'm fucking super amped right now.

I'm about to check out my collaboration

with Diamond Supply.

Diamond is killing it.

They are pretty much currently the most successful streetwear

brand out right now.

I also got my watch collaboration with Neff.

So to tell you the truth, woke up today in a good mood.


BEN BALLER: Look at this Jew fuck Korean fuck.

Did [INAUDIBLE] show you the pictures I sent him?

My name is Roberto Kim.

Don't touch me, you fucking Jew fuck.

Aaron, what's up, baby?

AARON LEVANT: All right.

How you doing?

Good to see you.

BEN BALLER: So we're here at Agenda 2013, new year, walking

into Diamond.

And guess who we see here?

NICK DIAMOND: Hey, what's up, dude?

BEN BALLER: What's up, Carlo?


I just got here, dude.

I'm just trying to absorb in.

NICK DIAMOND: Yeah, man.

It's good.

Your shirt's killing it, though.

BEN BALLER: Seriously?

NICK DIAMOND: Yeah, it's like the number one shirt that

everyone wants.

Of course, dude.

It's crazy.

I told you.


Thank you to Nick Diamond and Ben Baller collab, right

there, dawg.

So this is just one of the of my collaborations with Neff

right here.

We did 500 pieces online and we sold out.

We just basically made an affordable watch.

I'll have a white one.

I really can't wait to show you guys the gold one.

It's sick.


BEN BALLER: How are you doing, man?

All right.

Thank you.

Appreciate it, dawg.

We came out here.

I wanted to check out my collab, my watch, obviously,

with the Diamond collab.

I can't really complain, man.

Everything's going really well.

Got to get back to this Mac Miller piece--

back on the grind.

So basically, after I got the mold from Mac Miller, I give

it to Jimmy.

Jimmy creates a separate mold now so he can cast a hard mold

off the mold I took from Mac Miller.

And then from there, he creates a new wax mold.

Once the new wax mold is created,

take it to get casted.


BEN BALLER: After it gets casted in the gold, it's time

for us to drill holes, pop eight diamonds into it, start

icing it up.

So I'm pulling up to Mac Miller's house.

Earl Sweatshirt calls this house the Palace.

I call this the [INAUDIBLE]

Fucker's House.

This is such a fucking nightmare, but yo, when he

sees this, he's going to love.

He has the ugliest and the freshest grill at

the same damn time.


BEN BALLER: Yo, it's Ben Baller.


BEN BALLER: I like that aroma--

that fragrance of kush.

MAC MILLER: So here, we've got the living room.

And TV is just a waste of the mind, so we have this nice

piece of art here--

Fireplace with fires, little plaque to commemorate my

number one album.

BEN BALLER: Hold on.


BEN BALLER: What the fuck is this, dude?

MAC MILLER: They match my mink and my afro.

It's when I do jazz shows.

How was Agenda?

I heard you went to Agenda.

BEN BALLER: Oh, yeah.

You know I went out there and killed it.

My Diamond's shirt's coming out and shit.


MAC MILLER: Whatever.

BEN BALLER: Are you ready for this?


You want me to pay you first?

You said $100, right?

BEN BALLER: I told you $12,000, dude.

MAC MILLER: You said $100.

This is all I brought with me.

BEN BALLER: No, dawg.

You'd better have 12 racks for me, or you and those pretty

boys up there are going to get knocked out.

MAC MILLER: I'm going to tell you bro, you know I that

money, baby.

Cash money.

BEN BALLER: And you left the ATM card?


MAC MILLER: Yeah, that's my bank statement.


BEN BALLER: You ain't ready for this, bro.

MAC MILLER: I'm ready as I'll ever be.

BEN BALLER: The ugliest, the freshest--

MAC MILLER: Ugly and fresh-- that's my--

BEN BALLER: At that same damn time.

MAC MILLER: That's me-- ugly and fresh.

BEN BALLER: That's you?

MAC MILLER: I'm not looking.

Ah, it says "teeth."

BEN BALLER: With the emerald.

MAC MILLER: That is so tight.

BEN BALLER: That shit looks sick.

MAC MILLER: I got figure out how to talk with them.

BEN BALLER: Seriously, it might take a month and a half,

two months.

And then, to perfect it, about a year.

MAC MILLER: This is fucking awesome.

BEN BALLER: Dude, tell me you don't like that shit.

MAC MILLER: It's beautiful.

You killed it.

BEN BALLER: Come on, fag.

MAC MILLER: It's great, man.

Now, I can smile more.

I don't got to be so stone cold thuggish all the time,

like usual-- show people that I do have a kind side to me.

I'm not just a straight killer.

But on the real man, thank you, Ben Baller.

I appreciate it.

I'm icy now.

It's tight-- dream come true.

Mac Miller, grill motherfuckers.

BEN BALLER: Mac is a real unusual dude.

And that's good.

I'm just hyped, dawg.

His grill just came out really dope, number one.

Number two, tomorrow's his birthday.

So he's going to Vegas.

He's going to have sex with a man for the first time.

It's going to be fucking crazy.

Mac, I appreciate it, bro.

Must love to you, much love to Pittsburgh and all the shit

you've got going on.

Aight boys.

I'm out, dawg.


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