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the as flex here and welcome back to the

Last of Us remastered now in today's

episode we're gonna try and get early

through to downtown area get out to the

capital Bowden I believe and hopefully

we can get there that's in curtain I

have played a couple of things now

because I have had problems with

recording last week we had the power cut

so we had no chastity and then today I

have been having problems but the actual

recording software so I think I've got

quite far into this one so far and it's

been absolutely not so yeah please

that's quite a few times already so

let's hopefully get through it today and

actually get up onto the channel so

let's go

yes you hear that

no there's the Capitol building

yeah we need to get around this mess

this is the downtown area there was now

with a giant wasteland nobody to hit

nest addiction yeah because this is the

only place it's been through and I got

to but test far over here for the record

he started messing up this direction

hey Cass Oh

body's pretty fresh is that bad yeah

might be let's not stick around

damn it

clicker geez

blinky shit is not COO


no no just see if there's a way through

it's clear all right kid you're up come

on come on face go she's one strong



oh don't fall off an hour geez


who she's manavas nothing shitting my


Lisa gasps miss Bonnie let's go

that's so

there you go ladies all right come on

okay I'm like surprised at that thing in

there they're not give up yeah this is


just don't look down

it's the worst thing is seeing anybody

don't look down there's a capital Boat

northern over there

go Nick it shit haha was it idea select

where there's a room backyard

okay actually here's something so I'm

guessing there's like no one else

strung grab the sky

uh we did another gay come by it was

only three began me okay there's more

than see oh my gosh there's another four

to go uh oh



well that guy's no dad oh my gosh I was

a lot harder than I thought it was gonna


it was Dom look at his sleeve

Firefly these guys aren't doing well in

or out of the city myself there's

Molotov EOS Archimedes

oh sweet rag alcohol and ragout and

update yes we can update our lessening

world essence sweet meet up with second

Firefly team at Capitol building guy

girls or if I fit 30 ish reporting it

all right here from the quarantine zone

out okay Joey you take point I watch the

room and no matter what you stay right

on this is your station

oh my god

morning I was not moving



not to Derek who raises something and oh


gosh Pathan's ha


it's a real name right but not that safe

here anyway

I said lay box even if we go all the way

through that with a pen order which

don't need kill Alaska we actually made


everyone okay oh yeah but my heart's

like hmm you guys are pretty good at

this stuff

it's called luck and it is gonna run out

sometime you need to over this okay

their recently infected those soldiers

must have just turned which means

there's more in the area we gotta go

climb on up oh that noise

oh my gosh oh my sneak out I was in this

military boarding school you'd sneak out

you know I was in the hostess Oh

upgrades anyways one of those what you

guys call runners bit me and that was

that see were you with Marlene when you

were bitten no that's good easy says

this about me and shoot you she's all

right I told you she's gonna be fine you

should have enough to do all these odds


now we're talking right guys I think

only were there for today's video always

have enjoyed today's video if you have

slap that like button and subscribe as

we oh and I was to use all and the next

one bye



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