Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RT Life - Michael After Dark

Difficulty: 0

[Starring Michael Jones]

Thursday night at the office just finishing up Rage Quit.

Normally, the place is bustling but no! Not today.




I'm in the office.

They've left me all alone!

What have they done?

[In a Sing Song voice] And then you grab the chair.

And you drag the chair.

Right there. Perfect.

Oh yeah, we're gonna need this. Gimme this thing right here.

I need some blue carpet in my life.

[Singing theme to James Bond]

[Cat Gun Fires]

[Gunshot noises]

[Lasers Fire]

[Gunshot noises]

[Combat Roll]

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Oh, you want some bitch?

Aa - aah, ow, ow.

Flying Dad Bomb!

[Laser Gun Fires]

They got me Charlie.

They got me.

You tell 'em what happened here.

You tell them not to leave me alone again!

Ya see that?

You see that?

Look at that boo-boo


[sharp intake of breath, then breathing out]

I'm fine.

[sharp intake of breath, then breathing out]


(groan), It hurts.

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