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Yes, I am Jihyo. 1st Photobook

So today, I'm shooting

'Yes, I am Jihyo.'


The first shoot is me playing tennis,

which is something I've been wanting to learn.

(JIHYO's good!)

(And the end)

It isn't easy.

I was going to start learning in April

but the court was undergoing construction.

So I am going to start at the end of April.

(Show us when you learn how to play!) Show you?

I mean... it will take some time before I'm good enough to show anything.

Maybe a couple of months.

When I feel ready to show,

I'll definitely invite you.


(The shoot continues)

(Cheerful footsteps)

I used to go to this class, which is supposed to help me grow taller.

They taught me basketball there.

Just to get taller!


- The company made me do it. - Really?

(Amazing reflex)

That almost hit me..

(Goal in!)

(Of course)

(Basketball class)

(JIHYO continues to shoot)


Shall we?


Time to go!

(Looks proud even from behind)

(Moving on to the next location)

(Zoned out)



This feels like...

a great mattress.

Can you act like you've just woken up?

(Shy) Hahahaha

Not working.


(This is how we got the best shot)


- Tie here? - Sure.

(Hmm..) I think this part should be more stiff.

(I don't like it) (Let's do it again!)

This really feels like I came right out of the shower.

Is this new?


(Sniff) They opened the new one.

(I trust you)

I don't know about this.

Maybe it's because there isn't any water?

(Reluctantly brushes her teeth)

(Not totally confident)

(But, JIHYO is a PRO)

(This is how you brush teeth)

(Changing into a dark outfit)

(A surprise guest!) MINA!

- Yes. - What brings you here today?

I heard JIHYO was shooting today.

So I'm here to see what's going on!

(Sweet MINA brought flowers!)


(So happy!) What's with these flowers! I love them!

(So touched) Thank you so much.

(Pretending like it's nothing) I heard you were lonely here,

- so I'm here to see you. - Thank you.

I am really touched!


I love them!

Did you know about this?

(Pretending as if not to care) I went to a fruit stand and they were selling flowers.

Thank you!

- Fighting! - Fighting!

Will you wait for me?

You're not leaving already, are you?

No way.

I'll stay for a little bit.

(Thanks to MINA) (JIHYO's shoot is going so well)

JIHYO's shoot was...

(So shy) Do I look okay?

(Of course you look pretty) Pretty!

This shoot was scheduled last month.

And I was preparing to visit her then.

You really came?

The shoot was supposed to take place last month, right?

- Yes. - The shoot was..

So I told them I was going to make a surprise visit.

And then yesterday, they said you might be lonely and asked me maybe I could pay a visit!

(MINA already had it all figured out..) I was going to make a surprise visit.

There was a plan all along!

Thank you!

It's so hectic, isn't it?

(Have made a photobook before) It's really hectic.

Not as bad as I expected.

- Really? - I even had the time to eat.

I see.

Thank you so much! I can't believe you brought flowers!

- So... - Lately...

You seem to like flowers.


You said earlier

that you kinda like pink these days.

(Hail) (Sweet MINA) You remembered it?

Yeah, so I bought pink flowers.

Thank you so much.

Aren't these gorgeous?

They will go into the vase in my room.

(The 97-ers (who were born in 1997) are so sweet to each other)

Thank you so much. I am so grateful.

It's my day off!

(Are you teasing me?)

I am really jealous about that.

(JIHYO's off to work!)

"I'm Alcohol-Free, but I get drunk~"

(For Making the M/V) (Totally feeling it)

"Though I did not drink at all"

"It happens whenever I'm with you"

(So into it)

(I rocked it)

- Thank you. - Good work!

- Thank you everyone! - Good job!

That was Day One of

shooting my photobook.

It's the first time that I change into different outfits

while shooting alone.

It was a new experience and fun.

And I was so happy that MINA came to visit.

I was feeling slightly lonely and her presence put me at ease.


(The location for Day Two)

I am...

in Yangyang!

This is the first outfit of the day.

(This surfer look suits JIHYO)

('Alcohol-Free' MV) I've recently been to Jeju Island

and that quenched my thirst for the sea a little bit.

I watched the ocean a lot there.

I will also have fun here!

(The shoot continues)

Kinda cold.

The weather is... kinda chilly.

I was walking side by side with the ship earlier.

(Passing by)

(Staff) (LOL)

There must be some catches in the sea.

Isn't it a squid fishing ship?

(The shooting at the sea is done after taking many selfies)


(Staff) How cute!

I mean it! Really cute!

(Pout) I worked up the courage.

(Lost confidence since everyone was laughing) This is my first time since I debuted.

- Don't laugh! - So cute!

- Why? I don't look cute? - You look cute.

(Don't misunderstand us!) We laughed because you are so cute.


JIHYO has never done a pigtail before.

- A pigtail? - Yeah.

(Staff) You look so cute!

(Kinda embarrassing)

(LOL because of how other staff reacted)

(Everyone was shocked by your new style) I know.

They find it really strange.

(Sad JIHYO) I don't ever wear this kind of hairstyle.

So I think that's why people are

unfamiliar with it.

You look like a very sporty girl

who came to skateboard with ONCE.

A lot of people wear this kinda thing these days.

So I'm wearing one, too.

And I'm also wearing pigtails.

And big dungarees.

(Can you go out like this?) Where?

Not for shooting? Just by myself looking like this?

Maybe the outfit, but never the hair.

No way.

Isn't it too much?


The last shooting was really familiar.

I felt like I was shooting for goods.

I find today's shooting more fun.

I get to do a lot of different things.

I didn't sleep as well as the night before Day One.

But I feel better.

(Last location)

(What caught JIHYO's eyes?)

(A cat is sitting where we have to shoot)

(The photo of my life!)

I'm tearing up.


(Doing my best!)

(Happy JIHYO to wrap up!)

I finished shooting for .

The last shooting was

accompanied by a little cat.

It was a great ending.

I worked hard for the last two days!

I hope you like the result.

Our fans can't see us as often,

and I hope this photobook can be a gateway

to get to know me better. Thanks!

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