Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LoL- Mundo Support!

Difficulty: 0

Mundo: Mundo speaking!

Customer: Hello! Hey,

Customer: uh... Yeah.. Uh..

Customer: I was calling because I- *MUNDO SLURP*

Customer: I was calling because- Mundo: *LE SLURP*

Customer: Uh, yeah... I was calling because I wanted a refund on, uh, some skins that I bought.

Mundo: Mundo taking a look now!

Mundo: Uuuugh...

Mundo: You big dumby and bought ALL Teemo skins!! *Slurp*

Customer: It was a mistake!

Customer: You've gotta understand it! I saw the fur and then... I.. I dunno... I dunno... I dunno..... ;_;

Customer: It was a moment of weakness! It won't happen again, I swear!

Customer: He was... SO... FLUFFY!!!!!!

Customer: *Cries like Amumu watching Mufasa's death scene*

Mundo: Mundo understand.

Customer: You do?! Thank you SO much! I-

Mundo: Mundo refund ALL RP (Riot Points) and use to unlock MUNDO.

Mundo: And ALL MUNDO SKINS!!! *~Slurp~*

Customer: Thank you- Wait....

Customer: WHAT?!!!!11ONE

Customer: I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAG- *click*

Mundo: Mundo make another satisfied customer! *Slurp.exe*

Singed: Shake... SHAKE!

Twisted: Will you just go...?

The Description of LoL- Mundo Support!