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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Deepavali | Tamil Movie | Scene 3 | Jayam Ravi | Bhavana | Raghuvaran | Vijayakumar | Lal

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When will you come to our shop, Sumathi?

- I was coming to your shop. - Has he given up the vow?

He has given up midway.

- Why? - Susi has come to our house.

If he is under vow, I can't prepare non-vegetarian dishes.

No meal is complete without non-vegetarian items.

She is from a very rich family.

I must prepare tasty dishes as long as she is here.

That's why he broke the vow.

Is she very close to him?

Seth worked for Susi's father 15 years back.

His hip bone broke and so he settled here with Mudaliar.

Seth brought her up.

You know Pinku, don't you? he...

You are adding bones.

You go home. I will get you good meat.



Sumathi sister, these fishes are so eager to come to your house.

To hell with you. Bring them home.

The room is very pleasant.

The room is very pleasant.

It was my room.

He bought new TV, fridge, AC for you.

You are great!

- Put your legs down. - Really?

Didn't I tell you not to buy anything new for me?

As long as you are here, you must be happy.

Smells so good. Meat & fish?

Sumathi is preparing variety of dishes for you. Come.


Don't you have plans to come to Bangalore?

- Get me some water. - You get it yourself.

You little brat!

Where to keep this? - Keep it somewhere.

Seth, get me some water.

I am deaf.

Sumathi, get me some water.

You get it yourself.

I order people to work for me. But he orders me.

He looks very tired.

Can't you give him water?

No Susi. You don't know about him.

I can judge a person by just looking at him.

He is very good.

Is he good? You are finished today.

You asked for water. But no one cared for it.

You are very good, Susi.

Susi, switch on the fan.

It is very hot.

Turn that fan this side.

Turn the it to left.


Susi, drag that table here.

- What? - It is paining.

Can't you help me?

Am I demanding too much?

Am I demanding too much?

It's okay. I will help myself.

Susi, you are trapped. Give it to me.

Susi, why are you unnecessarily talking with her?

Get the hair oil on the table.


I can't get up. My waist is paining.

I can't get up. My waist is paining.

It is paining. Give me a massage.

I got hurt while fighting. Please.

Anything special?

I am on a fasting vow.

I heard that you had bought meat & fish.


He will eat everything. There won't be nothing left.

Do your work. Stop looking elsewhere.


Little back

Can't you massage properly?

- What are you doing? - I will kill you.


People you beat are dying in pain and you're getting a massage here.

Billu, your punches had more power today.

When a "Figure" asked me to hit them, I was totally charged.

- Well said. - What? Idiot.

And that too for a "Shapeless Figure".

Be it anyone. It was a figure who said that.

What do you say, Susi?

- Who is that "Figure"? - It is you.


How dare you call me a "Figure"?

After her mother's death,

she got fed up facing problems.

She must be very happy as long as she is here.

Take care of her.

Susi, why did you come here? Come.

What happened?

Why are you dragging me?

Come here.

Any problem?

What shampoo do you use?

Is that very important?

- What's happening here? - Susi, just hold one. Listen to me.

What are you doing?

It is my hand.

- Why are you taking it? - I will explain you later.

Then tell me.

- What's happening there? - Wait. I will tell you.

- Move. - Listen to me.

- I must go. - Wait here. They are coming.

You didn't tell me what's happening.

Just look at me.

No. I must go.

Wait. I will tell you.

- I must go. - Idiot.

You didn't listen to me.

You used to escape every year.

This time you are finished.

You are fully drenched.

I warned you many times. I told you to wait for 2 minutes.

You didn't listen to me.

You look very funny.

Always listen to your elders.

Nobody has every succeeded to pour water on me.

Who has that guts?

She has poured water on Billu. Superb!


Since I am full of colours. Let everyone here be colourful.

They will find you if you go like this.

Even Komalam is also full of colours.

Let's go.

Where? Near Seth's house? I am coming.

Come fast.

Why should I wear a white shirt?

Are you wearing a white shin? - Yes.

I look very bright after wearing this shirt. Okay.

- Is the shirt pressed? - Yes, it is.

Come to Seth's house.

Where? Near Seth's house? I am coming.

Iam coming.

Billu, a bad news.

My uncle fell in the sewage & broke his leg.

Come to Seth's house.

What? Will you give money to those who break their legs?

Are you wearing a white shin?

- I've also pressed it. - Then come.

Iam coming.

I've come. Tell me what it is.

- You must tell me. - Why should I?

Who asked me to come here in a white shirt?

Who asked you to come here?

You can do nothing.

No. Better remove it.

I don't like things covered.

Open it.

Iam warning you.

Remove it.

What is this?


There are boys of all ages.

Make it fast.

Start the car.

Start the car.

Why are you people so dull?

Still in a hangover? Start.

We should not drink cheap liquor.

We should not drink cheap liquor.

Wait. Where are you going?

To see the saint in the Ashram.

How did you know that?

You spoke so loud last night that I could not sleep properly.

No one is getting into the car.

- You get in. - In the car? No, sorry.

- I am coming on the bike. - She ditched me.

Start the car.

Never open my bag.

Never open my bag.

- I thought you'll have money. - Don't you have money?

- Billu, take food for those school children. - Everything is ready.

As you told Billu, I've arranged everything.

You don't worry.

Very good.

You liar!

She acts as if she did everything.

Are you also going to meet the saint?


He is very powerful.

Anything he says will happen.

- Inquire about our school with him. - Okay father.

- Inquire about our school with him. - Okay father.

I am going to Old Washermanpet.

Dandapani said that there is an alliance.

Let's hope atleast this gets fixed.

- Bye. - Bye.

Let's go.

- Billu... - What?

Don't forget to ask him what I told you?

- You don't have any other job. - Please...

- Listen to her. - She is pester me.

You tell me.

We are looking for an alliance for Billu.

But nothing suits him.

His father is searching every nook & corner.

His father is searching every nook & corner.

But he is very unhappy.

If we tell this to the saint, he will show us the right path.

You don't worry.

I will tell him to ask the saint about this.

It is a bike not a mountain.

- Can't you keep quiet? - I am used to it.


- Bye. - Bye mother.

There is a match in the evening. Don't forget to come.

I will come.

- Greetings brother. - Greetings.

- How many call taxis do you own? - 212.

Your taxis might take an hour to cross the street.

I was born & brought up here.

No one here is stranger to us,

everyone is my relative.

In flats, people get murdered so easily.

But not here.

People will come flocking if they hear a small noise.

They share food, happiness, sorrows.

That's what I like here.

We don't even talk to our own family members.

But everything is new here.

Sumathi told me that your father is very strict.

Why talk about him when I am happy?

Guards accompany me everywhere.

- I don't want to talk about it. - Okay. Don't get upset.

- Susi, take the phone. - Okay.

Hello, uncle...

He wants to talk to you.

Who? Seth, I spoke to him.

Nothing to worry.

It's enough if we pass an order in our society.

Unload it.

It is very pleasant.

It is very pleasant.


Ice cream for everyone.

Hasn't your father come?

He had some work.

Who is she?

She is Susi. Miss Bangalore.

Is she Miss Bangalore?

No. She missed Bangalore.

What are you looking at?

Won't you guys greet a guest?

We forget about the time when we are with these children.

But if my dad comes here, he will become a child again.

But he is cheating.

What happened to the King Kong movie?

Let's watch the movie.

This is King Kong.

It is coming closer.

Mother, it walks differently.

It is suffering with piles.

Take all the biscuits & chocolates to the store room.

Take all the biscuits & chocolates to the store room.

I am scared of it, mother.

Idiot! I am scared of your father.

Idiot! I am scared of your father.

They 3T6 Very haPPV-

We have to develop this orphanage.

We need to build a library there.

Foundation has been laid for a hospital.

We have many plans.

I feel very light.

This is nothing. Meet the saint.

You will feel free completely. Come.

Welcome Billu.

She is Susi from Bangalore, Seth's guest..


Do you need any uniforms for the children?

Your father has provided us a lot.

I will ask you if there is a need.

Father wants to know when will this school be completed.

It will get completed.

It has been 2 years since the building got completed.

It has been 2 years since the building got completed.

But the G.0. has not been passed.

It will be passed in a month.

Okay. I will spend sometime with the children & then I will leave.

Your mother told you to ask him something.

- Forget it. - What is it, Billu?

It is about my marriage.

My father is busy looking for an alliance.

He feels that no girl is suitable for me.

My parents are worried about this.

My parents are worried about this.

Tell me where should my father look for a girl for me.

The girl is next to you.


She is the one you are going to marry.

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