Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Amsterdam Window Shopping (The Nine Streets)

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hello good afternoon have a good day good morning

greetings from the netherlands we are nearby prince and cracked the prince canal today we are

gonna be walking around the ninth streets the american stretches upscale shopping neighborhood

of amsterdam nearby centrum welcome to the netherlands another livestream tour with murat

hello i have lost in amsterdam hat today cap but we are not going to be visiting lost in

amsterdam today another time after i reached 10 000 subscribers i will do that for you hello

david so many friends here daniel enjoy the prison craft view today we have a special guest with us

because we will be having a shopping tour we have a shopping expert here hello how are you

i have a friend with me today annie annie or any annie annie i thought she was from thailand but

obviously she's not she's from china no she's from china or israeli i got the secrets this is the

lawyer's craft okay before starting let me ask you for a drink what would you prefer matcha machate

or espresso coffee or bubble tea you'll tell me your choice then we will

yes first one first one you choose the first one which because according to your selection we will

make our roots okay bubble tea okay then we will take it five minutes later because at

this site in the corner there is a matcha coffee place macha mafia we will skip that one for now

hello notch hello rosa careful the other side come and dimiji

you see david from maryland from us says beautiful annie honey fahil

today we have a beautiful day in amsterdam it's 26 celsius and

i'm gonna show you i should trigger the oh look at this there's a boat line

there is a boat traffic here today because of the good weather look at this so many boats

hello samara ciao

in distance we see the western torrent next to western church

it's western toronto this is the tallest church tower in amsterdam

and this is pensioncrate as i mentioned many times before it's that means a prince canal

this is the most beautiful canal of amsterdam canal belt unesco world heritage sites

hello ellis let's start to are walking through through this streets the nine streets sorry

the ninth system and in dutch it's called the naked structure i call it the knife this but

the real translation from dutch is the little nine nice streets

something like that this is the first street around strats it's called ninth streets because

literally it's a combination of ninth streets and it covers all the canals of amsterdam canal belt

okay you take bubble tea but uh i'm not gonna take bubble tea i'll take you guys

espresso as usual my tradition so my favorite coffee shop is just on the next street i will

visit that place i will take my espresso and from another place we will take your bubble tea okay

we have already 90 97 people

on the live stream that's good everyone is happy with the shopping tour san felice ripe

this is a huge cheese sealed cheese so you can take it back to china without putting it on

the refrigerator let's look at that clothes that looks nice but always be careful on this because

bike drivers never stop let's see that yeah do you like this one like when his

no price right it's it's 29 euro


colorful dutch fashion

and the real dutch is looking for some nice thing all right i think it looks good on you

with with your current clothes i think it fits well what do you think guys

all right

so on this neighborhood the ninth streets there are so many interesting unique

shops uh not like amsterdam centrum if you would like to buy a gift for your friends

out of the netherlands this this is the place oh really this stuff

it's an expensive one you like luxury things i think

they are quite beautiful earrings okay let me show closer

so there are unique items and shops not like

colorful strats or new one dyke there are some different shops upscale prices upscale items


and let's see closer


i think it also fits on you business all colors are made for you today

yes they are nice

the runner all right

let's continue don't go to the fable there's no fable today

i ate enough herring yesterday right and enough snacks today no february but at the end maybe we

will get a beauty one more [ __ ] actually we got already one kaiser's craft emperor's canal

you know these canals are man-made they are not natural they were built after 16th century

so when amsterdam gets crowded dutch people didn't think about

invading another country they didn't open fight to another country instead they create

another land in their own country so they built these living areas and the canals

the only original one is single in the beginning

other three canals are man-made also single a little bit actually

so in the past this casual crafts much business oriented living area

mostly companies or trading companies i mean were settled here

it was an expensive area the other one herroncraft

they are most residential so this is my coffee place for being oh korean cosmetics

wow 12 selected plants from korea ok from here i will get my espresso just just a second

yes and he's looking for bubble tea but it's not level to here

yeah it's clean and the coffee beans are good

i'll take double espresso my usual usual item uh i wait for the customers

uh leave it's a small place i don't want to distract them

and the other streets behind of the street there is a famous bubble tea

place what was the name of that maybe i know i'm gonna show it probably you know

all right

give me a minute to take my double espresso

and then we will continue to walking through the streets

we have 133 people on the chat

so thumbs up please i have coffee more thanks enjoy your coffee whatever

okay give me a minute you don't want anything from here right you want anything from him

okay keep yourself for bubble tea okay

i hope this music will not destroy our video copyrights

i i will order my coffee and pay and then i will wait outside

can you take my coffee because i don't want to stay there's a music here

paolo melo thanks hopefully we will see some other shots we will see inside

this is the menu americano ice david's from maryland

hello i will take a double experience

all right

after him

because we use microphones so i think i'm not interpreter

okay ellis that is from our marsh here she lives in out marsh another city

we can hardly hear the music so i think hello i ordered double espresso

thank you thank you

yes at the same time can you hold it

give me a second okay

thank you

look at her wearing look at her fashion as if as if i found her on the street

she always shop here

let's show some products all right yeah i mean not getting insight from windows we will show

this is cortina it's a good bicycle by the way

and there's a i think they don't sell this motorbike

no prices under it gets tank 11. let's see another one

the things get smaller that means they are more expensive

this pompadour pompadour pompadour even a coffee shop with tulips phillips coffee shop

best friend sancho okay this this pacifi bakery is very famous

yes it's considered to the best one in this area so many beautiful

products on the window i'm gonna show you

stuck in the zone sorry about the zoom problems let's see

look at this wow

oh my god how many how many kilograms of sugar inside you have to run at least six hours to

spend at calories but uh in all sources they say that this is the best puzzle in the ninth

streets they have also homemade shrubs and both baths for example and the cocoa powder powders

and there is a sting area inside two places tea room

we are in harden strat and you know these nice stress covers nice trees

actually and most of them are renamed after animal names like parent strats

yes accessory bear these babies nice synonym not beauties yes we found some other nice colors

for annie right can you see the prices 55 55 euro the boat the skirt carla palermo


40 euro i show more woman clothes because uh woman subscriber percentage if on my channel

is only 17 percent so we need more women subscribers to arrange gender equality

now we are in harrencraft oh this looks like my bicycle it seems someone stole it and leave

it here wait look maybe it's me this is my foldable bike yes the red one and i bought

it in this bicycle shop from wasp and i came here by train and i bought it from the central station

hello leslie from virginia

this feels like a date video dude ladies murad is a really nice guy he's lying

hello singapore

ilionis so most of my subscribers are from us or latin america

mostly out of netherlands actually i mean only 15 percent of the watchers are from the netherlands

all others from mostly from latin america or u.s canada

so this one vertical street it ends up here the ninth street it ends at the corner in that area

and then we will go left and explore the other

straight blocks this is a lebanese street food place very famous and always there is a line in

front of it not today it's interesting lebanese area it has a few branches throughout amsterdam

does she live there or is she visiting she lives here uh for a while

i don't know how long we will see

one uh lower spot cruises on the way that's a famous company flowers

the orange one yes national netherlands scholars

david david from when i go on a date i usually pay because i am the man

in turkey men always pay woman pays nothing that's the turkish way it's not true really

it's true oh look at this it's a spaceship lover spaceship is going cheers

i think they are not happy

okay let's see the other side so let's catch them again so they will be more unhappy

only one person is happy i saw it okay this is the official end of ninth streets

and then it continue on the other side like this this way it goes let's go left

strain hunters we just passed through

i i asked annie if she likes coffee shops but it's petty he doesn't like coffee shops he never tried

weeds so that's why we didn't visit a coffee shop today i'm joking i'm already not visiting

coffee shops on the live streams let's go so someone is not getting it to us

thank you leslie

nice street is official neighborhood since 1997 by the way

how did you know that yeah i thought i look for it i know something

yeah before that there are still the same streets here but municipality officially announced that

okay it's an official shopping district and also with upscale cafe restaurants and

boutique style shops but to be honest

if i need to buy some gifts for my friend's birthday or any celebration i always come

to nice risk because the only original things can be found here other than amsterdam magnets

yeah there is a gift shop i can't remember which it was but there are always original things

like for example a teaspoon but it's a man with bikini

you spur your tea with a man for example woman

look three tourists are back

i only see french tourists nowadays let's wait for their photo shoot and i'm gonna show you

to this blue bicycle probably it's another flower bike man product have you ever heard flower batman

no yeah he designs his bicycles and live

so what are you doing here annie tell us about yourself i think

they are curious about you what are you doing here why did you come here why come here to travel okay

and how long you will stay in amsterdam as long as i won okay i think good answer

solo coffee shop thank you pablo oh this bicycle is pretty busy let's continue to the other streets


think your bubble tea place should be on the street a bit further probably

i'll put this together

nice espresso

let's see that woman products again

and there is a discount right from 37 to 25.

okay i really like this one should i buy this one for you

how about this 15 t-shirts fly me to the moon amsterdam and yes the moon is

strike 15 years i think it's a reasonable price for this this shopping district

it's normally usually it's more expensive in this area

i like this color yeah how much is that 50 there's a nice blue color lots of interesting things

how about the kovit 19 regulations in china do you know about them

not much can we travel to china now i don't think so okay waterproof bag 30 euro

40 euro acrobatics another pack ah for example this shop has original amsterdam things

this is a unique shop you can't find them anywhere else like this prison hut apparently

lands all right and amsterdam houses you can use it yes for candle see it's a candle holder

and the amsterdam map another original one center of amsterdam and there are

different colors ah you can change it in any color so it's interchangeable it's 50 euros

and the dutch canal house candle no price

price is not mentioned but the frame is 20 euro


love stories

call the another coffee shop

adam means man gentlemen

and heron means gentlemen so it's gentleman cannon

it's michael

i still cannot remember the name of the bubble t-shirt but

i know it's on the streets i know it's here let's see amsterdam hearts

the prices were written in the past i don't know it's still there oops

those are not prints they are handmade and the prices are written over there

the small one is 440 euro because they are unique handmade

it belongs only to you there are not other copies that's why they are expensive

18. it's also our famous vintage store this one this one oh you have been here

before a couple of times couple of times wow okay already looks nice

okay i've found it let's see amsterdam this is the bubble t-shirt linens five euro

have you ever bought anything from this place yeah last winter but not the colorful one

okay those are more like

seaside beach landfords clothes oh it's but it's relatively very cheap right five euro only

this should be expensive

okay that's blue but this is good for tequila

i will buy it for tequila later

swim sweets guinness points

ours are one of our followers david david from maryland they like bicycles

oh what's this oh it has a baby sting in it this is for baby and also there's another one

so these bicycles make you guaranteed that you'll have two children at least

i saw some dutch mothers they carry three child three children

actually i'm gonna ask if i can show bicycles

let's see hello i was making a video can i show the bicycles on the i video you to play

all right we are in a bicycle shop perfect do you have my skull no no

let me show her she's the only person who has not a bicycle in amsterdam

this is gazelle bike with grocery bags and it looks like waterproof

i think it's an expensive bike probably i see and the same price is this one 1750.

and you can carry your heinekens here and a campex that's why

is it an e-bike yes it's an e-bike this is battery

you need something like this you don't make so much effort and those are homes


yes what's this coffee that's my

style well

i love my bike

so many choices oh malcolm

that blue

oh that's the best one burger bun no

it's great

let's see some other bicycles

well i haven't fixed my belt my belt is broken on my bike i would get a new one

this is cortina denim 679 euro but it's not an e-bike you have to use your power

for this but it's still good i think it's a good price for this quality bicycle

it's a new one i think bags are not included but it's a strong bicycle

for sitting here yes you see another magnesium

i think there are dutch plants david

most of the shops in this area they are dutch brands or french

oh this is for us

you see this is for two people uh how that was called there is a name for this i can't remember

i think one person will drive


yeah i need this one big bike hole

this is light you know in the evening if you ride your bike without lights there's a fine 100 euro

bicycle caps how much 30 euro buy caps

this is for winter when i say winter it means september

that's where is the price try me oh okay so creature one

so you will not get fined you will not get fined with this it's not working you see it crossed

12 13

okay we finished the bicycle shop with it

but annie is getting angry because we still couldn't buy her bubble tea

you see okay on the next corner just a little bit patience

this is yes this is an expensive bicycle shop because they have unique and creative items

invade this chip in my buying place and they are brand new well what a weather

let's take a look to the canal uh stay there i will take your picture

yes i'm joking i'm on a video

yeah come let's take a selfie for thumbnail

this could be a thumbnail i think it's a good thumbnail for a shopping tour

you see normally they don't allow these tables on the bridge but because of quit 19 measures

they have limited capacity insights up to 70 people i think according to the square meter

so they have extra spaces they are allowed by municipal

oh we have almost 200 people just because of you

this is chum your place

this is also secondary vintage i think probably you know this one also episode

here it is i tried this place before they are good i tried

only it's a small place so we need to wait a little bit

and this is true now we have 200 all right opening cars between 12 and 7 have you tried before

do you have any recommendations uh i think just the brown sugar looks even good okay

okay you you got a recommendation from a professional i think probably he'll it's here rice

hello colleen we will get a bubble tea from this famous place

how we pronounce it

okay i think i have fun

i'll not take you order whatever you want oh they have also mitchell by the way no already

yes i'm a simple matchup

thank you

that's true right

okay it's good they arranged well

and what did you order

strawberry they have they don't have a big menu they have limited choices but it's good

when there are too many items on the menu it's difficult to select one what is bubble tea exactly

okay this answer this question is for you i don't know but they put something inside yeah bubble

bubble but what is made of i don't know we don't care so really i knew that but i forgot oh i think

this is much touch not touch service quality they bring your order to outside

because they are chinese or japanese i don't know they're chinese

maybe they are turkey it's being answered it's made of tea wow paolo melo you are the master


that reminds me opportunity yeah it's similar

you have is sorry you have scooter i think right yes it's right over there

it's it is electric um no just um diesel yeah

it's a fast way of transportation in amsterdam so

yeah i think next year i'm thinking about buying an e-bike

you're living in amsterdam i live in waste oh wait after dinner

um a bit that way in the on the west side

west oh okay near west maybe no no not near almost okay oh better it's better than

and for uh out west yes they have lots of nice vegetarian restaurants

i don't know true and there's a food court i don't know if you've been there the food over

yes it's very nice it's very nice and there's a cinema next to so it's the perfect date

we can try it later for some nice snacks

by the way we are we were making a live video i didn't show for oh that's for youtube for

youtube would you like to say hello uh youtube live 200 person hello locally

right ready thank you enjoy bye-bye

we met a local local people she lives in out west my

lens is a bit dirty excuse me 30 seconds i will clean the lens just just a minute



yes it's good i also like pad thai i'm full now but

you know this this is the tires you are not thai but this is tyrosine

yeah i thought she's tied because she has a darker skin

color she doesn't look like chen i think i still think that she's jokingly

oh i think you will be interested in those things

even they put little small prices

this is a real art i mean putting the prices in that small way 44 euro i think

um necklace

african colors

and wedding car right pink ride car

those are also more african colors yeah but they have french or spanish really

how much 29 year old ones and elephants definitely tied

this is a good place for breakfast and this toast and rolls i barely have breakfast

for two months i also skip breakfast

i think it's healthier to skip the breakfast

let's see this beautiful we so many boats today in the canals

but only french tourist today i didn't see any other nationality in the centrum

what is her name his name is her name is annie honey or any are you confused annie okay

this is a good one because in the center there is a bar

get your guides so unlimited drinking sites it's like 18 euro one hour trip and i know however you

whatever you drink that's fine this is erin's cracked

the most famous street of jordan neighborhoods

and this hardboard museum

johnny or the johnny or dan plain over there the famous dutch musician

iconic and he has statue over there

did you film a boat tour yet without see that yes we did two times in amsterdam canals the

last one was two months ago where we were going let's walk through this way and then we will

see this is the second area on the ninth street one more bridge left to the centrum

but we can make another water in the future in the next month maybe

the indians are celebrating our independence day today hello bahavish congratulations

for your independence steak

my favorite breakfast place lastly yes mine too i was that three weeks ago

homemade iced tea

there are some nice clothes here but more asian or japanese i don't know oh wow

what the smell can you smell it inside from this corner it smells good

more like pizza asian pizza no we don't oh okay without the hats

oh that one is japanese i know this one japan japan's special offer what's that

definitely much much cheaper than japan

this is 15 euro

and five euro those are psycho bottles i think 45 euro 45 45 have you ever tried sake

before like a japanese rice rice rocky

oh it's in turkish wow

they even brought in turkish in many languages

wow it's a vintage book shop i love those shops

you know i have lost an amsterdam cap in our previous visit they gifted this to me

another time we will go through

and enjoy some shisha with shisha

this is one of the best waves larry art


and the other side

one of my favorite restaurants is here on this corner uh this is north african kitchen rhine

yes and normally they have sitting area here and here but today they

already closed i think that's why it's also grocery and they have north african

foods take away also pizza homemade pizza not like fabric industrial is a it's a good one

what's that those damn boat guys first time i see this boat

i always see smoke boats it's anyone nookie

and flagship is one of the most famous through company after lovers

but these are more more convenient because you pay only 18 or 20 euro

for one and a half hour or one hour and they always bar in the center

and you can arrange your social distance and it's open-air i mean

you can easily take picture and make video


and this is the last street itself uh the 9th street the last street we see today

we still have time if you want after end of the street we can

go to lost in amsterdam and we can get another drink and then almost five yes

in 10 minutes we will be finishing this street and then we can go there this is

the the tower i mentioned left of touring the tallest church tower of amsterdam in distance

i don't know what is this it's a traffic sign probably

and this corner cafe is really nice frankly stuff i like the toasties toasty and also coffee

i walk so randomly it's difficult right i walk so randomly difficult difficult to catch me

oh it's interesting thanks for letting me know i don't know really expensive oh there are prices

wow the dog plate is more expensive than mine 150

and look at this 13 euro 14 year old this is for sitting coach 200 euro dog couch

i am here to be awesome yes uh this is the most funny one this is for royal dogs

dog ball costs more than the

goku seems it's true can we check this shop i see some nice dutch house

traditional dutch houses and what is that there's a train cart here

i was looking to dutch houses and there's a train cart here someone

lost it why did they left here i don't know this is wester torun

can you hold it i think i can show it i will fix my issue

nice cameraman is now honey

thank you



for grow butter

who is with you someone says here she is the most famous people in amsterdam

annie from amsterdam

the dog is angry buy him a dog ball please buy him a 200 euro cost dog dog catch

that's why he's angry

yes nothing is naked

i think they should deliver that train car to the central station information

that doesn't look like vintage

i'm gonna zoom into prices

short 160 short 65

like this

oh this is vegan burger fried burgers rainbow colors i always see this place but i never tried

flower burgers i mostly eat vegetarians

yes sometimes i cheat for example yesterday i ate raw parrying fish

but in week days when i am at home i only eat raw vegetarian things

some nice designs here

they are handmade right i think yes from different artists they are handmade unique

they are not industrial

shoes made from trees what does that mean environment friendly shoes

and tax-free planets so you can get a refund for tax

if you buy it you can get a taxi phone at the airport

some more

how about this dress 70 euro trousers 64. this is the dress

however scarf scarf is 35 euro and sandals 90 euro thousand golden golden age founders

there was a gift shop here i couldn't see that one i think i want you to visit this

one it's your clothes i'll be here twice frida what's name optical frida kahlo

like yours show us all right another vintage

okay we are uh another small streets almost a tenth that small city maybe

the gift shop i mentioned in that street let's see you don't remember

i can't remember which street it was but probably this one there is a unique gift shop

did you like it bubble tea yeah i like it

gained another customer

yeah another frida kahlo i think they love frida here see


colorful skulls

that's the place yes and also the next shop is french plants it's very nice


oh it's a vinyl renal shop

paper tiger

and this is a famous shop you know this one sucks we love there are thousands of different

socks design

would you like to see

there are some funny designs i think

i know this guy if damage see us he would remember this painter he was always on the tv in the past

and then another frida i see some marvel comic characters are you drunk yes no good one mr wins

and that represents us

and einstein you you [ __ ] together


freddie mercury freddie microsoft

this is it's a present extraordinary gifts

and there are more samples inside so what's this


especially on the bottom floors there are lots of interesting things another time

okay we have 30 minutes

can you come to austin amsterdam in 30 minutes take like 30 minutes

we will get there sit small drink and then finish okay

we will be there in terms of finishing the drink in 30 minutes yes we will get a shot

i'm excited about it i want you to show the place

just for a short time is it closed the street is closed yes okay we finished nine streets oh

what's up

now we will go left

actually you didn't come here by bicycle it's easier we are going towards the center

okay this is the plan now we are going to walk towards the boston amsterdam lunch cafe

and we will see the place just five minutes 10 minutes

and then we will finish the video so our last 25 minutes

on this video please thumbs up hit the like button if you enjoyed this check the video description

i have social media links and discord server link where you can join and chat with other members

it's the shopping mall magna plaza traffic lights are not working

actually the other street we should follow that street dumb square streets

cut sky

we are again around damn square royal palace

so as you see reaching the nice trees uh takes

only 10 minutes by foot from dam square or the new church this is the new church

and it's more upscale than new one dike or call for strats other shopping streets

easiest way to arrive the night street is bicycle from sand room

you can rent a bicycle from amsterdam central station and you can write

just five minutes by walking it takes 15 or 20 minutes from central station

will you do more videos with her yes maybe we will see would you like to join another video

in the future yeah sure yes sure she said so we received the promise we got the prompts

next saturday i will be in arnhem with roy my dash friend you know we will be visiting karnham city

centrum and we will show you the local market another time we will meet with honey again

maybe next time i bought it because it's been two and a half months since we didn't have a water

do you earn money from life count i earn even from dislikes

you can do whatever you want like or dislike just

do some action that's fine

it's been a nice sunday and it's more peaceful than yesterday i was tired a lot yesterday

today it was better but you walk a lot i'm used to walk a lot i also used to yeah okay

i'm happy to hear that because i thought i walked very fast today and you become tired

you know this street goes to amsterdam central station directly and other side is downstream

those are typical souvenirs where you can find everywhere

amsterdam magnus amsterdam socks cannabis stocks

but the previous location is something you can find extraordinary for your friends

in turkey we sent sonar another friend of mine we sent him to turkey for a holiday after february

he went into a depression so

we gave him a holiday in turkey he will come back next month i think i think we will meet next month

because in september i will also go to turkey for two weeks

we are almost there 100 meters

there's another price nightclub that three crows


this time in western amsterdam we will not try shisha or wheat something because we don't have

enough time yeah we will just order beer or something else whatever you want or some there

are some small shots if you wish some cocktails there are so many things on the menu you can check

oh this is a nice indian restaurant i have been i've been here before yes

the entrance is from the other street spa strat

and it's super nice you have some nice words from us

she's a bit shy very shy

yes next yes next corner there's a fable

on the corner nice just at center and yes it's easy to go back

your metro is only five minutes or a few minutes from here

she is very nice and beautiful you got so many compliments today i feel bad for myself

thank you element 99 we are almost in last lost in amsterdam

hope they have some space they don't know that we are going there it's a surprise let's see

but there will be a music inside probably so if there's a space outside let's sit outside

this is the entrance of the street

let's see before that let's show some weird amsterdam stuff

this is a window shopping tour what are those things terror terror terror what

some weird amsterdam clothes

all right no price

can you see lunch coffee now

you have good ice that's good

so this is lost in amsterdam

there is a sitting place here can we sit also okay all right hello

let me show you hello again

hello again this time good to see you too this time we are here only for doing something

not for the video actually is i sell here

thank you

meet you nice to hello you yesterday there was a guy

from cyprus he came because he saw your youtube videos

people love them they're always welcome any time you want you don't have to make an appointment

you have the free entrance for this yes

not even washed and just walking around like this

call you back


we made a video here

define it

okay thank you all right sorry i forgot my microphone on the back

uh normally i fix it on the back so that's why so someone from cyprus was

here yesterday she saw the video that's why she came here you're welcome we will finish

this video in five minutes probably the next live video will be on wednesday or thursday


snake hello snake

hello i'm good you yes it was so lovely that you were in my hometown how nice little town i like

that a really special place yes i made a video about forty five minutes and i saw water port

wow what a magnificent dress i like when i was a child we used to ice skate under it

oh okay when it was frozen uh-huh exactly yeah we touch these we're all about ice

skating but global warming isn't helping us especially like snake is one of the

like 11 cities where they also have the big skating i heard that yes there is ice skating

tournament exactly so there's like a whole connection okay

when did you left when did you leave the city

i was 19 when i left so i'm not 21 so it's been okay this is going to be the fourth year

but your family still lives there right yeah i still have my brother and my mother

i still visit sometimes yes definitely do you speak for this language

i didn't understand okay

oh wow

sometimes like older people they only know that language so they don't

know how to speak dutch so you have to understand fruition

it has a character the city and also present as a character yeah it's very soft language

thank you

one of the menu so you can keep


let's yes microphone so i couldn't fix it that's why let's finish the video here so we will enjoy

our drinks without making any shy more shine

okay say goodbye to our friends i'm gonna turn the camera okay okay bye see you on

thanks for your nice compliments i don't have a chance i want to eat no change i want to be sorry

see you another time goodbye

i'll show you

The Description of Amsterdam Window Shopping (The Nine Streets)