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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kitchen Hack Testing 15

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- Ah fa fa fa fi fa fa fa fa!


- Nothing.

- What is it?

- You've got on really long eyebrow hair

- Where?

- There.

- There? Don't- ah!

(energetic brass chorus)

- Welcome to kitchen hacks testing... 13, 14, 15?

One of those, we're in the teens, I know that.

The last hacks video, if you've missed any of it

they'll have a bar at the end of the video

and check the rest out, there are some good ones.

The last one, Mrs. B led the charge

and they were absolutely phenomenal.

People loved them, and I was actually blown away

because sometimes these hacks aren't the best,

so you got some more today?

- I have, yes. (laughs)

- Why do you say that, are these a bit more weirder?

- No, no, I just don't think they're

as successful as last time.

- Yeah, that's actually a good- yeah

they sometimes are horrendous.

We really want them to work so

hopefully once we complete the tests

they might be useful or they could be pants!

That is our job to save you doing it,

and they're good you can go

"Oh, Mrs. B showed us how to do that."

Let's go.

- Let's go.

Have you ever been in a situation

where it's a really hot sunny day,

and you accidentally leave

- (whispers) We're filming this in January.

Oh, it's so hot in here.

- Your having a party or something

and you accidentally leave your ice cream tub

out for too long and it's all melted.

- So is that why you left an ice cream tub out

on the shelf last night?

- Yes.

- Okay (laughs)

There's literally-

- I'm going to show you what you can do with it.

So we've got some melted vanilla ice cream.

- Okay, we could've eaten that, but-

- No, we're going to make it into a cake!

- Oh.

- I'll show you.

- Okay, show us!

- Go preheat the oven!

- To what, standard gas mark 5 thing?

- Hundred and sixty yeah, that standard thing

that we do.

- Bye!

- So I've got some self-rising flour,

not quite sure how much to put in.

- [Mr. B] Are you making this up as you go along?

- No, I've seen it, I did see it online,

but they didn't show the amounts,

so, I'm just going to go with, I don't know.

- [Mr. B] So this is self-rising flour,

like baking flour yeah?

- Yeah, so like a cup?

- Hundred and fifteen grammes.

Well, a hundred and thirteen to be precise.

- Hang on, can you change it to ounces?


- Four ounces.

- Oh, yeah, okay!

- So is that right?

- I don't know, but we're going to find out.

- What do you mean you don't know, come on!

The internet's relying on you,

you did so well last time.

- Actually, I will do two cups.

And, you're saved from washing up

because you don't use a mixing bowl.


- [Mr. B] Yeah, that's it, that's the life hack,

is it fixed?

Look how it's really thickening up.

- Yeah, so you're just going to whisk it.

- She's so prepared, this video, there's like

loads of random things scattered around.

Like even the pugs are confused,

they're like what?

I'm surprised we're not using that bone, actually.

You just got a cake tin.

Where was that, where did you hide that?

- In the window sill.

- Brilliant, as you always do, okay!

Here we go. - [Mrs. B] Moment of truth.

- [Mr. B] That does look cake battery, doesn't it?

- [Mrs. B] It does!

- [Mr. B] All right, so that's going in.

Twenty minutes, all right.

What are you doing, what are you hiding?

- Do you know what these are?


- That looks so wrong!

So we've established now (holds back laugh)

they are pomegranates.

- So this is a hack to get the seeds out

easier than using a gadget.

- What, a rolling pin?

- Anything.

- Anything, what, just like this with your bare hands?

- Okay, so you need to cut the top off.

- And that's the crown?

- Yep.

Oh wow look at the juice!

- It looks a bit gory, even the knife

covered in blood, like

I'm really sorry!


What are you doing?

I can't see.

- See now, you're meant to just like score,

is that the right word?

- Yeah, score.

- Down it.

(guitar music) All right, give me the bowl,

I'm worried this is going to go everywhere.

I don't know how to open it.

I think you go like this,

gently pull it,

- What? Pull the..

Apart, right, and then you just go

(slapping on fruit)

- They are quite tough pomegranates mate,

you might just want to, oh no,

all right, let me have a go at that

while she keeps going

- You may just tap the bottom

(fruit pounding table)

- You maybe just tap the top, the other side

and it's all going to come out.

- I think I'm going to cut a bit deeper.

- But I've kind of pulled it apart a bit.

Oh no!

- What?

- I've got pomegranate juice,

no you're getting it all over me!

(pounding fist against fruit)

- Oh, stop!

- It's spraying everywhere!

But look, look, this worked!

- Oh, yeah.

- Look a that! - Oh well there we go.

- Right, you gotta go deeper on your cuts.

- And you've got to hit it harder.

- And you've got to give a good wack, yeah.

- Wearing an apron.

- Yes.

Great hack, Mrs. B!



- No, it's really sour!

Oh my gosh!


what have you done to me?

- It wasn't me, it was your hack!

- Next hack is, if you can never find your peeler,

I've got another way of scrubbing your carrots.

- You're saying that we don't need one of these?

- Yes.

- So take out your foil.

- Tin foil?

- Yep, get your tin foil, and you go...

- What?

That's amazing!

I wanna try that!

- And look. - But where is it all going?

- On the foil.

- On the foil, oh yeah that's right.

It's magic, it's absorbing it!

(scrubbing of foil on carrot)

- It feels like a sort of camping hack,

if you're ever out in a field somewhere

camping, and you're like oh,

we need to peel the carrots,

oh don't worry, we got buckets of tin foil

and then you're just like that!

- Don't pack your peeler,

pack a big tube of the foil.

- Yeah, wow that's amazing, yeah!

I wonder if you can do a shave with it.

(foil scraping on skin)


That was good, wasn't it?

Well, while you're setting up this next one,

look, I'm going to have a little look at this.

Oh, looks like a big cloud!

It's actually rising, to be fair.

Bamboo skewers?

- Yeah, mushrooms, my favourite vegetable!

- [Mr. B] Is it, is it genuinely?

- No.

- I don't think mushrooms have

any nutritional value.

- Oh.

- I might be wrong.

- Let me google that while she

prepares this because they need a bit of washing I think.

Does a mushroom have any nutritional value?

Twenty two calories, oh my gosh!

- Am I right?

- It says no fat, no cholesterol,

it's got a little bit of potassium in it,

and some fibre, a bit of protein,

a few minimal vitamins.

- See, that's what I meant,

like vitamin-wise and stuff.

See, so it's pointless eating them.

- It's not pointless, they're amazing!

Do you know what?

Some vegans and vegetarians actually replicate

steak and meat by really grinding down mushrooms,

they're amazing!

I love a mushroom.

- All right, now take the stalks off real quick,

- But one thing, although I don't like

eating them, I do like peeling them.

- You find it appealing?


- I do.

All right, anyhow,

- [Mr. B] That was a sympathy laugh.

- Right, so this hack is an easy way

to slice mushrooms.

- To slice mushrooms?

- Yeah!


- I'm just waiting for you to go hwah,

like you're the karate kid!

- All right, ready?

So you've got your mushrooms, you got your knife,

and you're just going to go...

So you just...

- [Mr. B] It's like a kebab!

- Slice!

- [Mr. B] Aren't you supposed to hold the stick, then?

- Maybe.

- Oh that's working though, look at that!

- Holds them still.


- [Mr. B] Look at that, that's all really easily sliced.

- And you could do it, I guess

with just your hands, but then

you'd risk cutting your fingers.

- [Mr. B] Yeah, you would cut.

- [Mrs. B] I think it's good to go...

- [Mr. B] Yeah!

- [Mrs. B] So there's your hack.

- [Mr. B] Where do you find all these good ones from?

Are people just sending them to you or something?

- No, pinterest.


- All right, brilliant.

I'll tell you what Mrs. B, that does actually look

quite good, without putting a bamboo skewer in it, I can see

it's coming away from the sides a little bit.

Let's see, it smells so good.

- Oh wait, it's not done, it's still really wobbly.

- [Mr. B] Give it a wobble, oh no,

that's not done at all is it?

- No it's not done, no no no.

- [Mr. B] I think that's going to go back in.

- Back in the oven! - [Mr. B] I recommend another

fifteen, twenty minutes.

- Yeah, I reckon.

- [Mr. B] Okay, you've just got a tub

of sparkling water out.

- Not a tub, a bottle.

- [Mr. B] Sorry.

- Don't shake it!

- [Mr. B] I don't know my canister etiquette, sorry!

- Well, do you remember last video

we made super fluffy scrambled eggs?

- [Mr. B] Oh they were great!

- We're going to make a super fluffy omelette.

- [Mr. B] Super fluffy omelette?

- Thing, yes.

- [Mr. B] Okay, so I presume it's

this thing being mixed with that?

- Yes. - [Mr. B] All right, cool.

(guitar music)

- [Mr. B] A bit of salt, and next

those are good yolks.

This is what's going to give it that lift,

isn't it, in a way?

- Yes

- [Mr. B] I don't know, are you sure?

What'd you do?

- Guess that'll do.

- [Mr. B] You sure?

- So about that much (laughs)

- [Mr.B] Okay, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

But is this just to sort of pat out

the omelette, and give it a bit more volume and bounce?

- Yeah, give it that light, fluffy...

- [Mr. B] Light, fluffy...

- [Mrs. B] Look, it's even bubbling differently.

- While Mrs. Barry finishes off that omelette,

this is the pomegranate gadget

where you literally have to have it

and then you wack it on there,

so you sit it down and then smash it

as hard as you want with a rolling pin

all the seeds collect down in the bottom, it's pretty good.

Is it stuck to the bottom?

- [Mrs. B] Oh no, might be, but look,

it's all fluffy and bubbly!

- [Mr. B] Yeah, it looks good!


- [Mrs. B] Not the best presentation.

- [Mr. B] Yeah, but it's still an omelette!

It does look fluffy, yeah, it's

got a lighter texture.

- And it did take longer to cook, I think.

- [Mr. B] Right, so that's the downside to it?

- Well no, just because it was wetter, so.

- [Mr. B] Nice, oh, cake!

- Oh look, it's not wobbling.

- [Mr. B] Yep yep yep.

Oh look how brown that is on the top.

Yeah, that's done.

So we're just going to let that cool down,

but we have got an omelette to try.

- We certainly do.

- [Mr. B] I suppose you could have put

the cheese in them and all that

couldn't you like normal, but I guess we just wanted

to make sure that it works first.

- It's wet.

- It is wet, yeah.

- Maybe I put too much water in it.

- It's very gooey.

- I hope that's not raw eggs.

- No it's not, because I watched,

and I mean, you cooked that omelette pretty well.

Even the top half...

- It's weird isn't it, how they...

It's cooked, but then you've got

that runny texture.

- But I kind of like that, it's got

that texture, it being wetter,

because I don't like an omelette too rubbery,

it kind of gives it that, but at the same time

I mean, look if it was undercooked

you would see some bits pouring out there,

that is fully cooked.

- Yeah, my omelettes are always rubbery.

- Do you know what would be really cool,

to try putting like coca cola or fanta

or something like that or like a root beer

or something with a bit of flavour in it,

or ginger beer!

- I don't know if it would have the same thing.

- I mean it would add flavour.

- But coke and that has lots of other

chemicals and stuff in it, doesn't it?

- Yes it does

- So it wouldn't be the same.

- Well, I was just thinking of ways to flavour it,

but obviously let's say you put ham and cheese

and stuff like that in there anyways, so.

- Its just so soft when you cut in, I like that.

- [Mr. B] Yeah, it does like, you're kind of

eating it with a little bit of doubt,

like you said, because you are thinking to yourself

hang on, that isn't done.

You could sort of say oh yeah, I cooked it

like the pros, just slightly gooey.

- Slightly raw.

- Mmm, yeah, I love my Salmonella.

You can see how it's come away from the sides,

a bit of a soft texture to it,

I'm going to let it cool on the rack,

but we've got one more hack, that rhymed.

- Good one. - [Mr. B] What's going on?

- Please, can you get the bowl of crisps?

- [Mr. B] Ladies and gents, let me introduce you

to some tortilla chips that have actually,

how long have they been there?

- A couple of days.

- Yes, I thought I saw them the other night,

I was just looking, thinking,

I think it was kind of like role reversal

how sometimes you come home and the house is

on fire by a toaster or something like that,

but just kind of my acceptance that like

tortilla chips were randomly in a bowl.

- Well some people do have them randomly out,

don't they, like...

- Well not like potpourri or that right?

- Or like bowls of chocolate, didn't they?

- Well yeah but not stale crisps

because these are stale!

These are actually stale tortilla chips now.

- Yes.

- So what's the plan with these,

we going to make a cake out of those?

- We are going to make them edible again.

- Okay, we're going to bring them

back to life, basically?

- Yes.


Fill up a glass of water, put them

in the microwave, and they'll be edible again.

Kind of like when you do the pizza.

- That is an amazing hack, yeah.

So that's what were doing, we're going

to steam stale crisps?

- Crisps yes, I'll go get some water.

- Look how we've got brownies and baby food.


That was from my gadget testing video

that I did, we still haven't eaten it all yet.

- Well no, because it's baby food!

- [Mr. B] Oh, here we go, is that water warm?

(scream) ah, yes it is!

- You idiot.

- [Mr. B] That is hot!

- You idiot, it's been in the microwave for a minute!

- [Mr. B] Yeah but wow.

Okay, they look soggy.

Are they warm?

- I' going to put them back in a little longer.

- [Mr. B] Yeah all right, do it pizza style,

like ninety seconds.

- Do not put your finger in it!

- [Mr. B] Now that's proper bubbling,

look at that!

That's like the jurassic park scene.

- Is it?

- [Mr. B] Well no...

- What jurassic park scene?

- [Mr. B] The one with the water and the glass.

- Oh yeah, when it's shaking

when the dinosaurs come in.

- [Mr. B] Yeah the scene when the T-rex

is microwaving the tortillas.


All right, let's try.


Oh they're warm, yeah!



- That's good.

- I love that they're warm,

I really like that.

It's gone from that sort of dullness,

a slightly almost teeny crumbly

element to it, to like a real


and the flavour is back a teeny bit as well.

It's genius! - You can ask me now.

- Okay, well, I'm going to have

some ice cream cake.

Here is your official kitchen hacks

wallpaper for your computer.

Or you could make a post card out of it.

- Don't say that.

- People will do that.

- People will do that, I know though.

- If you do, tweet it if you want.

- I'm a bit worried, that stick's a bit close to my face.

- Sorry.


- Oh no!

- [Mr. B] All right, so ask my wife... (laughs)

You were serious, you are eating those!

That's fine, enjoying those tortilla chips,

let's see, ooh that's soft as well.

If this, look at that!

It's still a little warm, which I like,

- [Mrs. B] It's got chunks of flour in it.


- [Mr. B] Well, who mixed it, huh?

Blame it on the ice cream tub.

That's why ice cream tubs

can never be mixing bowls.

- I think I should've sifted the flour maybe.

- [Mr. B] It's all right.

It's quite dense though, I will say that.

There's not a lightness to it.

But maybe I'm just comparing it

to the fizzy water omelette.

- [Mrs. B] It does look like a fizzy water omelette.

- [Mr. B] It does, maybe they taste

exactly the same after all that,

can you imagine you eat that now

and it's going to taste like peppery omelette?

- Funny, have you ever tasted doritos?


Got a tummy ache.

- You got a tummy ache? (laughs)

Not surprised, you've just eaten raw flour.

Thanks so much folks, thanks for watching the video,

if you've enjoyed this, the other

hacks videos are very similar to this,

we just sort of work our way through them,

give you our honest opinion,

there's loads there so it will

take a while, grab your popcorn and enjoy.

Any future hacks you see, do let us know

down below so Mrs. B can evaluate them.

- Yeah, that would be a good idea.

- Sift through the good and bad.

- Oh, I love it!

- Okay, goodbye.

- Have a good day.

- We're going, bye!

(British rapping)

- All right, just while Mrs. B is gone,

if you would like to replicate the taste

of this delicious, in quotes,

ice cream cake, and you haven't got

any ice cream left in your house,

you can get yourself a tub of flour,

simply get a spoon, like so


It's the same.

I've got paste, I've got paste on my...

I didn't do that.

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