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Hello everyone, today is Sunday, June 14, 2020

Everyone is welcome to participate in the live broadcast of "Wang Jian Daily Watch"

Our topic today is "Beijing's small-scale outbreak, there is a risk of continued expansion"

Everyone knows what to say by looking at the topic, I am to prevent being

Was tagged, so I used one like this...

Everyone knows the title

Its about the epidemic, so lets talk about this first

Let's talk about the Health and Family Planning Commission

The data released by the Health and Family Planning Commission is from June 13 to 12 pm

There are 57 cases nationwide, including 19 imported cases

17 cases in Guangdong, 1 case in Shanghai, 1 case in Chongqing

38 local cases, including Beijing

36 cases in Beijing, 2 cases in Liaoning

Did you find that the whole city of Beijing is a local case

Native case, this is the first (case). June 12,

By 24 o'clock

11 new cases nationwide

5 of them abroad

6 local cases, all in Beijing

Are these 6 cases (in) Beijing with this

This one

Does it have anything to do with "Xinfadi"? I dont know.

No final conclusion

Then on June 13 in Beijings Fengtai District

Announcement by the Market Supervision Bureau and the Health and Family Planning Commission

Say this from

Detected by Fengtai's "Xinfadi" Market Practitioners and Environment



Zhang Yuxi, Chairman of the "Xinfadi" Market, also said

New crest virus detected from cutting board for imported salmon

This situation is similar to Wuhan, Wuhan is

Wuhan is a seafood market in southern China, and there is also a seafood market in the "new place"

From the existing research, the environment between the two is very similar

It's also a... although the Hawara Seafood Market can't


Is the source of the new coronavirus, but there have been some cases before the seafood market

So the outbreak of concentration disease is similar in Beijing this time

Why? Because of the damp environment in the seafood market

Conducive to virus survival, plus seafood

Most should be stored at low temperature, low temperature is also suitable for the survival of viruses

So, during the period of survival of the virus in the seafood market

Time will be better than others

The environment is longer, so the chance of infection is also greater

this is

The doctors of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huake Tongji Hospital analyzed this way

The market is very crowded

High liquidity

There are many people and the base is large, so there are more people infected


In the past two months, Beijing has been diagnosed with zero

Starting on the 11th

The first diagnosis

Then on the 12th

It becomes 7 cases

And has been increasing

Do you see this trend?

Before Beijing has been an input type

These 7 cases... from 1 to 7 cases

Then to more than 30 cases, everybody sees this trend

Completely local case

And only one of the others has "exited Beijing history" and left Beijing

Other patients have not left Beijing one step

Say it happened entirely locally, then...

Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, said that Beijing has entered an "unusual period"

This is probably the case

Tell me about the measures taken by Beijing

"Xinfadi" market closed completely

11 neighborhoods

Totally closed management, residents should conduct nucleic acid detection

Then, residents who lived about six kilometers away from "Shin Fat" said that someone had knocked on the door this Monday morning

Ask if any colleagues have been to the market or have been to other places

Then at the door of the community, these 11 communities

The iron fence has been erected right away

Everything went back to February

Demand people who have been to the "new place" since May 30

Have to report to the community and unit

Proactive nucleic acid screening

Don't go out, this is a requirement

All fever personnel in the medical institutions of the city are required to perform nucleic acid antibodies and

CT blood test

From today


Suspension of various sports events

Postponing some students to school

Stop group gathering,


Many tourist attractions are temporarily closed. This is a measure

Fengtai Sports Center Swimming Pool

Emergency shelter

Then Sun Chunlan, vice premier of the State Council, is today

A meeting of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council was held

Of course

To implement the deployment of Premier Li Keqiang's instructions

Beijing's recent epidemic prevention and control work

Xiao Jie attended the meeting. Everyone knows at a glance that Beijing is very nervous

Very nervous about Beijing

Then lets roughly evaluate, because we will know about this topic today

Relatively short


the first

There was a small outbreak in Beijing


The situation in Beijing may be similar to the situation in Wuhan


Just... the source is not necessarily in the seafood market, I think what salmon is talking about now


Is the source, I think it is nonsense

Said it was a disaster caused by imported salmon

This is incorrect

This is just like what happened in Wuhan at the beginning, the South China Seafood Market

Just a scene where it broke out


Because this scene is best for outbreaks

In fact, the virus is already in other places, from other places, but this place is more suitable for outbreak

So it said the outbreak was in this place

After the outbreak you found the virus on the board, which is normal

This is the first one

I think so

A small-scale outbreak occurred in Beijing

Judging from the measures taken by the authorities

I think this scale may be larger than what the authorities reported


The authorities do not need many reasons, only one reason


Is the reason why it conceals the epidemic

Is that it doesn't want everyone to know the real situation

So I think

There have been small-scale outbreaks in Beijing, and no large-scale outbreaks. Massive outbreaks he will



Closure measures

From the current point of view, I think a small-scale outbreak occurred in Beijing

This is the second point

The third point:


Although everyone feels like this epidemic has passed

Everyone keeps reopening and getting normal

But actually

In fact, the virus has never left the community

As long as the vaccine doesnt come out

As long as the vaccine doesnt come out

This virus has never left the community, so the epidemic is repeated

Is the norm

This is why we often talk about it: before the outbreak

All normal, so-called "normal"

Are false


As long as the vaccine does not come out, all "normal" is false

It will burst at a small scale at any time

Because the virus never left

Because it didn't disappear

Because you have no means to make it disappear

So lets look back at the beginning

What a terrible thing happened in Wuhan

Think about it

End of November

In fact, it has already happened in the South China seafood market

A large-scale infection has occurred and a large-scale infection has begun

But no measures were taken

Took no action

Until December

The investigation team of the Central State Health and Health Commission went

Early december

go with

Then no action has been taken

Until January 23

Think about how long the interval is

Two months shorter

The authorities did not take any measures during this large-scale infection

Think about what kind of scene Wuhan is

What was the scene in Wuhan at that time...


And mortality

You look back at the figures of the authorities, some people say that they concealed 10 times in Wuhan

I tell you, Wuhan must have concealed 100 times the number of deaths


Because you look at Wuhan

There are two cases, the first case


This community outbreak happened quickly

This scenario

Then you see

These people quickly, on the day before the closure of January 23

November 22 evening

Between November 21 and 22

Or that we have

How many people have left Wuhan?

1 million people

These one million people...

In fact, there are a lot of carriers and infected people

Look at this matter like this

We look back now

See Wuhan

You see this thing happened in Beijing

Actually there is one inside

We passed this outbreak

Throughout the process, we actually see very clearly, and see two points clearly:

The first point

That's what I just said

As long as the vaccine doesnt come out

Repeated outbreaks

Is the norm

This is the first point. Second point:

All isolation measures

Does not stop the spread of the virus

It just slows down the speed of propagation

Since this virus from this crowd

Its a matter of time to get to that crowd

We can't stop

We can take some blocking measures

But this blocking measure

Can't change this process only

Can only lengthen this process

What is the purpose of elongation? Waiting for vaccine

So you can actually watch

Looking back now, the British proposed "collective immunization"

The British may be right about this matter

It is really possible to have collective immunity

Take a look

This matter actually depends on the situation in New York

Actually New York

Immunizers have already begun

So this thing is in New York, you see this in New York

This (number of people infected)

Straight down

Visible its "collective immunity" effect is taking place

Then the fifth point:

from China

Beijing now

This series of measures

From the outbreak to the present

You see these measures taken by Beijing now

And when the outbreak just happened

Is there any difference?

No different

There is no other way than shutting people up and in the house

No scientific and technological progress, no more knowledge of the epidemic, what you dont know or dont know

There is no way

Beijing is in this matter

No progress, no progress, you can see

Has there been any progress this time from the beginning to the present? No improvement

This epidemic in Wuhan and the last SARS

Is there any progress? No improvement

Still the same, the original methods

It just amplifies the original methods and makes it more systematic


more suitable...

Joined the current community grid management model

Just added this content. Just like 10 years ago

Added the current community grid management model

There is still no progress. If it breaks out again next time, this and 10 years ago

Is there any progress in SARS? Still no progress

So why is China paying so many lives?

No progress every time, so many people die every time

This is the fifth point. Sixth point:

At this stage

What is the most effective means of epidemic prevention and control?

The most effective means of epidemic prevention and control is large-scale testing

Must be tested on a large scale

Large-scale testing is the most effective means of epidemic prevention and control

Because you don't have a vaccine

What do you do without a vaccine? You just have to find out who is infected

You have to find the infected person, then isolate him and treat him

This is the most effective method now, is your large-scale detection


Do you see where this happened? Now it's happening in America, they are all happening

Large-scale testing

Large-scale testing can effectively

Stop this thing from spreading

Then you think about it, from the epidemic to the present

You look at what happened in the US

Whether from

Detection mode

To accuracy,

To inspection cost

Sharp decline, the cost of testing drops sharply, and then his

Accuracy is constantly rising, and then means of detection

More and more advanced and faster


More and more suitable for large-scale testing, so the United States is conducting large-scale testing, which is why

It (the epidemic) has been controlled

One reason, this is the use of technology

To solve the problem

The difference is here


Has China done so? China still hasn't done this

China still hasn't done this


Probably just dont want to mention this thing, there are many factors in it

There are many factors such as political factors, but I think there is a core rationale

It's still a question of technology level

Technology level

Its probably like this, so we look now

What is the risk? What is our core judgment?

Our current core judgment is

Will a small-scale outbreak like Beijing become a large-scale spread? Judging from the current situation, I think

Judging by its existing measures, the possibility of large-scale spread is unlikely


If Wuhan

If you take measures like Beijing now

Then the epidemic we are facing around the world may not exist

Why was there a large-scale spread at that time, it was because no measures were taken at all

This is

Deploy in person

The result of personal command

Who will bear this responsibility

This responsibility is of course

Who personally deploys, who personally directs

To bear, right?



The first one, I think the possibility of a large-scale outbreak is not very high, because the authorities immediately take

Took various isolation measures

This isolation measure

Is it possible to control the current situation

Of course there is another situation?

Another situation is

Even if it broke out on a large scale

The authorities will not tell us

It will keep understating the numbers (misreporting), and then (numbers) will disappear

But it actually broke out later

There is a "Taxi Tuo trap" inside

Is that you don't know where the truth is

There is also a risk here, this risk

This risk is relatively large, the biggest risk actually comes from here


In case Beijing really broke out on a large scale, we dont know

Because the authorities will hide

Why did you hide it?

The authorities have only one reason to hide

Is that he doesnt want the big one to know the truth

This one reason is enough


And it has been doing this thing, very skilled

Very good


Out of its instinct, lying these things is already his instinct

So I think

Most likely

What we are facing now

What is the most likely risk in the Beijing epidemic

That's what i said

The authorities concealed the epidemic

This is the riskiest because Beijing is a

City with a population of 20 million

This is a big city

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Everyone knows the situation in Beijing

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Can you provide us with some information?

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(very good)

Most of the communities around the Haidian Farmers Market were suddenly closed in the evening

Tomorrow morning, the community will do all the nucleic acid detection

All schools are suspended. This scale has expanded

Haidian has begun to involve

Situation: Beijing is now fully back in February

Community Pass

Community pass and temperature measurement are indispensable

Takeaway and express delivery are not allowed

The state of just three levels lasted for a week, and everything returned to before liberation

The unit repeatedly asked me whether he and his family had been to the "new place" on weekends.

If you have been, you must go to work after nucleic acid detection


The staff of the unit canteen go there almost every day

Sourcing dishes

Since all staff resumed work

Have been eating in the cafeteria

Thinking carefully, many colleagues,

Beijing netizens said that all staff should be tested

It should be fully tested

Should be tested by all

Test one by one

Viewpoint: It is really skeptical to send armed police to enter the outbreak

Shouldnt we send chemical soldiers to disinfect?


Control people first. View:

In seafood market, salmon chopping board review

Is to make people afraid of eating these things imported from Hong Kong

Combat these imported goods, reduce imports, because there is no basis

Anyway, speaking of salmon, I dont think its reliable.

"Salmon" I don't think it's reliable

Across this (species)

Is it common sense?

Are species so easy to cross?

It's not that easy to cross

Opinion: The store solemnly declares that we are using rainbow trout from China

Absolutely no imported salmon

Please rest assured to eat

Could you please read this, this sentence is really ironic. Okay, I've been cheating everyone


Currently 1/3 of the salmon in the mainland market is Qinghai

Some domestic freshwater fish farmed, some netizens pointed out that this kind of fish is actually called "rainbow trout"

Contains parasites

Not suitable for sashimi, but the China Fisheries Association said that rainbow trout belongs to salmon

Can be used safely

Just sparked heated discussions on social platforms

And many so-called "foreign imported salmon" are actually

Qinghai Rainbow Trout


Origin of origin

What is this called?

This is called "one chicken feather" (messy, bad, annoying situation)

"Chicken feathers everywhere." First:

How could it be salmon? Does salmon have lungs?

How can it get pneumonia? This is the first one. The second:

Human infections run on animals, how many have to cross...

How many species?

Ive heard about salmon for the first time now, and there is no expert

That one

Why didn't Zhongnanshan say a few words?

Such simple common sense is just finished, he just doesnt say

So Zhongnanshan

(This person) Have a question?

So the term "salmon" is not reliable, this is the first one

Salmon is unreliable. I sold the salmon sold in China all at once.

It turns out that the salmon sold in China is actually all

Counterfeit origin, this is called "one chicken feather"

Concept: I always think imported salmon is packaged

The salmon sold in the market can only be domestically produced

There should not be much salmon imported from China, I think

Opinion: "When is beef suspected of being a source of viral infection?

You can eat cheap beef

Can also reduce the burden on the people, of course, the best

All kinds of meat are suspected to be the source of infection in order

Everyone can buy cheap meat"

Lets not say such nonsense, okay?


Because of this kind of irony, some people understand it, some people don't understand it. So we try not to say this kind of irony

What do you want to say, what do you say

Don't twists and turns

Bad turn


The situation in Beijing: the management of the community is stricter, and the express delivery cannot come in.

Except that Fengtai has closed some communities

People in the "new place" were pulled for testing, nothing else

To say that Beijing has concealed a large amount of news

I think this is impossible, there are so many kinds of interpersonal relationships

News will always leak

That's not necessarily

That is not necessarily

It's one thing for you to put it on the media

It's another thing for you to spread each other

Also, dont forget, what communication do you use for communication?

WeChat, right?

Do you know how powerful WeChat is?

and so

Do you think you can really spread it?

Not necessarily, I think. Of course, throughout the outbreak

Did any news come out? Have

Very sporadic news came out

And this "very sporadic news comes out", you cannot form a face


We have no way to judge

So what happened

So conceal this matter

It must be the government doing, because the government is doing statistics

If it seals this

You never know, you only know individual cases

Individual cases do not allow everyone to make a comprehensive judgment, we can only imagine

Can't really say "I know what happened"

We can estimate

But really can't


It is impossible to understand the data on the surface. Let me give an example:

How many people are infected in Wuhan?

The authorities do not know

But it has detection

Some people under it know

That total data

It must not have told the truth

This is concealment


It deliberately decreases

At that time, there was not much testing

Can it be evaluated? Of course it can be evaluated, it does not tell you

So there are some cases of this, there are some cases of concealment


It's very used

Beijing situation:

Chaoyang Wangjing food prices soared, supermarkets were also sold out

The community property knocked on door to door and asked "whether you have been to the new place"

Situation: I am in Xicheng District of Beijing,

Check the body temperature at the entrance of the community

And pass

The food in the vegetable shop is a bit lacking, the courier in our community can still be delivered home

Overall ok

Situation: Coordinate Beijing, now supermarkets and restaurants are counting the purchase channels of ingredients and

Purchase staff


Some people in the circle of friends said that they saw a dozen biohazards at the Crowne Plaza Lido

The armed ambulance went in

Situation: Beijing

Outside the North Fifth Ring Road, Changping District

Changping District

I saw a lot of panic hoarding in the community this morning

I ran to a nearby restaurant in the afternoon and took a look

The food is basically available

Both the company and the community have sent messages, and they have recently reported to the "new place" and need to report

It is estimated that the epidemic prevention and control will be upgraded next week

Coordinates Beijing Nancheng

Supermarkets and small markets have almost no fresh vegetables and fruits

Crowd buying food

The residents' committee consulted whether they had been to the "new place"


Children in the fifth grade of elementary school, just one week after class resumption

Online lesson

Ask a question:

Beijing will block a large number of wholesale markets, will it affect

Food supply? Will


I have always talked about this matter:

CCP's ruling ability

Really bad

Even for Beijing

It will always be "gu heads and ignorants" (do not handle things carefully and thoughtfully)

Just look at one end

What are the consequences of just looking at one end? Will happen elsewhere

One happened

More serious consequences than the previous ones


That's it

For example, Wuhan

Or elsewhere

Once closed

Weld the iron gate directly downstairs

It reminds me a little

Send a la carte, dont send it without thinking of it

In short it cannot be guaranteed

What will happen?

Those in the iron gate

Life is a problem

This is the kind of problem, just like this situation, you block the wholesale market in case of a situation

A letter from the wholesale market, what are the consequences?

Don't open the restaurant

why? A letter from your wholesale market. Where can I buy it?

That's the problem

Thats the problem, so

If you block all wholesale markets

What does it mean? Means where do these ordinary people in Beijing buy food?

This is the problem, so will it affect the food supply

Ask yourself: you will definitely affect the food supply

Situation: Tianjin started a comprehensive investigation

People from Beijing, I am segregating at home, and the health codes in Xicheng District have all been changed to


Financial Street is currently in a moderate risk area

33 cases of collective fever of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China before the two sessions were on Financial Street

"Box Horse Fresh"

"Box Horse Fresh" shopping app was sold out early in the morning

The price of vegetables will rise for a while


Throughout China, including Beijing, the spread of the virus has continued and has never stopped

The so-called "public opinion is under control" is only controlled by the figures announced by the government

The figures released by the Chinese government have nothing to do with the facts

The figures they published are just

Xi Jinping's wishes are connected

About this Beijing "new place" incident

The focus should not be on how the epidemic will develop

This is a political issue

Not a scientific problem

Our focus of attention should be: why this time

Does the Chinese government allow this kind of news to be released to the public?

Good question, good angle

I do not know either

Probably, I think it is

Two points: The first point is


(If it's completely) No report, you suddenly tighten all the prevention and control measures, it makes no sense

So you have to report

This is the first point

You think, Xinfadi Wholesale Market

You closed it


All 11 surrounding communities are sealed

It is impossible not to be known, the whole world will know, why? Because now the information is very developed

You said that I dont know, its impossible, when this information comes out

So how to explain?

Cannot explain, so it must report this matter

Report this matter

On what scale is it reported? That's the way of "small-scale outbreak"

I now say "small-scale outbursts" because the data it now speaks is multiplied by

A series, I think it is a "small-scale outbreak"

I don't believe the figures it publishes, I think it publishes fewer figures than it actually is

First, it cannot be explained. Second, it controls the data

Opinion: When the epidemic was discovered, the "primary culprit" of salmon appeared immediately

Feeling "get sick in a hurry" and eager to find a solution. Blame the salmon

Was decided in a hurry

As for the emphasis on "imported salmon", it may be "grassing the rabbit", by the way

Very right

This view is right

Situation: The University of Hong Kong

Virology expert,

Jin Dongyan


Seafood cannot be a source of infection

The situation in which fish viruses are transmitted to humans has almost never happened

Very right

Also, people pass the virus to fish, and the fish pass to people

Is this possible?

Very ridiculous

Opinion: I doubt the salmon virus. Japan consumes a lot of salmon sashimi every day.

I went to eat sushi yesterday, there are many people,

If the salmon has a virus, I believe the Japanese media will report

We don't need to discuss this matter anymore, it is impossible

Opinion: This time the epidemic made me see the bottom line of the domestic academic community.

However, none of these papers have actually been applied

Situation: I know how to block WeChat. At that time, I sent Mr. Xu Zhangrun's


The other party just can't see

I clearly sent it out, and it felt amazing... Its nothing magical

This is too normal

This is normal, it does not block your account, you are lucky

Situation: A friend said that the number of contacts locked through WeChat Alipay data is 350,000

Several people were taken away in the afternoon in the nearby village. 350,000? Oh my God

Ask a question:

Question: Teacher Wang, I am in the catering industry. These days, the city management,

Food and medicine came over to check the fine. Is the city government running out of money?

And the traffic police on the road have a lot of fines, all kinds of transport trucks

Armed police

Armed policemen are scaring everyone

Don't give money? If you don't give money...

Armed police are behind

Question: Teacher Wang, is the Beijing case confirmed by pneumonia or confirmed by virus detection?

These two different standards have always been China and abroad

The number of cases is different, thank you

Not diagnosed with pneumonia


China originally had a standard for diagnosis


Positive test

Negative and positive. A positive is a diagnosis. Just started to put forward such a standard

Later, it was found that the accuracy of this test kit in China was very low

What can I do if I can't measure it often? after that

Ask the doctor again

See symptoms

With symptoms

If he finds that he has symptoms, he can go for CT examination and then go for

Confirmed diagnosis

That's it, so

The low accuracy of the test kit is caused

A major cause of misdiagnosis in most cases


For the first time, seeing symptoms

Symptoms, in theory, you should actually know

then what should we do? Test, one test did not detect, another test did not detect

Check again before coming out

Is that the kit is not accurate

Then cooperate with the symptoms

Take another CT photo, etc.

Go to the diagnosis again. The so-called "confirmed diagnosis" is based on this procedure

Take a look at the information published by the Health and Family Planning Commission, it has a confirmation procedure

It's called definitive diagnosis

Just like this

Opinion: The CCP is now "difficult to ride a tiger" (a dilemma)

Unscientific anti-epidemic, "one size fits all" approach has rebounded

Don't look at the R value

Just see if there are cases

With one case, the public panic

The society stopped. As long as the epidemic remains, this society will not be able to operate normally

It is expected that the European and American routes will still be taken in the end


But how to turn this corner, or keep it secret, everyone will wait and see

This is a very good point of view, what is the concept?

You blow this cowhide so big and say: look, we


The origin comes from China, and then we all use the superiority of the socialist system

The superiority of the system

Controlled this matter, of course control this number

Then when you look at this data, Chinas mortality rate is so low


The United States or Europe (the data is so high)

Then these "little pinks" (groups that spontaneously maintain the authority of the Communist Party) came out to wash the ground: you see, because of the superiority of socialism, such a person died.

So no one believes its data, but it just hides it

It says we have socialist superiority

That's how it came

Okay, you have happened again (epidemic)

then what should we do? How did you turn this corner?

How can your socialist superiority happen again?

Its hard to say, it cant justify itself.

Situation: Teacher Wang is right, except for the mayor

Look at the leader's face above, no matter what

Not to mention the smog, the epidemic caused everyone anxiety, Beijing did not see the blue sky, everyone became depressed

The indignation of the people is on the verge. I want to go abroad too much. Now erupt

The same thing happened now, the approach is simple and rude, one-size-fits-all.

Before the government asked for temperature measurement, everything was a guise

Some places to measure body temperature are not easy to use

Tools must be close to you to measure, I feel they are all bad

No substantive practice


This is what it is very good at

The thermometer that measures body temperature

They said that the material I read said that the thermometer itself was not qualified

They are not allowed

Repeated measurement shows more than 30 degrees

It always shows 36 or 37C. How can you measure the true body temperature?

So the thermometer itself is unqualified

Viewpoint: None of the top leaders of the CCP can obtain accurate data and accountability

Who dares to report it? Can only be sealed at home, no different from Wuhan. Yes


China's SARS from 10 years ago

Until now to the beginning of the outbreak

It has lasted so long

No improvement

China has not made any progress

From the system

No progress in technology

Question, can Teacher Wang analyze the impact of the Beijing epidemic on the domestic political landscape?

good question

I can't answer


There is no new news, I only have some rumors

But these rumors, I have no way to confirm

I don't want to say

Yes, lets talk about it in general

I don't say the rumor itself

What is the current pattern?

The current pattern, the first one: the outer focus

What does it mean to be out of focus?

This is a mess outside

The core issue of course is

China-US relations are about to collapse

When the Sino-US relationship collapses, of course the external environment is very bad

Then the two key points of the core: core interests

The Hong Kong issue is the two core interests of the Taiwan issue

It seems to be unretained. The Taiwan issue is obviously unretained. Why?

Cai Yingwen was re-elected

Then the KMT also turned

Why did the Kuomintang turn over?

Originally "1992 Consensus", "One China, Each Table" (one China, each expressed separately)

Let the Kuomintang also have some support on the island


Because this is a vague concept

The Kuomintang used this vague concept to scare the people on the island and said

You follow me, you see my "one watch"


Go forward indifferently

As long as "the CCP is not guilty, we can make a living and earn money". This is the Kuomintang

Got it

Basic votes come from this aspect

Taiwan supports it. The Kuomintang relies on

The ambiguous positioning of "92 Consensus" and "One China Each Table"

To get support

As a result, Xi Jinping proposed the "One Country, Two Systems Taiwan Plan"

Throw away the "92 Consensus" and the one that the Kuomintang depends on

Fuzzy space

Wiped out

So this is the Kuomintang defeat,

The core reason for Korea Yus failure. Because in fact

One country, two systems

Taiwan Plan

No one welcomes

So Taiwan has no doubt

This fundamental interest has

It is no longer visible. Tsai Ing-wen is re-elected, you (the Chinese Communist Party) must be at least 4 years old

Nothing to worry about

Then the relationship between the United States and Taiwan is getting better and better

This is one aspect. on the other hand:

Hong Kong issue

You make a "national security law"

When the "National Security Law" came out

China is opposed to all Western countries

Then the United States will take a decisive measure

This decisive measure is that you got Hong Kong, maybe

you might

Full control of Hong Kong through the National Security Law

But what you get is a ruin

You didn't get both of these things at all. If from the outside, Sino-US relations collapsed


It's about to fight, not to fight, but to start fighting

Then two

Core interests

Did not get

This is external. internal:

Economic mess

Economic mess

Now the people of the country include

Officials at all levels are struggling

Who is happy? Isnt anyone happy?

No one is happy


Li Keqiang

Said two sentences, and overturned the "well-off society" (proclaimed by Xi Jinping)

In a word, its street stall, in a word, it is 600 million peoples income of 1,000 RMB

Not reach

The consequences of this situation

What has this "well-off society" ever been? Not good

So internally, of course, it must be now



So as soon as the outbreak in Beijing came out...Who is the secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee? Cai Qi

This leader of Cai Qi didn't do his job well.

Cai Qi must bear the consequences, Cai Qi must be dizzy now

Who is Cai Qi? Xi Jinping

So there are some variables

Cai Qi must be...

Everyone will ask: How do you get such a person (sitting in this position)? Why is there another epidemic in Beijing?

Isnt Beijings control very good?

Why is this happening again?

Everyone will ask this question. Once everyone asks this question, will there be any problem?

Then this issue will have an impact on the political situation

at this time

Such an outbreak in Beijing

Has an impact on the political situation

What is the impact? What to see?

See how effective this epidemic control is

If the outbreak is not under control

The impact will be greater


Central authorities are all in Beijing

What about you

Is the central authority evacuated?

How can it be?

So there is something on this issue (something worth thinking about)

This question is a good question

I have no answer, I can only tell you so much


Teacher Wang, coordinates Beijing. Situation: I left Beijing on vacation half a month ago. I returned to Beijing last week. I filled in when I got on the plane.

A copy

"Beijing Heart Help" (health information registration form), these days in Beijing "Health Health" normal, green code

As a result, the "Health Bao" suddenly became unusable today

Keep informing me to contact the community, and then I go to the community

The community said that today

Many people who have been out of Beijing recently have problems with their health treasures. Let me wait and see

Is this so-called "fine management"?

I havent been in Beijing for the past half a month, so it should be relatively safe

As a result, I was kicked out by Starbucks today, so I cant go anywhere.

I need to show the green code wherever I go, and I cant go to work tomorrow

What is this?

This is

The situation described in the "1984" novel has already happened

Is this kind of control over the person

Has reached such a point

This situation is actually very scary

What is terrible?

Terrible is not wrong

If it never goes wrong

You are miserable

Think about it, you have no space

Do you think it is terrible?

Opinion: I bought salmon in "Shin Fat", and I am responsible for saying that most of them are rainbow trout





Phase 1, Phase 2...12


I still say that

find out





Doesn't matter






how do you know

What does this mean

The first point




So why




You think about it


Same thing


100 why?

very good

Open mind



it is good




and so







The question is




and so

risks of




I do not believe









thanks, thanks

Thank you thank you


I will take a look

in the end

and so

I think




and so

it's OK

It's ok

See clearly




This is a process

Thanks for your advice

thanks, thanks

Thank you

Thank you

thanks, thanks

Thank you


Thank you



Fisher lectureFisher""



Thank you


Thank you





Thank you

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