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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Princess and the Pea - Fairy Tale Time at Cool School!

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Hello there children. Have a seat! Or stand.

Do what you like! It's cool schools' fairy tale time.

Our tale is one of vegetables and princesses.

Yes! It's the princess and the pea!

Lovely. Once upon a time, there was a very picky prince.

His socks had to match his shirt, or he wouldn't leave the castle.

AND, he would only eat his peas

if they were served with baby carrots and a side of ranch dressing and a pickle.

Very particular. His bed pillows had to be

fluffed exactly six times each before he could even think about going to bed.

That little prince grew up and it was time for him to find a princess and get


But like always, he was very, very picky.

"No, too tall! Too short. Nostrils are too big."

"Do you prefer dogs or cats? Wrong!"

"I like hamsters. Next. What do you like on your pizza?"

"Pineapple?! Ew! Who do you like better?

Spiderman or The Flash? My Little Pony?!"

"Wrong answer. Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time?"

Next!" "Who does he think he is, a prince?"

Well, actually, yes. Then

one night, a terrible thunderstorm was raging outside..

A girl who said she was a princess, but was late because of the rainstorm and her shoe

falling off in a puddle and her getting a blister on a big toe..

Well, anyway, she came to the castle door. "Oh my gosh

I'm so sorry to bother you but it's literally raining cats and dogs out there

and I really must change into some dry clothes. Plus, the rain makes my hair like

totally frizzy and I just can't

deal with that." But the prince liked her. Because he also didn't like it

when his hair got frizzy.

He told her to come in and he quickly asked her the important questions one needs

to ask when they're picking out a princess.

"What do you like better cats or dogs?"

"I prefer hamsters, haha." "What do you like on your pizza?"

Nothing! That'll ruin the pizza

"Spiderman or The Flash?" "Duh. Spiderman."

And she could totally rub her tummy well padding ahead

While standing on one foot! Wow!

The prince really liked her, but he thought she was

too good to be true. He just didn't believe she was

actually a real princess. He did what any good prince does when he doesn't know what to do..

He asked his mom, the Queen. She did a quick

check on Google. "Oh yes! The classic

pea test." The Queen placed one tiny little green

pea underneath the mattress in the guest bedroom. If she's a real princess,

then she'd feel the pea and wouldn't be able to sleep.

Just to be really, extra, super duper, 100%, positively, completely sure

the Queen added another few mattresses

and lots of soft feather mattress toppers and

out of habit, fluffed the pillows 6 times each.

That night, the princess could not sleep

at all. Perhaps it was the rainstorm outside,

or maybe a bad dream, or maybe it was

the pea! The next morning when they gathered for breakfast,

the young lady couldn't stop yawning.

"How did you sleep my dear?" "Well the room

room was lovely, and the pillows were like perfectly fluffed,

but there was this huge bump, like right in the middle of my back,

it was terrible. I thought it was a huge rock, and it kept me tossing and turning

all night. Well, I did some digging, and I found this.

A pea!" "A pea, you say?"

"I quite love peas." "Oh, so do I. But only with baby carrots

and a little ranch dip on the side

and maybe a pickle." "Mom, it's her! She's the one.

The perfect princess!" The girl was not only a total princess,

she turned out to have a mega-ton in common with the prince.

They were both very picky, but, they were

very picky about all the same things so they had to get married.

,Everyone at the wedding agreed they were a perfect pair!

Well not that kind of pear. Anyway,

they would just like peas and carrots. With the little ranch dip of course.

Kind of a fairytale ending don't you think?

"But hey, don't go away yet. What fairytale do you want to see next on fairytale time

at Cool School?"

"Put your ideas in the comments below." "Click right over here

to watch Rapunzel and right over here for Sleeping Beauty with Miss Booksy."

"Too-da-loo boys and girls!"

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